I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 544 - Chapter 544 Zhou Xuanji’s Power

Chapter 544 - Chapter 544 Zhou Xuanji’s Power


Zhou Xuanji stood on the pinnacle and scanned the Demon God Palace with his divine sense, searching for Xian Xianghua’s position.


The moment his divine sense neared the Demon God Palace, it was repelled by a formless barrier.

With the Demon God Palace at the center, every demon was shocked and looked around vigilantly.

Zhou Xuanji frowned a little. He immediately took out Demon God Tianwu and activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique.

This time, he maintained his own form. His aura exploded so mightily that the mountain underneath him collapsed instantly. Countless rocks rolled down the pinnacle, crushing the nearby forests and mountains.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Sky-Judging Sword and activated the Sword Sky-Judging Sword with all his other swords. Then, he leaped toward the Demon God Palace.

He traveled with extreme speed, so fast that the demons along the way could not react in time. He quickly broke through the main gate and charged into the palace.

Duyishen, who was cultivating, opened his eyes suddenly. He laughed coldly, “You dare to barge into this place. Let me see what you can do!”

After that, he turned into a shadow and weaved through the prison cells.

The two clashed in one of the walkways. A violent and horrifying aura caused the nearby walls to crumble, and the entire Demon God Palace began collapsing.

Zhou Xuanji locked his eyes with Duyishen.

“You are not Zhongdao Huasheng!”

Duyishen bellowed. Fear was hidden in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji did not know him, so he used the Sword Dao Rules straightaway.


All his legendary swords bombarded Duyishen and shredded his opponent’s body into pieces instantly.

Then, Zhou Xuanji dashed into the deep regions of the Demon God Palace.

Duyishen’s soul managed to escape. He looked back in horror.

“What was that just now… Impossible…”

Duyishen was shocked. He no longer dared to pursue.

In the palace, all the prisoners were trembling in fear. Everyone felt uneasy.

“The Demon God Palace is about to collapse!”

“What’s happening? Who is attacking the Demon God Palace?”

“It’s so scary. What should we do?”

“Where’s Duyishen? How could he allow someone to enter?”

“Oh no…”

The prisoners cried out in horror. Even Xian Xianghua and the white-haired old man were anxious too.

No one wanted to die.

Facing someone as powerful as Duyishen, they could not even use the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique. Their souls could not escape Duyishen’s eyes.

A stream of sword flash came suddenly. Zhou Xuanji came to the cell that Xian Xianghua was in. He cut off the metal chains of the prison cell with one slash.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes dazzled. Before she could react, she was already in Zhou Xuanji’s arms.

She opened her eyes wide. And when she saw that her rescuer was Zhou Xuanji, she was pleasantly surprised.

It was him!


The white-haired old man was infuriated. He saw Xian Xianghua as his descendent, so he would not allow Zhou Xuanji to treat her lightly.

He slapped Zhou Xuanji, but with a loud crack, his bones fractured.

“He’s my ancestor!” Xian Xianghua said immediately. Although she was surprised at Zhou Xuanji’s prowess, she was afraid that he would hurt her ancestor.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It’s not that I want to attack him.”

With Xian Xianghua in his left hand, he slashed open the prison cells with his right and released the prisoners.

He leaped up with Xian Xianghua into the air and broke out from the Demon God Palace.

Countless demons charged toward him from all directions, but Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep killed them all.

Zhou Xuanji could see that these demons were under the control of Duyishen. They charged at him fearlessly, which meant that Duyishen had yet to die fully.

Many prisoners flew out from the Demon God Palace, including Xian Xianghua’s ancestor.

Duyishen appeared in the sky a thousand meters away and looked down at Zhou Xuanji.

“Who are you?” he asked with gritted teeth.

Sword Dao Rules killed him before he could even react. He kept thinking about how Zhou Xuanji destroyed his body but to no avail.

The Dao was extremely profound. If he could comprehend it, he would already become second to only the saints.

Zhou Xuanji looked up at him with calm eyes.

And the gaze made Duyishen very uneasy. He stepped back instinctively.


All the legendary swords came at him again and shredded his soul. Everything happened too quickly.

Xian Xianghua could only see the sword flash, and next, Duyishen was no more.

“How can it be…”

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

How long had it been, and Zhou Xuanji was already this powerful?

With Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, five billion ethereal swords killed all the demons, bombarding the heavens and the earth. The explosions were deafening, and the winds were violent.

Next, he brought along Xian Xianghua and disappeared into the horizon.

The recently reputed Duyishen had not the power to even retaliate against him.

All the prisoners were stunned.

The explosions proved to them that it was not a dream.

“Who is that? Such power!”

“He’s Zhou Xuanji! I’ve seen him before! Back then, at the God Platform, he was also this lofty and invincible.”

“Zhou Xuanji? The most powerful in the Center God Province?”

“He’s really powerful. It was not fake.”

“And he’s less than 300 years old?”

When the prisoners came back to themselves, they began discussing Zhou Xuanji fervently.

That white-haired old man held his right arm and levitated in midair. He was silent, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Because of Xian Xianghua, he got to know about Zhou Xuanji.

It was already unbelievable for him to reach Heavenly Law True God by his age.


The more he thought about it, the more shocked he felt.

This guy must be the reincarnate of some ancient powerhouse!

Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua came into the void. He released the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and kept Demon God Tianwu’s body into the Tianxia Map.

Although it was not two hours yet, he can reduce the cooldown duration by deactivating it earlier.

“Wait for me by the side,” he said with a smile.

After that, he let go of Xian Xianghua and pulled some distance away from her. He sat down in the void and began breaking through.

He absorbed the majority of Duyishen’s magic energy, which was sufficient for him to break through again.

Cultivators with Duyishen’s cultivation were rare in Wanshen Great Thousand.

Other than him, Zhou Xuanji had absorbed the magic energy of countless other demonic cultivators.

His cultivation grew explosively, and his aura was empowered too. Even Xian Xianghua was shocked in her heart.

Finally, his cultivation grew to Universe Heaven Level Twelve.

Just when he broke through, his cultivation growth came to a halt.

Xian Xianghua came up to him and asked curiously, “Brat, what’s your cultivation stage now?”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and replied, “Universe Heaven Level Twelve.”

Xian Xianghua was stunned.

She knew that above the Heavenly Law True God was Universe Heaven. But a mere Universe Heaven Level Twelve could kill Duyishen so easily?

Even powerful cultivators in the demon race like Azure Demon Emperor and Ruin Demon Emperor lost to Duyishen.

Zhou Xuanji stretched out his hand and pinched her chin.

“Next, where do you want to go?” he asked with a smile.

Xian Xianghua did not dodge but moved closer to him. She whispered by his ear softly, “Where do you want me to go?”

He shook his head and replied, “If you have nowhere to go, how about coming back to Emperor Sword Court?”

When she heard it, she immediately took a step back, and an idea came to her mind.

“Can I rely on you now?” she asked.