I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 549 - Chapter 549 – Dividing Demon God Body

Chapter 549 - Chapter 549 – Dividing Demon God Body


“Tell me your name,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly as he directly unleashed the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, fusing with Demon God Tianwu. His aura suddenly changed, causing the demons to feel quite startled.

The 30 meter tall demon said in a low voice, “I am Demon God Yukun.”

He did not directly attack; Zhou Xuanji’s reputation was too terrifying, and even though he looked quite savage, he was a bit afraid.

The Ruin Demon Emperor’s expression was a bit complicated. Back then, she had nearly killed Zhou Xuanji, and she had never thought that he would become so powerful after 20 years.

She even wondered if Zhou Xuanji had pretended to be weak back then to trick her.

Thinking of that possibility, she could not help but shudder.

If Zhou Xuanji used his full power back then, she would have died without a doubt.

Zhou Xuanji took out all of his swords, causing the demons to quickly retreat.

Seeing how they acted, Zhou Xuanji could not help but shake his head as he grinned and said, “Are you really here to kill me?”

They were evidently very afraid, and yet they pretended to be quite savage.

Demon God Yukun asked in a low voice, “Zhou Xuanji, how did you grow so quickly? It is said that you obtained Demon God Tianwu’s corpse.”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Who are you all waiting for? The Demonic Ancestor?”

If it was the Demonic Ancestor, that would be fine too; he could get rid of a threat for Xian Xianghua ahead of time.

If the Demonic Ancestor discovered that Xian Xianghua had obtained the Demon Realm Heart, he would definitely become enraged.

Demon God Yukun frowned, as if he acknowledged what Zhou Xuanji had said.


The swords suddenly moved, and he directly unleashed Sword Dao Rules.

Sword light filled the world, and all of the demons around Zhou Xuanji were instantly killed. Apart from Demon God Yukun and the Ruin Demon Emperor, all of them had been annihilated in body and soul.

As for Demon God Yukun and the Ruin Demon Emperor, only their souls remained. They quickly retreated, putting distance between Zhou Xuanji and themselves.

“How is that possible… what was that?” the Ruin Demon Emperor looked panicked and cried out with a trembling voice. She felt immense fear.

Demon God Yukun was also given a big fright, and his gaze was filled with shock.

He finally understood why Zhou Xuanji could kill Duyishen.

He was truly terrifying!

He did not even see that sword strike clearly.

Zhou Xuanji gave a faint smile as he asked, “Are your reinforcements still not here? If they don’t come soon, you’ll die too.”

Demon God Yukun and the Ruin Demon Emperors’ expressions were unsightly. They very much wanted to escape, but if they ran away, their plan would fail.

Why hadn’t that fellow come yet?

Was he trying to screw them over?

“Zhou Xuanji, you’re truly arrogant!” a familiar, sinister laughter sounded out. Zhou Xuanji looked up and saw the Demonic Emperor high in the air, looking down at him.

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “How are you not dead?”

The Demonic Emperor’s face instantly darkened; Zhou Xuanji’s actions made him feel very uncomfortable.

He was not shocked or angry, only curious.

It was as if an ant he had stepped on had gotten up again, so he wanted to step on it again.

This boy was humiliating him!

The Demonic Emperor raised his hands and furiously roared.


The ground shook and traces of blood-red qi appeared on the ground in the surrounding 100 kilometers. Looking down from above, the blood-red qi formed runes, creating a magic formation.

In the distance, Xu Yang and the others looked back in terror.

“What was that?”

“That roar…”

“Someone’s fighting! That sword light from before was so terrifying…”

“Is that a magic formation? Who’s creating it?”

“So powerful! Did you sense that terrifying might?” the younger disciples cried out, while Xu Yang and the white-robed woman became quite panicked.

They quickly left, getting far away from that blood-red magic formation.

The Demonic Emperor was high in the air as he looked down at Zhou Xuanji and said, “This is the Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation. Below the Heavenly Saints, no one can break through it. Zhou Xuanji, you’re dead without a doubt.”

Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation?

It sounded quite impressive.

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself as he swept his gaze around the magic formation.

Demon God Yukun and the Ruin Demon Emperor let out breaths of relief; the Demonic Emperor had finally arrived.

“Demonic Emperor, couldn’t you have come faster?” the Ruin Demon Emperor complained. Her body had been destroyed and all of her subordinates had fallen. This made her feel very displeased.

Demon God Yukun also looked at the Demonic Emperor in a similar manner. If it wasn’t to kill Zhou Xuanji, the Demon Race’s target would be him.

The Demonic Emperor laughed and did not bother answering.

If he had done this for selfish reasons, he could have come after they had died. And yet, they were not grateful?

So that was what the Demon Race was like!

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “Why didn’t you die?”

Back then, he did not feel that the Demonic Emperor he killed was a clone, nor did his soul escape.

The Demonic Emperor coldly laughed as he grinned and said, “It’s because my Demon God’s body has the ability to divide. Before, I split off another body. Do you understand now?”


Zhou Xuanji thought to himself; there were definitely downsides to dividing.

Otherwise, the Demonic Emperor could split off infinite Demon God bodies to attack him.

Either his strength would go down after dividing, or he could only split off one body.

After thinking this through, Zhou Xuanji slowly rose up, preparing to charge at the Demonic Emperor.

“It’s impossible for you to escape the Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation!” the Demonic Emperor said as he condescendingly laughed. The Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation had been formed using many living creatures’ blood and flesh, and it had the restrictive power of the Heavenly Law.


Sword Dao Rules suddenly exploded out, directly blowing apart the Ruin Demon Emperor and Demon God Yukun’s souls.


Extremely fast!

Fast to the point that the Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation could not stop him!

The Demonic Emperor’s eyes widened as he said in a trembling voice, “How is this possible?”

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly rushed at him.

The Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation activated, and the blood-red qi turned into a massive web that wrapped towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was like a sharp arrow as he shot through the blood-red web. He held the Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer in his right hand and pierced through the Demonic Emperor’s chest with it.

“You…” The Demonic Emperor was stupefied, unable to believe his eyes.

How had Zhou Xuanji done this?

“Don’t forget what you said: Below the Heavenly Saints, no one can break through it,” Zhou Xuanji said as he looked at him and lightly smirked.

After comprehending Dao Will, even though his strength could not compare to the Heavenly Saints, his mental state had exceeded the Heavenly Law. Since he had comprehended Dao Will, how could the Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation stop him?

Hearing this, the Demonic Emperor was terrified; could Zhou Xuanji have become a Heavenly Saint already?


He didn’t have Heavenly Law Violet Qi, so how could he become a Saint?


To date, no one knew where the Heavenly Law Violet Qi was. Could it have been obtained by this boy?

In that instant, all sorts of thoughts flashed in the Demonic Emperor’s mind, causing him to feel terrified.

With a single thought, Zhou Xuanji used the Tianxia Map to drag out the Demonic Emperor’s soul.

The Demonic Emperor gnashed his teeth and said, “What are you doing?”

He had been ready to die, but Zhou Xuanji had only dragged out his soul. This boy wanted his Demon God’s body!

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and destroyed his soul before putting the Demon God’s body away.

After doing all of this, he turned and left, disappearing over the horizon.

After a while, an old monk with patches all over his face appeared in the air. He looked at the blood-red qi on the ground and frowned as he muttered, “Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation… is there someone who can break this formation? And there’s demonic qi…”

He pinched his fingers and divined, wanting to know who had broken the Blood Spirit God-Sealing Formation.

However, no matter how much he tried, he could not divine anything; he was only able to divine the Demonic Emperor.