I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 55

Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Chapter 55 – Demon Slayer Sword God Zhou

The six rescued cultivators gathered around Zhou Xuanji and expressed their gratitude.

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and said, “You can spread the news of this. This devil is dead, let those who want to seek revenge be at peace. ”

The six nodded instantly, each looked thrilled and excited.

Since they witnessed how Sword God Zhou slew Ye E’guan, they had the basis even if they were to exaggerate or bluff.

After that, with the Sword Valiant’s instructions, the six left in excitement.

Little Jiang Xue began applying the medicine on Zhou Xuanji. She felt heartache as she saw his bloodied face and muttered, “Oh no… You are going to become ugly…”

Zhou Xuanji’s mouth twitched. He really wanted to retort, but he was afraid too.

He acknowledged that his best ability was not wielding swords, but his face. He might be so handsome that none in a thousand years could match him. How could his face be destroyed just like this?

Huang Lianxin squatted down and lightly applied medicine on Zhou Xuanji. She could not hold back her curiosity and asked, “Actually, we can make a detour. Why the determination to fight?”

Ye E’guan was not someone to be trifled with, as he was backed by the Demonic Inferno Sect.

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji asked the six cultivators to spread the news. Even if for fame, was he not afraid to offend the Demonic Inferno Sect?

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Actually, there are two reasons. The first is the blade. This blade has already become an evil power, it must be eliminated. The second is that Ye E’guan was even more dangerous. How can I not help his victims when I can do so?”

His rationale could not be rebutted, utterly convincing Huang Lianxin and the Sword Valiant.

However, little Jiang Xue rolled her eyes. Such beautiful words, but actually, you were just going for that blade.

She followed Zhou Xuanji day and night for nine years already, how could she not know him?

She did not expose him but felt pleased.

Only she understood him the most!

Zhou Xuanji will only reveal his true nature before her!

“Are you okay?”

He asked the Sword Valiant, who obeyed his command to fight without hesitation, which pleased him.

They had already spent enough time that Zhou Xuanji acknowledged him.

In terms of title, the Sword Valiant was a sword slave, but Zhou Xuanji actually saw him as his disciple.

Ashamed, the Sword Valiant replied, “I’m too weak. You are injured because of me. ”

Today’s battle gave him a deeper knowledge of how powerful Zhou Xuanji was.

One must know that Zhou Xuanji had yet to use his strongest sword, the Hell King Sword!

“From now on, don’t use all of your time on sword techniques, cultivation is important too. ”

Zhou Xuanji reminded sincerely, and the Sword Valiant nodded with all seriousness.

As he was healing, Zhou Xuanji took the opportunity to ask from his heart, “How do I merge that blade?”

“The Sword Spirit will help the Sword Owner for the merging. But it requires time, please wait patiently.”

The Sword Spirit answered immediately, which gave him an idea.

He asked further, “Is it true that, as long as their attributes are the same, any two weapons can be merged?”

“Not any weapon, only a handful. Specific details cannot be revealed yet, but if you encounter treasures that can be merged, the Sword Spirit will remind you. ”

The Sword Spirit’s answer left him disappointed.

He planned to collect numerous weapons and enchanted artifacts to strengthen his legendary swords.

His chain of thoughts was suddenly broken by the Sword Valiant’s voice, “Master, why must you participate in Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection? ”

The Sword Valiant had always obeyed the plans of his master. He rarely asked his master about anything other than sword techniques.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “You have always obeyed my command without hesitation, which shows that you are of one heart. I want to participate in the Heaven Selection of Great Zhou not to seek status or positions in court, but to kill someone!”

Huang Lianxin’s eyes glistened with excitement.

The Sword Valiant was rather excited too.

Why was it necessary to participate in Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection to kill someone?

He did not feel anxious but thrilled.

A man must do something big!

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and said, “The Empress of Great Zhou and Zhou Yalong.”

The former was to revenge his mother while the latter was for Huang Lianxin!

The Sword Valiant muttered, “I, the Northern Sword Valiant, will surely follow you! ”

He did not probe further into Zhou Xuanji’s reasons but felt that he was going to do something powerful!

Once they succeeded, the entire Great Zhou would be shaken.

After that, if he could survive, he would be a fugitive to death!

Frankly, he was already used to following Zhou Xuanji and the two ladies. The entire journey was very entertaining; it was much better than traveling alone.

Even the small black snake, Ah Big, and Small Er, were entertaining.

Zhou Xuanji also told them about legends and stories from the Chinese civilization which occasionally captured his interest.

The small black snake shouted, “Lunatic!” You want to kill the Empress of Great Zhou and Zhou Yalong? Do you know how powerful they are? Even Gulan Demon Monarch could not do it!”

The fear of a Rank Five Demon.

Zhou Xuanji said in disdain, “What is Great Zhou? The sky in my eyes is much higher than the Great Zhou.”

“I have never seen someone as arrogant as you!”

The small black snake stared at him with its pea-sized eyes and cried with a weird voice.

Right after the small black snake spoke, the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent scurried around in excitement for no reason. The little black snake almost fainted from being dragged around and knocked into the ground, so much so that it began to doubt its own existence.

The crowd could not help but burst into laughter.

After resting for half an hour, the group continued their journey.

They were surrounded by dead bodies. It was too disgusting to stay here further.

Within half a month, a piece of news spread within Great Zhou’s border like wildfire.

Sword God Zhou had slain Blood-drinking Blade Ye E’guan!

The piece of news was hotly debated. In the kingdoms, most of the people in the inns were discussing it.

One was a powerful sword cultivator that appeared out of nowhere and defeated a powerful Rank Four demon, who was the son of the Demon Monarch.

The other was a powerful cultivator from the Demonic Inferno Sect, who was full of evil.

Words about Sword God Zhou became more exaggerated as it was spread. Some even thought that Sword God Zhou could stand up to Sword Noble Xiao Jinghong, and the Sword Monarch’s disciple, Xie Wuyou.

The Southern Snow Kingdom…

At the General’s Residence, in a stone pavilion…

“Do you see it? Sword God Zhou even killed Blood-drinker Blade Ye E’guan. You were defeated by Ye E’guan before!”

Zhang Tianjian stared with eyes wide open and slammed the table as he said furiously, “Where are your manners!”

The soldiers at the side sniggered slightly, so they had to turn their face aside.

Zhang Ruyu’s face was full of pride, as though he was Sword God Zhou himself.

Zhang Tianjian rubbed his own chin and muttered to himself, “Seems like I have underestimated him.”

He thought in his heart that it was fortunate that he was not free.

If I were to encounter him…

It would be the end for me!

The Great Zhou Empire, the Barracks…

Meng Tianlang sat on his general seat in an imposing manner and listened to his soldier’s conversation.

“Till now, The Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking has given a title especially for Sword God Zhou, Demon Slayer Sword God Zhou! ”

After the thought, the soldier handed the scroll in his hand to Meng Tianlang.

General Meng looked through the scroll after he took it.

After a short while, he closed up the scroll and sighed in exclamation, “What a personage!”

He then said with a mocking tone, “Looks like Xiao Jinghong has a rival now.”

The soldier raised his head and asked curiously, “There were rumors among the commoners that this person will become a threat to the Sword Monarch’s position because he can activate two sword wills simultaneously. General, what do you think?”

Meng Tianlang shot him a glare and shouted, “You are fortunate to be in my camp. Who are you to blaspheme the Sword Monarch? Do you know how many generals in the Great Zhou army revere the Sword Monarch?”

Immediately after, he suddenly said with a grin, “Simultaneously activating two sword wills, controlling nine swords. These are not things that the Sword Monarch can do. ”

“One day, there may really be a Sword God in Great Zhou.”