I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 542 - Chapter 542 Above the Sword Souls. Sword Dao Rules.

Chapter 542 - Chapter 542 Above the Sword Souls. Sword Dao Rules.


The Demonic Emperor dared not to be careless anymore and began to use his full strength.

Amidst the powerful radiance, he rapidly increased his speed and fully manifested the power of the demon god’s body.

Zhou Xuanji frowned as he deflected the attacks.

Such a horrifying power!

If not for the fact that he was also in a demon god’s body, the Demonic Emperor’s power would have already torn him into shreds.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

The blades clashed. Each time the Sky-Judging Sword and the bloodied black saber met, the sound of clashing could travel a great distance, to the ears of countless living beings.

No one dared to draw near because Zhou Xuanji and the Demonic Emperor’s aura was too horrifying.

Zhou Xuanji drew the Universe Essence energy from the Sky-Judging Sword, and he grew in power.

At the same time, he used World Reincarnation to deflect the Demonic Emperor’s saber Qi.

Facing such a weird move, the Demonic Emperor did not panic but empowered his saber Qi. The more he fought, the more frenzied he grew.

Zhou Xuanji could sense that the Demonic Emperor’s slashes were growing much more powerful with each strike.

Such a dominating saber technique!

Seeing that the powerful radiance was about to subside, Zhou Xuanji drew some distance from the Demonic Emperor and channeled Heavenly Sword Descent.

Just when the Demonic Emperor was about to reach him, a ray of light came from the heavens. Without a loud boom, it shot down the Demonic Emperor, who crashed through the ruined ground surface and fell deep into the underground.

Zhou Xuanji pursued him and used World Suppressing, and he followed him underground.

Instantly, the Sky-Judging Sword clashed with the bloodied black saber. Zhou Xuanji pressed down on the Demonic Emperor, and both drilled deeper underground.


The Demonic Emperor stared at Zhou Xuanji ferociously. He swore to tear this brat into a thousand pieces.

He wanted to repel Zhou Xuanji, but Zhou Xuanji was also in a demon god’s body with equivalent strength. Along with the downward impetus of World Suppressing, he could not move away.

The two crashed through layer after layer of rocks with unstoppable force.

And Zhou Xuanji summoned all his legendary swords and activated Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep.

More than 500 legendary swords shined with a brilliant white light and thrust toward the Demonic Emperor like a storm. The Demonic Emperor could only bear the thrust of the swords with his body.


The two fell into the earth’s core and into the billowing sea of lava.

The terrifying temperature gave them unimaginable pain.

But the demon god’s bodies were only second to the Heavenly Saints. Even the fire of the Great Thousand World’s core could not harm them.

Zhou Xuanji lost his impetus immediately, and it was the Demonic Emperor’s chance to fight back.

The Demonic Emperor turned into countless duplicates and attacked Zhou Xuanji from all sides.

These duplicates had different faces and physiques. Each of them looked twisted and frenzied, without a care for themselves.

But the Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep deflected all the attacks for Zhou Xuanji.

If not for his celestial energy, most legendary swords would have been turned into ash by the lava.

“Die!” the Demonic Emperor let out a loud cry. Black flames turned into a pillar that shot out from his mouth. The black flame pillar sent Zhou Xuanji flying out of the core. The legendary swords followed after Zhou Xuanji because of Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep.

Looking down, Zhou Xuanji saw waves of lava splash at the core, which was the size of the sun.

At the same time, the ground surface of the entire Wanshen Great Thousand shook violently. The waters from each ocean and lake were surging.

The core was under attack. The world was crumbling!

Countless living beings were in great shock.

In the Demon God Palace.

XIan Xianghua and the white-haired old man were locked in a metal cage. Theirs was not the only cage around. There were also countless cages, and each was occupied by humans, demons, beasts, and living things from other races.

Duyishen was cultivating at the floating palace at the forefront.

He opened his eyes suddenly and gazed afar. “Such a powerful energy…”

He mumbled to himself, “Who is fighting underground?”

The prisoners were all panicking.

“What’s happening?”

“Could it be that someone is here to save us?”

“No, the quake is from below us!”

“Such an evil aura…”

“There is another powerful aura, majestically divine…”

Xian Xianghua frowned. A wave of uneasiness welled up her heart.

The white-haired old man beside her panicked as well. He smiled bitterly and said, “Seems like we are about to die here.”

He did not expect those top powerhouses to lose their minds over contending for the Heavenly Saint’s position.

The two extremely powerful cultivators underground could slaughter anything underneath the Heavenly Saints.

Other than the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, what else could motivate the powerful cultivators to fight so fearlessly?

In the demonic world.

The Demonic Ancestor opened his eyes suddenly. With a frown, he mumbled, “The Demonic Emperor… The other aura belongs to… Demon God Tianwu? No, there’s another aura mixed with his. Seems like he was really possessed.”

And he disappeared immediately.

In the beast world.

The Beast Emperor, looking through some documents, sensed Zhou Xuanji and the Demonic Emperor’s aura. He was shocked in his heart.

“Zhou Xuanji can fight the Demonic Emperor?”

He immediately summoned Snake Lord Qingshi, and the two of them headed to Wanshen Great Thousand.

Not only them, but all the Connecting Heaven cultivators in the Wanshen Great Thousand were also aware.

Such a massive battle could only happen over the Heavenly Law Violet Qi!

At the same time, the Demonic Emperor was already berserk. He roared as loud as he could, swearing to kill Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji still maintained his composure. Facing such a ruthless Demonic Emperor, his eyes were stern and sharp. With his sword techniques and souls, he could deflect his opponent’s attacks perfectly.

The Nine Soul Fusion Technique was such a wonder.

He could perfectly get used to Demon God Tianwu’s body.

But the effect of such divine ability could not last long. He must deactivate this mode within at most two hours.

Which meant to say that if he could not defeat the Demonic Emperor within two hours, what awaited him was something far worse than death.

The previous Zhou Xuanji would have surely been extremely anxious over the situation.

But at this moment, he somehow remembered the 20 years he had gone through.

The Heavenly Law’s rules were trapped within the Great Thousand and manifested in all the living.

All kinds of past memories welled up in his mind. The voice of the old immortal preaching also sounded in his mind.

The Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep and the Demonic Emperor’s movements became slower and slower in his eyes.

This was a wondrous feeling.

He did not feel surprised. Suddenly, he understood the old immortal’s words.

Kunlun Origin Court was the heart-mind!

The high-speed revolving legendary swords began resonating with each other.

Zhou Xuanji was suddenly glowing with a powerful radiance, just like when he was in the Divine Moon state.

He was enlightened!

“Thousands of sword techniques, the man and the sword united can realize the sword will,” he mumbled to himself,

“The sword will connect to the divine and can master the sword soul.”

The Demonic Emperor was frustrated at his words.

“You scum!” he cried out furiously, “Don’t you dare look down on me! I’m your ancestor!”

The Northern Wilderness humans were his descendants!

Including Zhou Xuanji. This was why being on par with Zhou Xuanji made him feel humiliated.

The more humiliating thing was that Zhou Xuanji was enlightened during their fight.

He almost exploded in rage!

“My Sword’s Way is the Sword Dao Rules!”

Zhou Xuanji bellowed suddenly. The white radiance grew more powerful.

The five hundred swords pierced the Demonic Emperor in an instant. They combined into a ball of light and engulfed the Demonic Emperor.

Everything happened too quickly for the Demonic Emperor to react.

“Fall,” Zhou Xuanji mumbled calmly.


All the legendary swords crisscrossed over each other and shredded the Demonic Emperor into countless pieces, and the pieces fell in the underground space.

The Demonic Emperor’s soul flew out in shock.

“How can it be…” he said with a trembling voice, “I’m in the body of a demon god… the body of a demon god…”

Zhou Xuanji looked up at him with calm eyes, as though he was looking at an ant.