I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 556 - Chapter 556 Heavenly Ancestor. All Heavens Dao Feast

Chapter 556 - Chapter 556 Heavenly Ancestor. All Heavens Dao Feast


Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Five air-piercing sounds were heard. Five muscular silhouettes landed on a mountain a thousand meters in front of Zhou Xuanji.

They all wore loose red robes, and their hair was dancing in the wind. There were both males and females, and their faces were covered with masks of vicious ghosts.

“No need to be anxious. We are here to invite Emperor Sword Court to participate in the All Heavens Dao Feast of the Heavenly Ancestor,” the muscular person in the center said with a hoarse voice, as though a shady wind blew toward the Emperor Sword Court.

Heavenly Ancestor?

Zhou Xuanji was lost. Who was that?

Ten million Emperor Sword Court’s disciples also looked at each other, including the Sword Sovereign Gu, and they were curious about what would happen.

“The Heavenly Ancestor is one of the Nine Saints. He will be hosting an All Heavens Dao Feast a thousand years later. He has extended the invitation to all sects and clans. Although Emperor Sword Court had just risen to power, the Heavenly Ancestor sees your potential and has invited you to come for the feast.”

A tall person was introduced. He swung his right hand, and an amethyst crystal of his fist’s size flew over and landed in Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

“A thousand years later, the Heavenly Ancestor’s voice will come from this gem. Then you can gather your disciples and crush this gem. The Heavenly Ancestor will use his almighty power to transport you into the feast. There’s no limit to the number of people you can bring. If you have a billion disciples, then bring them all along.”

After this, the five people soared into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

Zhou Xuanji played around with the amethyst in contemplation.

Why would the feast require all of them to go?

The first thing he thought about was fate.

The Heavenly Saints were only competing against each other for fate. And everyone counted in the competition for fate.

He had to ask Old Ancestor Hongshi.

After that thought, he stored the amethyst in the Supreme Storage and continued with his Great Dao’s Voice. The ten million disciples continued to practice the sword.

Although the disciples were all curious about the All Heavens Dao Feast, they captured one piece of information.

They could all participate!

The Heavenly Saint’s feast! Just the thought of it was enough to excite them.

But for the sake of safety and to avoid shame, they must grow quickly.

As Zhou Xuanji preached, the spiritual Qi in their surroundings gathered toward him. Other than Zhou Xuanji and Sword Sovereign Gu, the others’ cultivation improved, including Shi Shenzong.

Zhou Xiaoxuan came up to Zhou Xuanji and asked excitingly, “Father, you must bring us along when the time comes!”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and replied, “Then you must work hard on your cultivation. A thousand years later, can you reach Void Extreme Immortal?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan was annoyed. “You stand unchallenged in the world at just 305 years old. Even the Connecting Heaven stage is too weak before you. And you think I can only reach Void Extreme Immortal at 1,000 years old? You are looking down on me!” she said with gritted teeth.

“Yes, I am!” Zhou Xuanji chuckled in reply.

Zhou Xiaoxuan almost went crazy. Fortunately, Huang Lianxin came over to comfort her.

“Master, why do you always make her angry? She’s your daughter,” Huang Lianxin rolled her eyes at Zhou Xuanji and said unpleasantly.

She looked after Zhou Xiaoxuan since she was young and saw Zhou Xiaoxuan as her own daughter, so she felt for the young girl.

Zhou Xuanji shrugged her shoulder and replied, “I’m who I am today, not because of talent.”

Moreover, to compare talent, he could not win.

Huang Lianxin understood what he meant. If he were to give Zhou Xiaoxuan too high a target, it might radicalize her.

Zhou Xiaoxuan curled her lips and turned back to practice the sword.

Huang Lianxin shook her head in a smile and followed her.

Although Zhou Xuanji was talking to them, his Great Dao’s Voice had not stopped. This amazed many disciples.

1,000 years was still a long time to go.

Zhou Xuanji was prepared to continue.

He had no minimum requirements for the disciples. But other than official disciples of Emperor Sword Court, the others could not receive any resources.

However, his Great Dao’s Voice was already great serendipity for the other disciples.

As for Zhou Xuanji, he felt his fate growing. He believed that when his fate reached a certain extent, a breakthrough in his cultivation would happen.

If he could reach Universe Heaven Level Eighteen early, the old immortal might give him a surprise.

In the next few years, Emperor Sword Court suffered attacks.

As Zhou Xuanji’s name grew more reputable, the other factions in Wanshen Great Thousand took offense of him.

Those powerhouses understood what Zhou Xuanji was after.

Fate, the overlord of Wanshen Great Thousand!

When Emperor Sword Court grew to a certain number of people, he would have the power to overturn Wanshen Great Thousand.

After all, Zhou Xuanji’s power was already shown. Other than the Heavenly Saints, who else had the confidence of defeating him one-on-one?

These factions sent their own powerful cultivators to work against Zhou Xuanji together. However, their magic energy was all drained dry by Zhou Xuanji, and they were executed on the spot.

After these battles, Zhou Xuanji was closer and closer to Universe Heaven Level Sixteen.

And Emperor Sword Court’s morale grew.

The enemy cultivators each had their own reputations, but they were all too weak in front of Zhou Xuanji.

His Nine Soul Fusion Technique no longer had a long cooldown time. Moreover, each of his battles only took an instant and did not consume too much of his spiritual energy.

However, some enemies were dealt with by Demon God Tianwu alone, such that he could not absorb their magic energy.

And so, news about Demon God Tianwu becoming Zhou Xuanji’s duplicate spread all across the world.

The name of the Sword Emperor became deified gradually.

Above that same ocean, thunderclouds gathered and billowed.

Xuan Daoya looked into the ocean and said with gnashing teeth, “If we don’t do it now, Zhou Xuanji is really going to overturn the world!”

He did not understand what the people of authority in Great Emperor Dao Court were thinking about.

Zhou Xuanji had already become a threat. Even cultivators as powerful as the Demonic Emperor and Duyishen were defeated by him. If this continued, Zhou Xuanji might really become a saint!

As long as the Heavenly Law Violet Qi remained hidden, Zhou Xuanji had time to grow.

“What’s the hurry? Wanshen Great Thousand will surely be destroyed. Zhou Xuanji will protect Wanshen Great Thousand. He will surely die. Our main mission is to remove our intel and resources and search for new territory. Do you understand?”

The voice from the ocean was a little furious in humiliation against Xuan Daoya’s disrespectfulness.

Xuan Daoya laughed in anger.

Sure again!

Why do you always rely on other people to deal with Zhou Xuanji!

Xuan Daoya almost burst into anger. Just when he was about to speak, someone leaped out from the ocean.

It was a muscular man with a bare top. His hair was like seaweed that draped over his back. He had green skin and two horns on his forehead.

Seeing him, Xuan Daoya took a step back instinctively and showed fear in his eyes.

“Qiu Hu, why are you here?”

Xuan Daoya asked nervously. His voice was trembling.

Qiu Hu looked up slowly and revealed his horrendous and sinister visage. His eyes were purple without any pupil. Staring at Xuan Daoya, he bellowed, “What clamor! I shall exterminate Zhou Xuanji!”

His breath was heavy like a bull, as though he would go berserk any moment.

“When?” Xuan Daoya tried to hold back his surprise and asked.

“Now!” Qiu Hu said with a snort.

After that, he disappeared on the spot.

Xuan Daoya smiled as though he had already seen Zhou Xuanji’s death.

He still favored Zhou Xuanji, but too bad this little brat hated him.

The voice from the ocean came again with unpleasantness, “Have you settled the matters assigned to you? At most 100 years, Great Emperor Dao Court must surely retreat from Wanshen Great Thousand. I hope you can concentrate on your task.”