I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 550 - Chapter 550 – Heavenly Saint Acts

Chapter 550 - Chapter 550 – Heavenly Saint Acts


Within a mountain cave, Zhou Xuanji was settling the magic energy in his body.

After absorbing the magic energy from the Demonic Emperor, Ruin Demon Emperor, and Demon God Yukun, even though it was not enough to make him directly break through to Universe Heaven Level 15, he was getting close to his goal.

Following this, he started to use the Soul Division Technique on the Demon God’s body.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and conversed with the remaining seven souls.

Although Beast Lord Ruyuan and Liu Wuji were gone, the remaining souls did not quiet down because there was still Emperor Zhao.

“Hoh, who would have thought you’d be strong enough to easily kill the Demonic Emperor. Come to think of it, what kind of power did you obtain? It actually sealed our senses all this time,” Emperor Zhao said first, his voice filled with curiosity.

It had only been 20 years, but Zhou Xuanji had gone through massive changes; he could not understand it.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “I just obtained a divine ability. Do you know who this Demon God is? It can be divided.”

Sovereign Xuan said in shock, “It can be divided? Could it be Demon God Nanming? If it’s him, then the Demonic Emperor has not died.”

Dao Lord Xuantian said disdainfully, “It doesn’t matter; as long as you can take over this Demon God’s body, you can send a backlash to the Demonic Emperor. He most likely used the stronger body to fight and kept the weaker body as a backup plan. The Demonic Emperor is definitely confident that no one can take over this Demon God’s body apart from him. Moreover, who could refine two Demon God’s bodies into clones?”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. If he could send a backlash to the Demonic Emperor, that would be perfect. If that fellow lived on, he would be a pain.

Two days later, he successfully refined Demon God Nanming into a clone.

He put away the Ancient God Sword and used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique. In that moment, three bodies fused into one, and he felt an unprecedented amount of power.

It was more than double from before.

He did not tell the souls about the Nine Soul Fusion Technique. If they became enemies one day, that would not be good.

“Very good, let’s see where you are!” Zhou Xuanji smirked and closed his eyes as he sensed where Demon God Nanming’s other body was.

Within the boundless starry sky, the Demonic Emperor was in a palace as he meditated and recovered.

After being heavily injured by Zhou Xuanji, he completely gave up on making trouble for him in the future.

He needed to properly recuperate and recover his strength.

At that moment, he suddenly felt very unsettled.

‘What’s going on? This feeling…’ the Demonic Emperor thought as he frowned. For some reason, his heart began to beat faster.

He did not think of Zhou Xuanji.

Even though Zhou Xuanji had obtained his Demon God’s body, if he wanted to take it over, it would take a very long period of time. It had only been a few days.

Could there be other enemies who wanted to make trouble for him?

He frowned and waved his right hand, and the stone walls on the two sides of the palace suddenly opened up, and stone coffins fell out.

The stone coffins opened, and the Demon God Nanmings within them stood up.

Demon God Nanming could only split off one at a time, and the Demonic Emperor had used special methods to preserve the split-off bodies, turning them into his puppets.

No matter who it was, facing so many Demon God Nanmings, they would be powerless!


The palace’s doors were suddenly blasted open as a figure giving off a powerful aura strode in.

It was Zhou Xuanji.

He had spent six days tracking and traveling to this place. In order to prevent the Demonic Emperor from sensing him, he used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique ahead of time and charged over.

Seeing that it was Zhou Xuanji, the Demonic Emperor stood up and asked in a low voice, “Why is it you?”

He felt quite panicked; Zhou Xuanji was simply unfathomable. If he really could defeat those Demon God Nanmings, what should he do?

He did not move forwards; instead, a black shadow appeared behind him and disappeared into the darkness.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and directly used Sword Dao Rules.


The entire palace exploded, turning into dust.

All of the Demon God Nanmings fell, not leaving behind a trace of blood or flesh.

Zhou Xuanji walked out from within the explosion. He could not confirm if the Demonic Emperor was truly dead, but those Demon God bodies had been dealt with. Even if the Demonic Emperor was still living, he would just be a trace of a remnant soul.

He would not be able to make any waves for at least tens of thousands of years.

Zhou Xuanji quickly traveled about in the starry sky, wanting to see if he could find the Demonic Emperor.

Only after an hour did he leave.

Below the Demon Realm, the Demonic Ancestor was floating in front of the Demon Realm Heart with his eyebrows tightly furrowed.

After he heard that the Demon Realm Nine Ancestors had fallen, he had been infuriated, which is why he sent his subordinates to kill Zhou Xuanji.

As for Xian Xianghua, she was too weak and he did not detect her; he only sensed Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

“The Demon Realm Heart is very calm, calm to the point that it’s abnormal,” the Demonic Ancestor muttered. He kept feeling that there was something going on with the Demon Realm Heart, but he was unable to go in and could only wait.

He sat down cross-legged in the air, staring at the Demon Realm Heart as he sank into his thoughts.

Six hours later, a demon appeared by his side, knelt in the air, and cupped his fists as he said, “Primogenitor, the Ruin Demon Emperor and Demon God Yukun have died. Even the Demonic Emperor died at Zhou Xuanji’s hands.”

Hearing this, the Demonic Ancestor opened his eyes, and a terrifying and savage light appeared within them.

He said in a cold voice, “Very well!”

Back when Zhou Xuanji used the Primordial Ancestor Statue, he had noticed him. Back then, he had looked favorably on Zhou Xuanji, but he had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would become the Demon Race’s greatest enemy.

A trace of regret appeared in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji flew within the starry sky. He had deactivated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique status, and he flew towards the Wanshen Great Thousand.

He no longer thought about the Demonic Emperor and instead thought about Sage Daojing.

The Sage Daojing had left for a long time, and he wondered if he had found the path to surpassing Saints.

One day, he would most likely search for that path as well.

However, he would not do so aimlessly; he already knew of the existence of Kunlun Origin Court.

As he thought, a ray of rainbow light passed by his body and quickly disappeared ahead.

He frowned and muttered, “What was that?”

He immediately sped up and chased after it.

That person’s target might be the Wanshen Great Thousand, so he naturally had to follow it.

However, he soon lost that person.

“What fast speed; just who was it?” Zhou Xuanji muttered in curiosity as he traveled at his full speed.

The rainbow light stopped in front of the Wanshen Great Thousand. After the light disappeared, an elder holding an iron staff appeared. His expression was cold, and his face was somewhat wolfish. He wore a gray robe, and a cold light flashed in his eyes as he looked at the Wanshen Great Thousand.

He raised his iron staff and muttered, “Sage Daojing, this is what you owe me!”

As he spoke, countless meteors in the starry sky rushed towards him, passing by him and breaking through the Wanshen Great Thousand’s layer of light before descending.

He wanted to destroy the Wanshen Great Thousand!

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Soon, he heard explosions from within the Wanshen Great Thousand, and the layer of light on its surface began to violently tremble.

Old Ancestor Hongshi appeared behind him and said in a low voice, “Heavenly Lord Xuantie, what are you doing?”

He was completely enraged, and a massive red lion’s head appeared behind his back, roaring at Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie looked back at him, his gaze furious as he said, “You’re asking me what I’m doing? What did you and Sage Daojing do to me together back then?”