I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 54

Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Chapter 54 – To Mete Out Justice In Heaven’s Stead! The Dominating Ten Sword Mode!

*The Unparalleled Sword God Zhou?*

Ye E’guan’s face changed drastically. He heard about Sword God Zhou.

He had heard of him slaying a Rank Four demon, the body of Gulan Demon Monarch’s son. About him taking the Northern Sword Valiant as his sword slave. Within these two years, Sword God Zhou was more famous than he was.

The six cultivators heard it and became even more hopeful.

“We are saved! He’s Sword God Zhou!”

“Across the vast sky, the dragon eagles’ roar resounds, the Sword God destroys brigands, and the Sword Valiant follows!… Raise up your heads and see, there are really two dragon eagles!”

“No wonder he could withstand Ye E’guan.”

“Just like the legends said. He really looks like a child.”

“You see the sword in his hand, it’s really a legendary sword!”

The cultivators were in a heated discussion, the severely injured among them even knelt down powerlessly.

Ye E’guan was fearful of Sword God Zhou’s title. Due to the Qi-obscuring Incantation, he could not see through Zhou Xuanji’s actual cultivation.

He muttered, “Sword God Zhou, we have no grudges, why have you snatched away my treasured blade. Do you intend to offend the Demonic Inferno Sect?”

“Return my blade, and I will pretend none of this happened!”

He’s scared?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and somehow felt disappointed.

It seems that I’m too powerful.

“Master, kill him. He massacred entire cities before. He will surely take his revenge. If you return his blade, he will surely attack you!”

The Sword Valiant cried out loudly, with his hand covering his chest.

Ye E’guan shot him a glance. His eyes were filled with the intent to kill.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly came to the realization and muttered to himself.

No matter what, he will not hand over the blood-colored blade.

This man was overflowing with evil. To kill him was to remove a big vermin for the commoners.

After the thought, Zhou Xuanji walked toward Ye E’guan with his sword in hand.

“I hate those who bully the weak, those evildoers who kill the innocent. It was your bad luck to meet me, it was the will of Heaven. Today, I will fulfill Heaven’s will and kill you!”

Zhou Xuanji said with righteousness. His voice sounded tender, but when he said those words, he was illuminated by a halo.

Ye E’guan’s face turned black and cursed at him, “Shameless kid! Steal my blade! And you still dare to talk about justice! I will break each and every bone on your body!”


He stomped on the ground and streams of bloodied shadows charged toward ZHou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Ten-Thousand Sword Dragon Incantation’s Two Swords Mode.

Two streams of dragon-shaped sword Qi surrounded his body. He twisted his waist and slashed toward the demonic cultivator whilst spinning.

Ye E’guan flipped his right hand, and a giant iron machete appeared. The demonic cultivator then slashed at Zhou Xuanji furiously and forcefully.

Zhou Xuanji, as a physique cultivator, was of course, strong physically. As the Thunderclap Sword clashed with the iron machete, lightning clawed along the blades towards the demonic cultivator. The latter quickly let go of his hands in shock.


Zhou Xuanji swung his left hand and cut the demonic cultivator’s clothes at his chest, and blood spilled.

Ye E’guan’s pupils suddenly contracted and he was in disbelief.

He instantly stepped back and asked, “What sword is that?”

With such a high level of cultivation, he immediately realized that there was an invisible sword in the child cultivator’s hand.

The sword Qi that he could not sense just now, was an icy blade.

Zhou Xuanji laughed in disdain and said, “Formless Sword, Deadly Sword!”

He reached Ye E’guan with an Eight-Step Sword Lunge, his two swords were like the wind, together with his own bodily strength, he hacked and slashed at the demonic cultivator, who had to dodge backward continuously.

This scene made those who were watching thrilled and excited.

The Sword Valiant clenched his fist and muttered excitedly, “My mater indeed… Two Swords Mode is so powerful!”

He knew that Zhou Xuanji still had the Ten Sword Mode.

This battle is a sure win!

Huang Lianxin’s eyes were full of splendor as she watched. No matter who her master faced, her master would never be at a disadvantage.

Liang Jiang Xue, on the other hand, looked proud of her little brother.

The other six cultivators’ jaw dropped with their eyes wide open as they observed the fight.

They guessed that Sword God Zhou could defeat Ye E’guan, but they did not expect the latter to be at such a disadvantage.

Ye E’guan’s claws were like metal; they were even hard enough to block Zhou Xuanji’s swords.

He stepped backward as he extended his left hand swiftly to the back of his waist.

A blood calabash appeared in his hand, and he opened it with his thumb.

He swung the blood calabash toward Zhou Xuanji, from which countless blood sand particles flew out toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji grasped the Thunderclap Sword tightly and injected his spirit energy into it. All of a sudden, lightning strikes that intersected into a web appeared in front of him and stopped the incoming sand.

However, a dozen blood sand particles still landed on his body. These participles were extremely corrosive, such that they burnt through clothes and burst skins. His face became bloody immediately.

The burning pain reminded him that his face might be permanently damaged.

“Damn! I’m going to fight you with my all!”

He raged violently. As a man, the most important thing was not one’s appearance, but one’s attitude.

But since he had the looks, how could he give them up!

The Crimson Dragon Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Bloodbath Sword, Tiger Roar Sword, Windcutter Sword, Golden Rock Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Residual Image Sword appeared behind him out of nowhere. They were all pointed toward Ye E’guan.

Ten-Thousand Sword Dragon Incantation, Ten Swords Mode!

Ten streams of dragon-like sword Qi surrounded Zhou Xuanji’s body, and his dark hair danced in the flow of Qi. With his face full of blood, he looked as though he walked out from hell.

Seeing that his little brother was hurt, Little Jiang Xue clasped her hands together anxiously. Her eyes dared not to leave him.

Ye E’guan looked in shock and asked, with his voice trembling, “What is this…”

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

The eight legendary swords moved in different trajectories and shot towards Ye E’guan suddenly.

Zhou Xuanji swung the two swords on his hand, executing the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword, and engulfed the demonic cultivator with his forceful and dominating sword Qi.

Ye E’guan attempted to block instinctively, but how could he deflect so many swords.

Moreover, he had no appropriate enchanted artifact in his hand.

In an instant, blood spurt from his body. Eight legendary swords pierced and penetrated his body, and made him look like a porcupine.

Blood spilled from the blade of the eight legendary swords. His vital channels were severed by sword Qi, such that his legs lost strength, and he knelt before Zhou Xuanji.

He was in so much fear that his internal organs were going to burst. He immediately cried, “I admit defeat! I admit defeat! The Bloodthirsty Blade is yours, don’t kill me please…”

“We have no grudge… why is there a need to end my life…”

With the eight legendary swords having penetrated his body, Ye E’guan was in extreme pain when he spoke, and he could not stand up at all.

Those who observed the fight cheered at the sight of this.

Sword God Zhou instant defeat Ye E’guan in a fury!

They had never heard of the sword technique before now.

Zhou Xuanji took a step forward, raised his jaw, and looked down at him, said, “Do you know how to do radio music exercise?”

Radio music exercise?

What in the world is that?

Ye E’guan was stunned, but immediately shouted, “I know! I will do it! ”


With one slash, Zhou Xuanji decapitated him. Blood spurt out and colored the ground beneath.

The demonic cultivator’s head fell and only stopped rolling a dozen yards away.

Zhou Xuanji said with a cold face, “In this world, I will not allow the existence of another person who knows how to do radio music exercise.”

How can you, an evil cultist, know how to do the radio music exercise of our Chinese civilization?

As usual, Zhou Xuanji stabbed him a dozen times more, just in case he was pretending to be dead.

After that, he began searching for Ye E’guan’s storage ring and storage bag.

He waved his right hand, and all the legendary swords flew up and levitated in front of him. He took out a bottle of water and a piece of dry cloth and began washing his swords.

Little Jiang Xue and the rest ran over. They were concerned with his wounds.

The black snake muttered as he was dragged by the Three-Eyed Rodent, “Oh no… no… Wait until I’m recovered to my peak, this kid will become even stronger… Will I never be free…?”