I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 552 - Chapter 552 – Zhou Tianji

Chapter 552 - Chapter 552 – Zhou Tianji


Zhou Xuanji ran to a tree nearby and sat under it as he thought about his life. The little monk was not surprised by this strange sight, and he shook his head and smiled before going to cut some firewood.

From the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, Zhou Xuanji learned that the Heavenly Saints were still fighting.

The battle continued for one year, causing the astronomical signs in the Wanshen Great Thousand to greatly change. The earth collapsed and was filled with disasters, making the creatures of the Wanshen Great Thousand go through much suffering. However, this also caused wars and battles to stop.

No one knew how long the battle between the two Heavenly Saints would last for.

If they continued battling like this, the Wanshen Great Thousand would definitely be destroyed.

Zhou Xuanji was not too worried; after all, he could not defeat a Heavenly Saint.

As he grew day by day, the little monk and old monk could not remain calm.

This boy grew too quickly, as if he was some kind of monster.

The main thing was that Zhou Xuanji was too calm, and he was not like a child at all.

In the blink of an eye, five years passed.

Zhou Xuanji already looked like a teenager. The little monk had also grown, but he was only one head taller than him now.

“Freak… freak…” the old monk lay on a rocking chair as he looked at Zhou Xuanji and muttered. He continued to drink wine as he looked dismayed.

Zhou Xuanji was already used to this, and he did not pay him any mind.

Over the past six years, watching the two monks live such boring and peaceful lives, his heart also became more peaceful.

He felt as if he was watching a human life.

He had never felt this from Zhou Xiaoxuan before because he had never paid that much attention.

The little monk carried a pile of firewood over. After putting the firewood down, he wiped the sweat on his face and said, “Little Ya, don’t go to the mountains for the time-being; there are more and more ferocious beasts.”

Zhou Xuanji gave a light nod. He also noticed that the spirit qi in the world was gradually increasing.

This world was most likely going to go through a big change.

Perhaps it was because of his appearance; after all, he had the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

It had to be said that the Celestial Demon Rebirth Technique was quite profound. Even though his body was destroyed, everything on him and in him would be quickly transported with his soul to another place.

He often wondered if Xian Xianghua’s ancestor was really that powerful.

Did the Celestial Demon Rebirth Technique have some other background?

As such, he started to investigate the Celestial Demon Rebirth Technique.

Three years ago, he had Demon God Nanming cultivate the Celestial Demon Rebirth Technique. He had not yet finished learning it, and he wondered what would happen after he learned it.

Dividing plus rebirth?

He looked forward to it.

“This is an inauspicious sign. Who knows, we might die sometime soon,” the old monk muttered, looking quite intoxicated from the wine.

The little monk shook his head, walked over to Zhou Xuanji, and took out an apple as he smiled and said, “I bartered for this with a woodcutter; it’s very sweet.”

He had always treated Zhou Xuanji like his little brother. Even though this little brother seemed quite mature and did not like to be very friendly with him, he still liked him a lot.

Zhou Xuanji took the apple and asked, “What are your plans in the future?”

The little monk stared at him for a moment before smiling and saying, “I’ll think about it after you grow up.”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “But what about after that?”

The little monk sank into his thoughts.

He had been with the old monk since he was young and had not seen the world. It was difficult for him to come up with a goal or a plan.

Zhou Xuanji did not disturb him, and he allowed him to continue to think.

Everyone had one’s own path, and he would not require the little monk to follow him.

A mortal life was not necessarily inferior to the long road of cultivation.

After thinking for a long time, the little monk still did not have an answer. Soon, the old monk called him over to heat up water.

This brief interlude changed the little monk’s life.

After this, he would often think about his life. When it came to night time, he would look up at the starry sky together with Zhou Xuanji, both people completely silent.

He began to enjoy spacing out like this.

This made the old monk feel quite annoyed. Whenever he saw those two silly boys spacing out every night, he would feel quite angry; there was no one to keep him company.

In the blink of an eye, another four years passed, and Zhou Xuanji returned to the peak of his strength.

Universe Heaven Level 15; that was his cultivation!

He was now 281 years old. The swords he had obtained were all below Ancient Gazing and could not help him much. However, they were still legendary swords.

On that day, he prepared to leave.

The Heavenly Saints’ battle was finished, but it did irreversible damage to the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Before he left, he found the little monk, who was cutting firewood.

The little monk from back then had already grown up, and he had become a robust and healthy young man. However, his appearance was still quite simple and honest.

Zhou Xuanji stood on a tree and called out, “Hey, I’m leaving.”

Hearing this, the little monk looked back at him and asked, “Where are you going?”

Ever since he had begun thinking about his life with Zhou Xuanji, he had become more mature, as if he had been polished by the flow of time.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and replied, “Home.”

The little monk frowned, and a look of reluctance to part with him appeared in his eyes.

He had always treated Zhou Xuanji as a little brother. He had watched Zhou Xuanji grow up, but he knew that Zhou Xuanji’s background was not simple and that he would leave sooner or later.

Zhou Xuanji landed in front of him and asked, “Do you want to pursue immortality?”

The little monk fell into silence, his heart filled with shock.

Was Zhou Xuanji the reincarnation of an immortal?

Zhou Xuanji stretched out his hand and tapped his forehead, passing on the World Buddha Art.

The World Buddha Art was created by Gu Tianxia and it was not just him who knew it, so there was no harm in another person knowing it. Moreover, he had long since acknowledged the little monk.

After he passed the World Buddha Art to the little monk, he suddenly said, “My name is Zhou Xuanji. Do you want to give yourself a name?”

The little monk had been taken in by the old monk, and he did not have a proper name since he was young. The old monk called him Big Ya, and he called Zhou Xuanji Little Ya.

The little monk opened his eyes with a complicated expression and deeply breathed in as he smiled and said, “How about Zhou Tianji?”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and his body blurred before disappearing.

“We’ll meet again if there is fate between us. Thanks for looking after me for ten years,” Zhou Xuanji’s voice echoed in the forest.

The little monk put down the hatchet in his hands and muttered, “Just what is my path?”

After saying goodbye to the little monk, Zhou Xuanji flew on his sword and traveled this mortal world.

Compared to the Northern Wilderness, this mortal world’s cultivation culture was far inferior, and it was similar to ancient China.

The highest cultivation in this world was only Astral Infant, and there was only one such person.

After traveling this world, Zhou Xuanji went outside the Five Elements and traveled in the Void.

His current goal was to reach Universe Heaven Level 18 as quickly as possible.

Soon, he came to the vast universe.

This time, he flew cautiously; he did not want to be reborn and waste another ten years.

Not too long after he started flying, a figure appeared in front of him, stopping him.

It was Old Ancestor Hongshi.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Heavenly Saint?”

What kind of bad luck was this?

Or was it that the Heavenly Saint detected that the Heavenly Law Violet Qi was in his body.

Old Ancestor Hongshi said in wonder, “Boy, what kind of technique do you cultivate, for you to reform your body so quickly? Your cultivation has also completely recovered.”

Zhou Xuanji did not reply and instead began to think of a plan.

Old Ancestor Hongshi harrumphed and said, “Don’t be so worried. Before, it was Heavenly Lord Xuantie going crazy; do you want to get revenge?”