I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 545 - Chapter 545 Demonic River

Chapter 545 - Chapter 545 Demonic River


Ever since Zhou Xuanji knew Xian Xianghua, she had been helping him.

She saved him again and again and even searched for serendipity for him.

The Violet Demon Palace and the Primordial Ancestor Statue were all found by her.

Now that he was so powerful, he would definitely be willing for her to rely on him.

“Tell me, as long as I’m able, I will help you. ”

Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. As he spoke, he lightly lifted up her veil.

The old demonic woman was still glowing with beauty.

Just by appearance, Xian Xianghua was definitely the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered. Even the immortals in the God Palace were no match to her.

Of course, he’s not that superficial, or there would be so many girls coming after him.

In his heart, other than Jiang Xue being the most important, it was Xian Xianghua.

As for Zhou Xiaoxuan, she would be ranked behind Daoya Old Man.

“In the demon realm, there’s a Demonic River that connects to the Demon Realm Heart. I want to obtain the Demon Realm Heart. Now that the Demonic Ancestor is searching for the Heavenly Law Violet Qi in Wanshen Great Thousand, the demonic emperors guarding the Demon Realm Heart should not be a problem for you. Azure Demon Emperor is ranked top five after all,” Xian Xianghua said with eyes burning with passion. But how about offending the Demonic Ancestor?

She was not afraid.

Even after she ascended, she was still as fearless as before.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “The kind of power I wielded just now can last for two hours, is that enough? ”

This was not unexpected for Xian Xianghua. He was Zhou Xuanji after all.

She replied, smiling, “Of course. We will leave immediately after we take it. After the Heart is fused with me, my cultivation will grow exponentially. In the days to come, I will control the entire Demonic Realm, and you will be the man of the Demonic Realm’s Lord. Happy? ”

Zhou Xuanji nodded, “Give me three days.”

Xian Xianghua laid in his arms gently.

He did not resist. Both Jiang Xue and he acknowledged Xian Xianghua. Even Zhou Xiaoxuan often missed her Auntie Xian. Although the two were not married officially, their hearts already belong to each other.

But Zhou Xuanji did not act recklessly. He touched her hair softly and asked about her experience these years.

And she began telling him about what she went through after they departed.

In the vast universe, the two hugged each other. Many asteroids were flying past, and the stars shined brightly in the background. It was so beautiful.

News about Zhou Xuanji defeating Duyishen with ease spread all across the world. The news swept from the Center God Province to adjacent provinces and to all across Wanshen Great Thousand.

Even Azure Demon Emperor and Ruin Demon Emperor could not defeat Duyishen, but a genius who was not even 300 years old slew Duyishen with ease?

Those prisoners were eyewitnesses to this news.

The name of the Sword Emperor spread across Wanshen Great Thousand once again.

The first time was because of the Great Emperor Stele.

At other times, Zhou Xuanji’s reputation was only from the Center God Province.

This day.

Under the dim sky.

Xuan Daoya stood by the seaside and spoke toward the surging waves, “Zhou Xuanji has already matured. Aren’t we going to eliminate him? ”

After knowing Zhou Xuanji’s deeds, Xuan Daoya lost his composure.

Although he did not know how Zhou Xuanji grew to be this powerful, the young brat posed a great threat.

Even the Malicious Buddha died by his hands. If this continued, Xuan Daoya would be dead too.

“Someone will settle this matter. Have you divined the Heavenly Law Violet Qi?” a calm voice came from the sea.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was not as important as becoming a saint.

As long as he became a saint, he could destroy 10,000 Zhou Xuanjis.

Xuan Daoya frowned and replied, “I can’t. Sage Daojing could have hidden it somewhere or handed it to someone. Didn’t Azure Demon Emperor say that it’s in Divine Lord Ji’s hands? ”

Divine Lord Ji helped him search for the Divine Sword, but he seemed to have totally forgotten it.

“Divine Lord Ji cannot possess the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Even if he has it, he’s not qualified to become a saint. ”

Hearing this, Xuan Daoya was indifferent.

Divine Lord Ji was considered a powerful cultivator indeed. But compared to those powerhouses, he was nothing.

“Go to the demon realm and take a look. More powerhouses will return to Wanshen Great Thousand. We, the Great Emperor Dao Court, should reappear as well,” the voice from the sea said deeply. Xuan Daoya nodded and left immediately.

In the starry sky.

Old Ancestor Hongshi observed the chessboard under the tree. He suddenly frowned and mumbled, “Duyishen is dead… This aura… It’s him! ”

Even though Wanshen Great Thousand was far away, he could still sense that Zhou Xuanji killed Duyishen.

He was not angry. Instead, he was more interested in Zhou Xuanji.

He waved his hand, and countless sparkles flew in all directions.

“If so, I shall make the battle for the Heavenly Saint even more intense. I hope the next Heavenly Saint will be more interesting,” Old Ancestor Hongshi spoke to himself with a smile that could hardly be understood.

After that, he focused on the chessboard again.

In the Demonic Realm.

Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua walked out from a portal. He found that the demonic Qi in the demonic world was less dense than before. It might be because many demons returned to Wanshen Great Thousand.

The two walked toward the Demonic River.

The Demonic River existed ever since the demonic world began to exist. It cut across the entire demonic world and was the source of this world’s spiritual Qi. The Demonic River connects the two ends of this world. At one end, the river flowed down along the cliff and entered the Demonic World’s Heart, then it evaporated and rose into the sky. And so the cycle went on.

They found the Demonic River quickly and moved along it.

They were not in a hurry but took a stroll. This was Zhou Xuanji’s idea.

“Any journey is cultivation. Young people should not hurry,” Zhou Xuanji said casually. He had the Nine Soul Fusion Technique anyway and was not afraid that the Demonic Ancestor might come.

Now, he turned his eyes on the Dao, the Overlord Saint, and looking forward to Kunlun Origin Court.

Everything under the Heavenly Law, he no longer put so much emphasis.

To put it arrogantly, he no longer took anyone seriously.

Demon God Tianwu was already his duplicate. It was the source of his power and confidence.

“Aren’t you worried that if this drags on, your little wife will be in danger?” Xian Xianghua asked with a ridiculing tone. This old demonic woman always ridiculed Zhou Xuanji with Jiang Xue.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and told her about the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

Xian Xianghua sighed, “No wonder you had the heart to accompany me. Seems like I’m still not the one you love the most. ”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “Love is love. There’s no priority.”

It was only who came first.

The one who came first would get it.

Xian Xianghua burst out in laughter.

The two continued ahead, and Zhou Xuanji began talking about his ideologies and concepts. Everything he spoke was about his understanding of Dao, but he did not point out Dao’s existence.

Xian Xianghua was interested initially.

But after that, it was like a ceaseless chanting.

She pinched Zhou Xuanji’s cheek and snorted, “Brat, why are you like a fly?”

Zhou Xuanji sighed. I give you the Dao, but you don’t want it.

You will regret it.

After that, they hastened their steps.

Half a month later.

They came to the edge of the demonic world. The river flowed down from the cliff, forming a majestic waterfall.

At this place, the demonic river was as vast as the ocean. The spiritual Qi turned into mist and pervaded the sky.