I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 547 - Chapter 547 The Demonic Ancestor’s Eye

Chapter 547 - Chapter 547 The Demonic Ancestor’s Eye


Zhou Xuanji maintained his composure despite the dangerous situation.

Under such an extreme circumstance of his loved one facing danger, Zhou Xuanji was attracted by his own Dao’s voice.

He remembered what Xian Xianghua told him.

If she were to fail, that would be fate.

Even Xian Xianghua said so, what reason did he have to stop her.

Each person had their own ways and their own choices.

After realizing this, Zhou Xuanji’s heart was completely still.

He entered a profound and mysterious state as his mouth never ceased speaking.

Five hundred legendary swords revolved around him with increasing speed. Eccentric and unrecognizable glyphs appeared faintly in the white radiance.


Above them, the earth wall exploded suddenly, and the Primordial Ancestor Statue came and landed above the Demon Realm Heart.

The two eyes on the monkey face flew out and drilled into the Heart.

Meanwhile, the other two eyes looked at Zhou Xuanji.


The Primordial Ancestor Statue spoke. Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes at the voice shockingly.

When he saw the statue, his eyes narrowed.

Why was the statue here?

The most key thing was the eyes. They were like real eyes, staring directly at him.

“Under the Heavenly Law, I did not expect someone to understand the Dao. Moreover, you have obtained empowerment from me. What’s your background? Are you from Origin Court?” the Primordial Ancestor Statue stared at Zhou Xuanji and asked.

“Who are you?” Zhou Xuanji asked back, “Why are you pretending to be the Primordial Ancestor Statue and avail yourself for everyone to use?”

The statue replied, “I arrived here even before the birth of the Heavenly Law. I’m waiting for the true Heavenly Law Demon Lord to appear. She is the one I’m waiting for, but she put her hands on the Heart too soon and will suffer for it. So I’m here to help, but I did not expect you to help her first, edifying her will with the Great Dao’s Voice.”

Heavenly Law Demon Lord?

Zhou Xuanji was even more confused.

The Primordial Ancestor Statue looked at him and said, “The Heavenly Law Demon Lord helps the Heavenly Law eliminate those steeped in karma. However, she loses her way for the sake of power easily. If you are the only one who can suppress her, I will share my eyes with you. Your vision will be shared from now onwards, and you can call on each other’s original heart.”

After it spoke, the two eyes on the monkey face jumped toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji dodged instinctively, while Demon God Tianwu tried to stop them. But both were too late. The pair of eyes still crashed into his.

Darkness loomed over his consciousness immediately.

In the deep starry night sky, a stone coffin stood. It was covered with glyphs and a black dragon coiled around it.

The stone coffin shook violently all of a sudden. The black dragon was alarmed and roared.

Next, the black dragon was burnt to ash by a formless flame, and so were the glyphs.


The cover of the coffin burst open, and a person walked out.

It was a man who had three heads and six arms. He had grayish white hair and wore tattered armor. The pair of eyes on his expressionless face was golden in color.

All his heads had the same look. Each had a pair of black horns.

“Primordial Ancestor, finally, you are willing to come out. I did not wait for a Heavenly Law Epoch in vain,” the golden-eyed man said slowly with a strange voice. His voice caused ripples to spread across the entire sky.

He suddenly disappeared, and the stone coffin was crushed into powder.

Sometime later.

Zhou Xuanji finally regained his consciousness. His pupils turned purple, looking extremely mysterious.

He looked at the Primordial Ancestor Statue on top of the Demon Realm Heart.

Only four sockets were left on the monkey face, looking terrifying.

“Who are you?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He could sense ceaseless celestial energy coming from the eyes.

His eyes were absorbing the spiritual Qi from his surroundings uncontrollably. Most amazingly, he felt rather pleasant, and his eyes were refreshing.

With this pair of eyes, his cultivation grew even faster.

“I’m the Primordial Ancestor from Kunlun Origin Court. I came to this place because my enemies wanted me dead. To avoid that, I hastened the Heavenly Law’s birth and the formation of the Heavenly Law Universe. I don’t have much time left. But to make the Heavenly Law more perfect, I want to create a Heavenly Law Demon Lord. This ended up in our encounter today,” the Primordial Ancestor Statue answered. Its voice was calm, with neither joy nor sorrow.

Zhou Xuanji was quite surprised in his heart.

The Primordial Ancestor played a part in the birth of the Heavenly Law?

The Primordial Ancestor Statue rose suddenly. “Everything has its reincarnation. Cause and effect have reincarnation. Life and death have reincarnation. The Heavenly Law has its reincarnation as well,” the statue said before it disappeared.

The Heavenly Law has reincarnation?

Zhou Xuanji understood what it meant immediately.

Even the Heavenly Law would be destroyed and rebuilt.

Many longed to become the Heavenly Saint because they could exist alongside the Heavenly Law.

If the Heavenly Law was destroyed, the Heavenly Saints would die too.

More specifically, everything under the Heavenly Law would be destroyed.

Why did the Primordial Ancestor say this suddenly?

Was the time to destroy the Heavenly Law nearing?

Zhou Xuanji thought about Sage Daojing. Why was he in such a hurry to transcend saint? Could he know that the Heavenly Law was about to be destroyed?

Or else, with the temperament of a Heavenly Saint, it was better to take a few thousand years to be well-prepared.

He thought about it as he waited for Xian Xianghua to integrate the Demon Realm Heart.

At this moment, a gigantic pair of eyes opened from within the Demon. They were like Zhou Xuanji’s eyes, purple in color.

Xian Xianghua.

Her voice came from the inside, “I have already integrated the Demon Realm Heart, and my body will be rebuilt. Wait for me to come out and take control of the Demon Realm. This may take a very long time. You should go back. I will hide well so that the Demon Ancestor will not sense it.”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “How long is a very long time?”

Xian Xianghua asked faintly, “How long can you wait for me?”

Zhou Xuanji replied without hesitation, “Until the destruction of the Heavenly Law.”

At that time, he would bring everyone along in his search for a way to Kunlun Origin Court.

Xian Xianghua smiled. She thought that Zhou Xuanji was just sweet-talking.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and was prepared to leave.

Since Xian Xianghua said that she would not let the Demon Ancestor discover her, he would believe her.

“Wait till I’m out. I will help you find the Heavenly Law Violet Qi for you to become a saint,” Xian Xianghua said again, which made Zhou Xuanji shake his head with a smile.

He turned and glanced at the eyes inside the Demon Realm Heart.

“Don’t you want to become a saint?” he asked.

How many brothers and friends in the Dao fought against each other.

“If you become a saint, how will it be different from me becoming a saint?” Xian Xianghua asked.

Zhou Xuanji smiled again and disappeared.

The purple eyes in the Demon Realm Heart disappeared as well.

Everything returned to normal.

Zhou Xuanji left the Demon Realm and returned to Wanshen Great Thousand through the void.

Along the way, he studied his eyes.

When he focused his mind on his eyes, his eyes became scorching, and it was as though a horrifying power was about to burst from them.

He did not try to let that happen because he had a feeling that if he used the power of his eyes casually, something bad would happen.

This kind of feeling was his instinct.

Half a year later.

He returned to the old immortal’s temple. Before he could speak, the old immortal’s voice came, “You are in big trouble.”