I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 543 - Chapter 543 Saint Contender

Chapter 543 - Chapter 543 Saint Contender


“Why… Why… Impossible!” the Demonic Emperor shrieked in horror. Then he cried out as loud as he could.

Zhou Xuanji looked up at him and said, “Do you know Kunlun Origin Court?”

The Demonic Emperor was stunned. What’s that?

The legendary swords pierced his soul once again in an instant and shredded him into ash.



After gaining higher insight into the Sword’s Way than the Sword Soul, Zhou Xuanji killed the Demonic Emperor instantly.

His cultivation did not grow but was using the power of Demon God Tianwu.

Not only so, he somewhat sensed that his soul was empowered. He was no longer like before.

“Could it be those words from the old immortal?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself. He was not surprised by the fall of the Demonic Emperor but began introspecting himself.

In the previous two decades, the old immortal preached once every few days. It was not about some energy techniques but about the laws of all things.

Those words were not that simple.

Unknowingly, they had tempered his soul.

“Who are you?” an icy voice came, and Zhou Xuanji glanced over.

He saw the Demonic Ancestor descending, enveloped by demonic Qi. Only the Demonic Ancestor’s face could be seen, filled with a baleful aura in between his brows.

Zhou Xuanji remembered his eyes.

It was the Demonic Ancestor that he used to admire.

At this moment, the Demonic Ancestor was no longer unsurmountable in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It’s not important. I’m merely settling a personal grudge with the Demonic Emperor.”

He stored up all his legendary swords and was about to leave.

Instantly, he disappeared from the underground space.

The Demonic Ancestor did not pursue but frowned in contemplation.

“Who is this person? Such sword might. Why haven’t I met him before?”

The Demonic Ancestor was puzzled in his heart. He had a peculiar expression on his face.

Someone that could kill the Demonic Emperor easily must not be ordinary.

The Beast Emperor suddenly appeared. Seeing that only the Demonic Ancestor was there, he was stunned.

“Amitābha, I didn’t expect another Saint Contender to be born in Wanshen Great Thousand.”

A merciful voice came. A pair of eyes lit up in the darkness — a pair of golden eyes.

The Demonic Ancestor and the Beast Emperor looked back simultaneously and showed fear in their eyes.

“Ninth Nether Buddha, you are finally willing to come out.”

The Beast Emperor ridiculed, but he felt pressure in his heart.

Another contender for the Saint’s position.

In the taoist temple.

The old immortal, who was meditating, opened his eyes suddenly and smiled in approval.

“Not bad. He gained insight into the meaning of the great Dao. Although it was only a surface understanding, he has already stepped into the door. My effort in spending my soul energy to preach to him was not in vain.”

The old immortal closed his eyes and began divining.

The smile on his face grew brighter.

At the same time.

In the void, and in a palace that floated among the asteroids.


The Demonic Emperor vomited a mouthful of blood and instantly withered.

He opened his eyes that were filled with bitterness and hatred.

“Zhou Xuanji!”

Gritting his teeth, he exploded with fury.

After he calmed himself down, he took a deep breath.

He suddenly remembered Zhou Xuanji’s words.

Kunlun Origin Court…

Was that the name of a place?

Or the name of a faction?

He fell into deep thought. The battle with Zhou Xuanji was humiliating for him. He would never become a saint unless he settled this grudge against Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji shuttled through the underground space quickly. He expanded his divine sense and made sure that no one followed him.

With his movement speed, only a few in Wanshen Great Thousand could catch up to him.

He was still thinking about the enlightenment mode he was in previously.

Sword Dao Rules


He suddenly understood the old immortal’s words.

Kunlun Origin Court was Dao. Dao was in everyone’s heart.

If one could understand this, he could control Dao.

There were many Daos, but it was extremely difficult to understand Dao, even harder than becoming a saint.

Even if his cultivation was not enough to become an Overlord Saint, he could still rely on the Heavenly Law’s Violet Qi.

But to understand Dao, he could only rely on his talent and serendipity.

Although he believed in his talent, it was all thanks to the old immortal that he understood Dao.

However, his understanding was still very superficial. The path ahead of him was still long.

Two hours later.

He sat under a tree and began breaking through.

During the battle with the Demonic Emperor, he absorbed a massive amount of magic energy. Along with gaining insight into Dao, it was enough for his breakthrough.

He noticed that things all around him were in ruins. It was apparently the result of his battle at the world’s core.

He was so far away from the battleground that it was enough to show that the entire Wanshen Great Thousand was impacted.

He shook his head, neither pleased nor sad.

Soon, he broke through to Universe Heaven Level Eleven.

Because of Dao, he did not encounter a heavenly tribulation.

He understood, once again, something that the old immortal said.

The reason why the Heavenly Law would not punish him after he becomes an Overlord Saint.

Wherever Dao is, it overrides the Heavenly Law.

There were thousands of Dao, and the Heavenly Law was merely one of them.

After breaking through, he did not leave immediately but waited for his soul energy to regenerate.

He could only rescue Xian Xianghua using the Nine Soul Fusion Technique.

In the next few days, news about top cultivators battling in Wanshen Great Thousand’s core spread swiftly.

That battle affected the entire Wanshen Great Thousand. Many living beings suffered the consequences of it.

At the same time, everyone finally understood the true horror of the tribulation that came with contending for the saint’s position.

Wanshen Great Thousand was facing the crisis of destruction!

Their world was so fragile before the extreme powerhouses.

In the Demon God Palace.

Duyishen opened his eyes and asked, “Who’s the most powerful in the Sword’s Way in Wanshen Great Thousand?”

Sword’s Way?

Xian Xianghua was dazzled and thought of Zhou Xuanji immediately.

She sighed faintly, not knowing whether she would meet him again.

Until this day, she had yet to marry him. It was her most regretful thing.

A demonic cultivator replied, “Currently, it’s Sword Sovereign Gu. But it could be that many powerhouses in the Sword’s Way have yet to die but only hid themselves to cultivate in seclusion. Counting those in ancient times, the most powerful one should be Zhongdao Huasheng. He could cut the Great Thousand World in half with one slash.

Zhongdao Huasheng?

Duyishen frowned. He had apparently heard of this name before.

He mumbled, “I didn’t expect him to come from Wanshen Great Thousand. Seems like the person just now was him. Has he become so powerful already?”

All the prisoners were very anxious. Duyishen’s prowess made them despair. They did not want to die, so they did not dare to offend Duyishen.

Duyishen closed his eyes again and no longer spoke.

Xian Xianghua whispered to the white-haired old man, “Why doesn’t he kill us?”

The white-haired old man said, “Not sure. But it’s not for good.”

The other prisoners felt restless as well. Among them, some were imprisoned for many years, some only a few months. Many of them were brought away by Duyishen and did not appear again.

The horror of the unknown tortured them.

Time continued to pass.

Five days later.

Someone appeared on a peak, looking afar at the Demon God Palace.

It was Zhou XuanJi.

This was his second time coming to the Demon God Palace. He was almost killed by the Ruin Demon Emperor the previous time. This time, his heart-mind was changed totally.

Looking ahead, he mumbled, “Old demonic woman, you are really not dead. Such a hardy life you have.”