I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 548 - Chapter 548 – Sword Emperor’s Violent Commotion

Chapter 548 - Chapter 548 – Sword Emperor’s Violent Commotion


Zhou Xuanji was not given a fright by the old immortal, and he instead calmly asked, “Please explain, senior.”

Meeting the Primordial Ancestor definitely was not something fortuitous; even the Primordial Ancestor said that he had been hunted down by enemies here.

Just what kind of enemies could force the Primordial Ancestor into such a state?

Also, the Primordial Ancestor giving him his eyes definitely was not as simple as him helping suppress the Heavenly Law Demon Lord.

Perhaps he was trying to draw disaster away from himself.

“The Primordial Ancestor comes from Kunlun Origin Court and disappeared a long time ago; I never thought that he would come here in the time between the replacement of the Heavenly Law. The enemies he offended are definitely existences that surpass the Heavenly Law—him giving you two of his eyes is him trying to plan a crafty escape. His body no longer exists and only his eyes remain; now that you two have his eyes, you cannot escape your connection with him,” the old immortal replied. With his abilities, he could not stop experts from Kunlun Origin Court at all.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Is there any way to get around this?”

He was reluctant to dig out his eyes; if that was the case, he would become blind.

He had never cultivated any techniques or divine abilities that could recreate destroyed body parts.

“Just observe the situation for now. Try not to use your eyes, and that lover of yours is in the Demon Realm Heart, and won’t come out any time soon. That Kunlun Origin Court expert won’t easily enter the Heavenly Law; after all, the Heavenly Law is controlled by someone. However, if you use your eyes’ power, he will immediately lock onto you and use divine abilities to transport you out,” the old immortal said in a low voice. Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji nodded.

Who was the one who controlled the Heavenly Law?

He suddenly felt that all creatures below the Heavenly Law were like frogs in wells, including the Heavenly Saints.

Who would have thought that the Heavenly Law, which reigned supreme, was in the control of another being?

“What counts as using the eyes? If I use the eyes to communicate with her, does that count as using them?” Zhou Xuanji continued to ask. The Demon Realm Heart was the origin of the Demon Race, and it would be easy for Xian Xianghua to be bedevilled. Perhaps these eyes could help her.

The old immortal replied, “That doesn’t count as truly using it, as it is just for communication. What I meant by using them is using them to kill enemies.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and bowed before leaving.

Right now, the most pressing thing was to become stronger and reach Universe Heaven Level 18 as soon as possible.

Thinking about that, Zhou Xuanji flew on his sword towards the battlefield between the Human Race and Demon Race.

Half a month later, he arrived at the battlefield on the east side of the Center God Province. Using the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow’s might, he killed over ten million demons, and he was now just a bit away from Universe Heaven Level 13.

Another month passed, and he descended at another battlefield, killing eight million demons, and he finally broke through to Universe Heaven Level 13.

Twenty days later, he came to the north of the Center God Province and fought three Demon Emperors and five million demons by himself. All of them fell at his swords, and his cultivation broke through to Universe Heaven Level 14!

The Demon Realm went crazy, as did the Center God Province.

Both races were discussing Zhou Xuanji.

The Demon Race hated him beyond measure, while the Center God Province’s creatures cheered.

“The Sword Emperor is so powerful!”

“How did he become this powerful?”

“Hahaha, the Demon Race can’t contend against this single person from the Center God Province!”

“With the Sword Emperor acting, the Center God Province will have fewer deaths and injuries.”

“With this kind of strength, can the Sword Emperor also contend to become a Saint?”

With this kind of performance, Zhou Xuanji was completely qualified to sit on the throne of the Center God Province’s most powerful expert. His name shook the Wanshen Great Thousand, and he became the most powerful existence in the world.

On that day, Zhou Xuanji was traveling through the wilderness in a mountain, and his gaze fell on the surrounding scenery.

The fragrance of the flowers and grass made him feel refreshed, and there were also light breezes of wind.

As he walked, he comprehended the Dao and did not stop walking at all.

His Way of the Sword was gradually becoming stronger, and he quite liked this alternative method of cultivating.

As his Dao Will grew, his aura started to fuse with that of the world’s, making him seem like the flowers or grass by the road; it was very difficult for anyone to detect him.

As his fame spread, more and more disciples from Emperor Sword Court began to travel the Center God Province, especially the second generation disciples.

Not everyone wanted to ascend; after all, coming to the Great Thousand World had its own risks. Zhou Xuanji did not mind this, and he was quite lax towards the disciples.

At that moment, he suddenly sensed a familiar aura.

Xu Yang!

He was Xiao Jinghong’s disciple and the Eldest Apprentice Brother of the second generation disciples. Daoya Old Man said that he was the reincarnation of a powerful being, which was why Zhou Xuanji took him in. Up to now, he still had not awoken.

Xu Yang was 100 kilometers away. He was following a group of young disciples, and he was currently focused on a beautiful woman in a white dress, continuously smiling.

“Fei Fei, do you really not believe me? My Grand-teacher is really Zhou Xuanji! I also come from the Northern Wilderness,” Xu Yang said with a grin, continuously speaking, causing the woman in the white dress to frown.

The surrounding disciples could not take it anymore.

A man full of youthful vigour stepped out and said, “Stinking brat, stop entangling yourself with our Eldest Apprentice Sister; otherwise, I’ll kill you in a single strike!”

Now, Xu Yang had Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation. Perhaps he would be quite powerful in the Northern Wilderness, but he did not amount to much in the Center God Province.

The other cultivations were also at Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and they came from a third-rate faction.

Xu Yang glared at that man and harrumphed as he said, “I already said, if your Senior Apprentice Sister is willing to marry me, all of you will be like poultry and dogs rising to heaven. You’d best show more respect and help me convince your Senior Apprentice Sister.”

After saying this, he felt quite pleased.

The woman in the white dress coldly harrumphed as she said, “How could the Sword Emperor have a grand-disciple like you? Your cultivation is about the same as ours; why would he choose you? Just because you have no shame?”

Xu Yang chuckled as he said, “That really was the case.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji in the distance shook his head.

This boy was really ruining his reputation.

However, he did not care too much. Even though Xu Yang was quite shameless, he was not a rascal who would take a woman by force.

Moreover, it was not certain that he would be able to defeat those cultivators.

Thinking about that, Zhou Xuanji continued to comprehend the Dao.

After a while, Xu Yang and the others went far away.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly stopped and saw figures rise up from the ground around him.


These demons were wrapped in demonic qi, only revealing their blood-red eyes, looking incredibly terrifying.

“Sword Emperor, you killed so many sons of our Demon Race; today, it will be difficult for you to escape,” one of the demons said, its voice filled with killing intent.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and asked, “You think you can kill me?”

Even though he could not see through these demons’ cultivations, he could sense that they were not too powerful. At most, they were only at Connecting Heaven Rank Two.

“Of course we can.” At that moment, another voice sounded out, causing Zhou Xuanji to narrow his eyes.

Ruin Demon Emperor!

The red-robed Ruin Demon Emperor rose up, her white hair billowing as she looked at him.

It was not just her. Another terrifying figure descended from the sky, landing behind the demons. He was 300 meters tall, looking like a mountain, and he was dressed in thick and heavy black armor. He wore an ox-like helmet and had a cold expression. He had a large beard and his eye sockets were dark, and his eyes gave off a cold light.