I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 546 - Chapter 546 Heavenly Law Demon Lord. Eliminating Evil On Heaven’s Behalf

Chapter 546 - Chapter 546 Heavenly Law Demon Lord. Eliminating Evil On Heaven’s Behalf


Zhou Xuanji wrapped his arms around Xian Xianghua’s waist and jumped down together with her.

Once they left the ground, they felt a powerful suction force.

Looking from this angle, the demonic world was like a funnel. They flowed along the Demonic River down the surface of the funnel.

Xian Xianghua looked around excitedly in awe.

“Your first time here?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

She nodded and said, “The legends about the Demon Realm Heart have been around for a very long time. According to them, the Demon Realm Heart is guarded by the Demon Emperors and the Demon Realm Nine Ancestors. Other than the Demonic Ancestor, any living being that draws near will be killed. It’s likely the Demon Emperors are not around. Only the Nine Ancestors are left.”

Her eyes sparkled in excitement.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head at her. This old demonic woman’s determination for power was not inferior to him at all.

He immediately increased his speed and flew along the Demonic River.

After an hour.

They finally entered a powerful light. When they opened their eyes again, they were in a subterranean space.

There was a waterfall by the cliff. The water flowed down and merged into a lake that was hundreds of kilometers wide.

A crystal was floating above the lake. It was in a diamond shape and was reflecting rainbow colors. That was the Demon Realm Heart.

Zhou Xuanji already sensed the Demon Realm Nine Ancestors’ presence. Although they were not as powerful as Duyishen, they were all Connecting Heaven cultivators.

He activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique immediately and merged Demon God Tianwu into his body.

Xian Xianghua could sense his aura transform.

All the legendary swords appeared around them, glowing with white light and revolving at high speed.

Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep!

“Such power…”

Xian Xianghua’s eyes sparkled. This time, she truly experienced how unfathomable Zhou Xuanji was. The legendary swords were revolving at such a high speed that her eyes could not see clearly.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Nine massive pressurizing auras exploded, coming at the two of them from all directions.

“Who dares to trespass the forbidden ground!” a majestic voice came, filled with murderous intent.

Zhou Xuanji did not bother to look at them. He carried Xian Xianghua with one arm and flew toward the Demon Realm Heart.

He could sense that the Demon Realm Heart contained infinite demonic Qi. It was the source and heart of the Demon Realm indeed.

“Die! ”

“How dare you! ”

“Stop him! ”

“Humph! ”

The Demon Realm Nine Ancestors were infuriated and charged toward Zhou Xuanji simultaneously.

They sensed danger from Zhou Xuanji, so they were not reckless but chose to work together.

The Nine Ancestors came at them from nine directions. Each was enveloped with demonic Qi, and none of them revealed their true form.

Zhou Xuanji used Sword Dao Rules straightaway.

All the legendary swords shredded the Demon Realm Nine Ancestors as though they teleported. The swords flashed and illuminated the entire subterranean space.

The Demon Realm Nine Ancestors turned into ash and were no longer to be.

Since they were not as powerful as the Demonic Emperor and Duyishen, they could not save their souls.



Xian Xianghua’s got a taste of what it meant to be invincible. She sighed faintly.

Back then, she had the same experience in the Northern Wilderness Region.

She turned her gaze toward the Demon Realm Heart and was exhilarated.

The two flew up quickly to the Demon Realm Heart.

The Heart was a few hundred meters high. There were countless mirror surfaces on it, from which she could see each corner of the Demon Realm.

“How do you use it?”

Zhou Xuanji asked softly. He glanced at Xian Xianghua and saw the expression in her eyes change.

It was fervency.

She could hardly hold back her excitement. Narrowing her eyes, she said, “I’m not sure, but I can sense that it’s summoning me.”

She suddenly broke free of Zhou Xuanji’s hands and charged toward the Demon Realm Heart.

Zhou Xuanji took hold of her quickly and was prepared to stop her.

At this moment, the Demon Realm Heart sucked Xian Xianghua toward it with a terrifyingly powerful suction.

Zhou Xuanji was in great shock. He slashed at the Demon Realm Heart instinctively to create an entrance for him to enter.

However, the Demon Realm Heart was extremely hard. His Sky-Judging Sword and his physical strength were not enough to break it.

“What’s happening?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned, stretching out his hand to touch the Heart.

It was icy to touch, and his divine sense could not penetrate it.

He totally lost contact with Xian Xianghua.

“Don’t worry. I will try to integrate the Demon Realm Heart.”

Xian Xianghua’s voice came from the Demon Realm Heart. Her voice was with excitement like just now, even to the point of trembling.

“Are you confident? ” Zhou Xuanji asked.

If the Demon Realm Heart was that easy to integrate, the Demon Realm Nine Ancestors would have done it already.

“No. But I’m willing to try. Because the Primordial Ancestor Statue once said that I’m the destined Lord of the Demon Realm. I don’t want to wait too long. So I want to try now. If I fail, then it’s my fate. ”

Xian Xianghua’s reply made Zhou Xuanji speechless.


Was this old demonic woman crazy?

He sighed and deactivated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique. He then ordered Demon God Tianwu to be on guard behind him.

He sat in the void and began imitating the old immortal to preach the Great Dao’s Voice.

He did not know the words of the Great Dao’s Voice, but he remembered them in his heart.

“Spring is mild, and summer is fiery. Heaven is high, and the earth is sparse. Wherever Dao is, the Heart longs…”

“All things have their rules. There is no shortcut. If Dao belongs to you, no one can take it. If Dao does not belong to you, even establishing your Dao through strength is futile…”

“Dao is Dao. It’s in the heart, in the form, in the mind…”

He chanted intently. His voice entered the Demon Realm Heart and caused ripples on the surface of it.

The entire subterranean space was filled with the reverberation of his voice.

Boooom! Boooom! Boooom!

Azure Demon Emperor and Snake Lord Qingshi were fighting ferociously in the forest. Meanwhile, the Demon Ancestor and Beast Emperor sat in the air facing each other, observing the battle beneath them.

They enjoyed the drama as Azure Demon Emperor and Snake Lord Qingshif fought with their lives.

At this moment, the Demonic Ancestor sensed something and frowned slightly.

The Beast Emperor noticed his expression and ridiculed him, “Why? Want to leave? ”

The Demonic Ancestor’s expression returned to his usual calmness and said, “If this battle is not won, why would I leave?”

He thought in his heart: The Demon Realm Heart cannot leave the Demon Realm. The opponent can not shift the Demon Realm Heart. It would not be a big deal if he were to be delayed for some time.

Forget it. He decided to watch the fight patiently and continued with the Beast Emperor in the game.

This game was not a joke. If either side lost, the loser would need to provide their own intel truthfully.

The Beast Emperor and the Demonic Ancestor had known each other for countless years and were honest to each other.

Because this was not their first time contending for the Saint’s position.

At the same time.

On the other side of the Demon Realm. In a cave.

The Primordial Ancestor Statue shook violently. The four eyes on the monkey face began rolling around as though they were coming back to life.

“The extraordinary Heavenly Law Demon Lord is coming to massacre the world and eliminate evil on behalf of Heaven,” a voice came from the Primordial Ancestor Statue, without any intonation or emotion.

Next, it began rotating and drilled into the ground, disappearing totally.

Zhou Xuanji was still preaching before the Demon Realm Heart.

He did not know if that would help Xian Xianghua, but the Demon Realm Heart was definitely something extremely evil. He must do his best to help Xian Xianghua to stay clear-minded.

Time passed quickly.

Most of the demons were in Wanshen Great Thousand. After the Demon Realm Nine Ancestors died, no demons came to this place. Even the Demonic Ancestor did not come.

In the beginning, he could still communicate with Xian Xianghua.

But now, she did not reply no matter how he called out to her.

He did not lose his composure but preached patiently. Under such a dangerous situation, his mental state had an indescribable refinement.