I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 554 - Chapter 554 – Sword Sovereign Acknowledges Allegiance

Chapter 554 - Chapter 554 – Sword Sovereign Acknowledges Allegiance


Swish! Swish! Swish…

The one million Emperor Sword Court disciples advanced as they trained with their swords. It was a grand procession, and the sound of the air being torn by swords combined together, spreading throughout the world and shaking people’s hearts.

Zhou Xuanji was at the very front, and apart from him, Jiang Xue, Xiao Chan, and Daoya Old Man, everyone else was training with their swords.

As for the little black snake, Chongming Demon Monarch, Zhou Xiaoqi, and other beasts, they remained on Skyfall.

As Zhou Xuanji traveled, he spoke using his Great Dao’s Voice.

His Great Dao’s Voice could only be considered to be elementary, and it was not as amazing as the old immortal’s.

The only use was to make the disciples keep a calm mental state so that they could focus on practicing with their swords without any distracting thoughts.

To date, Emperor Sword Court had eight million or so people. There were two million official disciples, so this group was only a portion of Emperor Sword Court.

The sound of one million people training with their swords together was incredibly massive.

In less than a year, news of the Sword Emperor promoting the Way of the Sword spread through the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people!

Emperor Sword Court continuously recruited disciples, causing there to be more and more people training with their swords together.

In the current situation, when the Wanshen Great Thousand might be destroyed at any moment and not every creature could escape from the Wanshen Great Thousand, being in a large group made them feel safe.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao’s Voice could cause all listeners to maintain a calm mental state; just this was incredible.

To cultivators, mental state was the most important thing.

If there were problems with their mental states during cultivation, it would be easy for them to be bedevilled.

When Sage Daojing expounded the Dao, most creatures could not understand. However, when they heard his voice, they would feel calm and gain instant enlightenment—this was Saint’s Voice!

Great Dao’s Voice was higher than Saint’s Voice, but it was a pity that Zhou Xuanji’s comprehension of the Dao was not enough.

On the path of promoting the Way of the Sword, there were disciples breaking through every day; the scene was quite spectacular.

The Emperor Sword Court’s name also spread throughout the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Eight years later, there were now more than five million disciples following behind Zhou Xuanji.

The five million people practiced with their swords as they advanced, creating a grand spectacle.

All of the disciples’ blood boiled, and no one dared to slack off.

The creatures that they passed by were all dismayed.

Soon, Emperor Sword Court gained momentum.

A momentum that seemed unstoppable, as if they were going to pierce through the clouds!

A completely unstoppable momentum!

Zhou Xuanji continuously used his Great Dao’s Voice. He did not feel tired, and he instead felt incredibly spirited as he gained comprehension in his mental state as well.

The Dao was in his heart, and it was also in every creature’s body.

The Dao could also fuse together!

The spirit qi in the Wanshen Great Thousand was very dense, and Emperor Sword Court’s disciples’ cultivation were all quite weak. The original one million disciples’ cultivations had improved by leaps and bounds, as if they were using cheats.

They were already used to internalizing qi while training with their swords.

As they swung their swords, their pores would open and close, internalizing spirit qi. This felt even better than sitting down and cultivating.

On this day, two figures walked towards them from ahead.

It was Sword Sovereign Gu and Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong looked at the majestic procession from afar, a complicated look in his eyes.

He acknowledged that he was inferior to Zhou Xuanji, but Zhou Xuanji’s growth speed was simply ridiculous.

Comparing himself to Zhou Xuanji, he felt incredibly weak.

“Sword Emperor, I am Sword Sovereign Gu. Will you spar with me today? If I lose, I will join Emperor Sword Court!” Sword Sovereign Gu said as he held his sword with a reverse grip.

His voice was incredibly loud, covering the sounds of the five million people training with their swords.

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless. He raised his right hand pointed at the sky, and the five million disciples all stopped and looked at him out of curiosity.

Sword shadows appeared in the air, quickly increasing in number, until they covered the sky and hid the sun.

Five billion sword shadows!

The sword shadows were all pointing downwards, and everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at them.

What kind of divine ability was this?

There were almost no gaps between the five billion swords, and all of them flashed with a faint white light. Gathered together, they gave off a boundless aura of suppression.

Sword Sovereign Gu and Shi Shenzong looked up, their mouths wide open.

“This…” Shi Shenzong gulped. He could feel that every sword shadow contained terrifying power.

Just what kind of magic energy could casually unleash such a massive divine ability?

Sword Sovereign Gu suddenly came before Zhou Xuanji in a single step and directly half-knelt as he cupped his fists and said in a low voice, “From today onwards, I, Sword Sovereign Gu, will revere the Sword Emperor as the head!”

Facing such a powerful Sword Emperor, he was completely convinced.


The procession at the back was sent into an uproar.

Apart from the original one million disciples, the others all came from the Wanshen Great Thousand, and they had all heard of Sword Sovereign Gu before.

This kind of powerful being in the Way of the Sword had been convinced by Zhou Xuanji!

“Using the sword to support the world!” Meng Tianlang suddenly raised his sword and shouted, his voice incredibly bright and loud.

The five million disciples’ blood boiled as they also raised their swords and shouted, “Using the sword to save the people!”

“Using the sword to support the world, using the sword to save the people!”

Hearing these deafening shouts, Sword Sovereign Gu did not feel humiliated, and he instead felt somewhat at ease.

Zhou Xuanji’s talent in the Way of the Sword was universally acknowledged, and his cultivation had already exceeded his. He very much wanted to know why Zhou Xuanji was this powerful, but he could never put down his pride and visit him.

However, as Zhou Xuanji began to travel the world and promote the Way of the Sword, he could not sit still anymore.

He understood that if he did not come, he would miss his opportunity to join him.

Shi Shenzong came behind Sword Sovereign Gu and half-knelt as he cupped his fists towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji lightly smiled and said, “Very well, from today onwards, the two of you will be disciples of Emperor Sword Court.”

He did not think about Sword Sovereign Gu and Shi Shenzong’s statuses in Emperor Sword Court for now; he would decide after this journey.

He believed there would be even more powerful existences joining afterwards.

News quickly spread in all directions.

Sword Sovereign Gu had been scared by a single divine ability from Zhou Xuanji into kneeling and submitting?

Those who heard this could not believe it.

Most of them did not know just how powerful Universe Heaven was. In their hearts, the Sword Sovereign’s status was higher than the Sword Emperor.

However, after this had happened, everything changed.

Zhou Xuanji was no longer just the most powerful in the Center God Province; he was now the number one swordsman in the Wanshen Great Thousand!

Zhou Xuanji’s procession continued onwards.

After Sword Sovereign Gu and Shi Shenzong joined, they were also drawn in by Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao’s Voice.

They discovered that practicing with their swords while listening to Zhou Xuanji’s voice was incredibly profound.

They had been right in coming!

The teacher and disciple felt incredibly pleased, and they began to ponder the Way of the Sword.

All around them were sword cultivators, and even though there was a big gap in cultivation, they could still discuss the Way of the Sword. This kind of atmosphere was incredibly rare.

Even in sword sects, there would not be so many disciples training with their swords together.

“How long do you plan to go for?” Jiang Xue asked, a look of worship on her face.

Her man was simply too brilliant!

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Until we travel the entire Wanshen Great Thousand, when I reign above the Great Thousand World.”

As he used the Great Dao’s Voice for so many people, he could clearly sense his Fate increasing.

He was eager to see how things would be as he continued.

There was something that could be predicted, which was that Emperor Sword Court would rise to the top of the Wanshen Great Thousand.

As the Sword Emperor and Emperor Sword Court’s reputation became greater, the large factions of the various Provinces could not sit by anymore.

If this went on, Emperor Sword Court would take over the world and become the overlord of the Wanshen Great Thousand!