I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 540 - Chapter 540 The Arrival Of Demonic Emperor

Chapter 540 - Chapter 540 The Arrival Of Demonic Emperor


Overlord Saint!

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes brightened up.

“How do I become an Overlord Saint?” he asked.

To become a saint through sheer power sounded easy. Still, to transcend the saints through magic energy was extremely difficult.

The higher one’s cultivation, the slower it grew.

The old immortal said casually, “Don’t you have the duplicate of a demon god? When you reach the same strength as his body, I have a way to make you an Overlord Saint. You will be second to only the Heavenly Law, and even the Heavenly Law cannot exclude or punish you.”

Zhou Xuanji blinked. The joy in his heart subsided like the tide.

It would be such a long time to become as powerful as Demon God Tianwu.

“Is there a way to temper my body?” he asked.

He had already concentrated on celestial energy, and physical cultivation was no longer his main.

With his cultivation stage, it was difficult to find natural resources to temper his body.

He could do it with Heavenly Law Fate, but it was more difficult to obtain it than rare treasures.

“Wait until you are completely still, then I will help you.”

The old immortal said with a chuckle. After that, he descended the mountain.

“Where are you going?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

The old immortal bathed in sunlight as though he was about to turn ethereal.

“To look at the living things at the foot of the mountain. To experience their world,” the old immortal replied without looking back, and his words made Zhou Xuanji fall into contemplation.

Is the world of rodents and insects peaceful and still?

He turned his gaze toward the flowers and grass beside him.

The atmosphere of the Center God Province grew tense because of the demon race’s invasion. Top factions sent their disciples to defend against the demon army. Even the God Palace was helping.

News about the human ancestor Yang Sha invading the Demon God Palace had also spread in the Center God Province.

It was said that Yang Sha fought the Azure Demon Emperor and Ruin Demon Emperor alone, and they were all badly injured. This news shook their adjacent provinces.

At the same time, it was told that the beast race entered the Great Thousand World.

Although the beast race was further away from the Center God Province, it could still threaten the Great Thousand World.

A war that could wreak havoc over the Great Thousand World was coming.

Heroes were created by situations. The war was just beginning, and many human geniuses appeared.

Emperor Jundao was one of them. He charged into the frontline and fought ferociously against the demons.

The Divine Cliff was situated deep within the Center God Province, so it did not participate in the war.

Yang Yutian dared not to covet the position of Heavenly Saint.

Three years later.

A powerful cultivator from the external world came. His name was Duyishen. He came upon both the humans and the demons, killing soldiers from both sides massively.

That battle forced Azure Demon Emperor and Giant God Huang Hao to reinforce, but Duyishen made an easy escape.

Seven years later, ancient clans from the Center God Province reappeared and fought back against the demons and the other provinces near the borders.

Within this decade, Zhou Xuanji stayed in the old immortal’s temple to still his mind.

He was already 260 years old and had 572 legendary swords. He did not obtain any Armageddon or powerful divine abilities in this decade.

His cultivation did not grow an inch, but he was not discouraged.

He returned to the Divine Cliff to relocate the Emperor Sword Court into his 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus during this time. Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Fenyu Dragon King, Lin Changge, and the others were still helping out at the Divine Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji created a portal inside the lotus that connected to his residence in the Divine Cliff.

If they were to encounter danger, they could escape into the lotus through the portal.

If any enemies invaded the lotus, he could use it to shred the invades.

At this moment.

Zhou Xuanji was lying on the grass and looking into the sky.

It felt rather good to not cultivate. Moreover, his slothfulness was justified by stilling his mind.

Nothing that happened in the world was related to him.

A decade later, he sensed the changes in his mind.

He no longer worried about the changes in the world. He no longer cared about what would happen to the Divine Cliff. He no longer worried that his enemy might be coming after him.

“You are really having it easy.”

A burst of cold laughter came. It was filled with murderous intent.

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly and asked calmly, “Demonic Emperor?”

With the old immortal in the temple, he had no fear for the Demonic Emperor.

A ball of black Qi appeared before him and condensed into human form.

He was wearing an elegant black robe. His breastplate looked like a lion’s head. Half of his cool face was covered with fiery scales. Two dragon horns pierced out from amidst his hair, pointing skyward.

Demonic Emperor!

An evil aura came from him, more evil than anyone else Zhou Xuanji had ever encountered.

Once he landed, the plants around him withered visibly—even the tree behind Zhou Xuanji aged quickly.

The most horrifying thing was even Zhou Xuanji could sense his life force being sucked away. He immediately channeled his celestial energy to resist this evil force.

“Zhou Xuanji, it seems like you have no sense of danger. Since you know my identity, then join me. I will help you grow quickly. When I become a Saint, you will become second to only me. How about that?” the Demonic Emperor asked coldly. His deep green eyes were sparkling with a strange light.

He was shocked in his heart. Zhou Xuanji could stay calm before him.

If it was any other Northern Wilderness human, they could not even stand straight. They would not be able to withstand the pressure against their souls.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “Nope, please leave.”

The Demonic Emperor’s face turned stern, and he attempted to grasp Zhou Xuanji.

Demon God Tianwu appeared suddenly and punched at him.

The Demonic Emperor’s palm slammed into the demon fist. With a loud bang, the Demonic Emperor was sent flying away.

Although he had the body of a demon god, he could yet to control it freely. Also, he did not use his full strength and was not prepared to receive Demon God Tianwu’s full force.

Seeing the Demonic Emperor flying away, Zhou Xuanji smiled. He waved his hand, and the plants around him restored quickly.

At this moment, the Demonic Emperor appeared above his head and tried to grab him again.

Demon God Tianwu fought with instinct. Once the Demonic Emperor appeared, it turned around and kicked. The Demonic Emperor was struck by the kick and was sent flying into the trees and then into the sky again.

Zhou Xuanji sat down casually as he gazed at the Demonic Emperor.

The Demonic Emperor steadied himself in midair. With a deep frown, he mumbled, “The body of a demon god… Tianwu!”

His heart was in great shock.

How did Zhou Xuanji obtain Demon God Tianwu?

With his cultivation, how did he turn the body of this demon god into his duplicate?

It doesn’t make sense!

He flipped his right hand, and a black saber wrapped in blood Qi appeared. He was on the move again.

“Sir, I suggest you leave this place. Or else, you will die,” the old immortal’s voice came from the temple. The Demonic Emperor heard these words and was aghast.

He turned around and looked at the temple, showing fear in his eyes.

“May I know who you are?” he asked with a deep voice.

The old immortal replied, “Is that important?”

The Demonic Emperor’s expression changed quickly before he finally disappeared in a ball of black Qi.

“You can protect him for now, but you can’t protect him forever. The day you leave him alone will be the day he dies!” the Demonic Emperor’s cold and shady voice reverberated under the clouds unceasingly.

Zhou Xuanji did not care. He had gotten too many threats like this.

When he left, he would be a totally different person.