I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 541 - Chapter 541 Nine Soul Fusion Technique. 5 Billion Ethereal Swords

Chapter 541 - Chapter 541 Nine Soul Fusion Technique. 5 Billion Ethereal Swords


After the Demonic Emperor left, Zhou Xuanji did not store back Demon God Tianwu. He ordered it to sit beside him. Both looked up into the sky and cultivated their mental state.

Everything was still. Occasionally, he could hear the old immortal preaching. This experience had never been dry and boring for him.

Time passed quickly.

Another decade passed.e

He turned 270 years old. In this decade, he had not returned to the Divine Cliff, but he would contact Jiang Xue through the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus to know about the Divine Cliff’s situation occasionally.

As the war between the humans and demons got more intense, the Divine Cliff had to send disciples as reinforcement. Lin Changge, Ning Zifeng, Chen Bantian, and Meng Tianlang went to the frontline to empower themselves.

Yang Yutian asked why Zhou Xuanji was not back yet. Jiang Xue told him that Zhou Xuanji was cultivating. Since then, he had not asked about Zhou Xuanji again.

He understood that time was of utmost importance for Zhou Xuanji.

Having stilled his mind for 20 years in the temple, Zhou Xuanji’s state of mind was no longer like before.

He sat on the tree and listened to the wind. His fingers were like the swords, and the light seemed to trail along with his fingers. He drew in the sky, and it was mysteriously impressive.

Although he had not cultivated, he had a deeper understanding of the Sword’s Way.

The sword souls he could materialize now were much more powerful than before.

This was the benefit of improving his mind.

He no longer just saw a mountain when he looked at a mountain, neither a sword merely a sword.

The old immortal walked out of the temple suddenly. He came under the tree and looked at Zhou Xuanji with a smile.

“It’s time for you to go out,” he said.

“Go out?” he asked, looking down, “That’s it?”

The old immortal replied with a smile, “It’s time for your magic energy to expand. Use your World Buddha Art to take advantage of the war happening now. When you breakthrough to Universe Heaven Level Eighteen, come back to me.”

He lifted his right hand and tapped at Zhou Xuanij’s forehead across the air.

A wave of memory entered Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

It was a divine ability!

Nine Soul Fusion Technique!

This divine ability could merge the one with his duplicate. It could merge at most nine bodies, and the power after the merge was determined by the cultivation and power of each duplicate.

However, this divine ability had a dire cost to one’s soul. With his cultivation stage, Zhou Xuanji could only use it for two hours. After that, he needed multiple days to recover.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and came up to the old immortal.

“Thank you, Senior,” he said with cupped fists.

This divine ability was made specifically for him. He had to show his gratitude.

Just saying his gratitude sounded so shallow.

It wasn’t that he was not moved. It’s just that his mindset had improved, and he had a tighter reign over his emotions.

“A lady whose fate was intertwined with you is in danger. She’s trapped in the Demon God Palace,” the old immortal said intently. His words made Zhou Xuanji narrow his eyes.

A lady whose fate was intertwined with his?

It was either Jiang Xue or Xian Xianghua.

Jiang Xue was in his 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, safe and sound. It could only be Xian Xianghua.

He nodded lightly and said, “Then I shall take my leave.”

The old immortal nodded back as he stroked his long beard. After that, Zhou Xuanji turned into a stream of sword light and disappeared into the horizon.

Gazing into the direction of his departure, the old immortal shook his head and said, “This child did not belong to this place since his birth.”

Zhou Xuanji flew on the Windcutter Sword. His white shirt danced loudly in the wind. He looked far ahead with calm eyes.

His mind was still. He thought about nothing.

As for Xian Xianghua, he believed that she would hold on until he came for her rescue.

“Zhou Xuanji, you are finally out,” the Demonic Emperor’s voice came. Next, Zhou Xuanji suddenly tilted his body and evaded the Demonic Emperor’s bloodied claw. His chest was merely inches away from the claw. It was a fatal distance.

But he did not lose his composure. Demon God Tianwu appeared in the air and punched the Demonic Emperor.

The Demonic Emperor’s pupils contracted suddenly. Although he blocked with his arms, he was still sent flying off hundreds of meters away.

He steadied his body and said with gritted teeth, “How can you…”

Universe Heaven Level Ten could not have such a fast reaction time!

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and said, “You have yet to give up on your vile ambition indeed. But this time, the prey shall become the predator.”

The Demonic Emperor frowned. He did not understand what Zhou Xuanji meant.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly activated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique. His body fused together with the Demon God Tianwu. Instantly, Demon God Tianwu opened his eyes, and a cold radiance flashed in his eyes.

He maintained the appearance of Demon God Tianwu with an explosive aura.

The Nine Soul Fusion Technique’s appearance could be determined by him freely. He could maintain his original form. But facing the Demonic Emperor, he planned to use the most ruthless form.

The Demonic Emperor frowned even deeper. Not knowing what this divine ability was, he still took out his bloodied black saber to fight.

Ever since he found out that Zhou Xuanji had in his possession Demon God Tianwu, he wanted to obtain Zhou Xuanji all the more!

This child was his descendant, and he theoretically should be under his control.

He slashed at Zhou Xuanji. The saber Qi burst out and severed the heavens and the earth into two.

Suddenly, a legendary sword appeared in Demon God Tianwu’s right hand.

It was the Sky-Judging Sword!

Universe Essence legendary sword!

Before he swung the sword, the sword Qi already burst out and shredded the Demonic Emperor’s saber Qi.

At the same time, he absorbed a massive amount of magic energy from his opponent.

Zhou Xuanji walked toward the Demonic Emperor. Violent gales with growing strength swirled around him. The gales eventually turned into hurricanes and wreaked havoc all around him.

The Demonic Emperor stared at that sword and was a little shocked. He knew that Zhou Xuanji had many swords, but he did not expect one this powerful.

Such a treasure must only appear in Connecting Heaven cultivators, just like his saber.

“Very good. Zhou Xuanji. I shall give you a painful death!”

With a sinister laugh, the Demonic Emperor’s aura grew tremendously.

Zhou Xuanji did not bother to reply. Eighteen sword souls appeared behind him in a fan-shape. It was majestic and impressive.

Twenty years of tempering his mind. It was finally the day for him to show his power!

“Demonic Emperor. Do you know what hell looks like?”

Zhou Xuanji smiled mockingly and activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. Five billion ethereal swords appeared all around him and instantly surrounded the Demonic Emperor. They were flooded with the ethereal swords.

The Demonic Emperor frowned. He slashed at Zhou Xuanji.

Countless saber Qi burst out in all directions.

The five billion ethereal swords also shot toward the Demonic Emperor simultaneously.

A world-shaking explosion!

A bright radiance made the world lose its color.

Mountains turned into ashes and clouds dissipated. The powerful destructive power swept across hundreds of miles, and everything in the radius turned into nothingness.

In the brilliant radiance, Zhou Xuanji engaged in combat with the Demonic Emperor. Although they could see nothing, both could still attack and defend with precision and accuracy.

They moved with extreme speed. The demon god’s power warped the space around, seemingly tearing space apart.

Numerous Sword Souls flew out from Zhou Xuanji’s back. The Demonic Emperor cast a plethora of divine abilities. Sometimes, he created duplicates. At other times he turned into black Qi to dodge the Sword Souls’ attacks while attacking Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji’s sword moved at equal swiftness, but his current state was mysteriously wonderful.

Compared to the Demonic Emperor, he appeared to be at ease.

“My sword is my sword. My Dao is my Dao,” Zhou Xuanji said suddenly, which made the Demonic Emperor frown.

What was this brat going to do again?

However, Zhou Xuanji merely maintained his attacks. The two were on par.

But somehow, the Demonic Emperor felt unease in his heart.