I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 539 - Chapter 539 – Mental State

Chapter 539 - Chapter 539 – Mental State


“You saved me because you think I can surpass the Heavenly Law and bring you guys back to the Kunlun Origin Court?” Zhou Xuanji asked with his eyes slightly narrowed. He was filled with interest towards Kunlun Origin Court.

The Sword Spirit had mentioned that the Supreme Legendary Sword System came from the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning.

Where was the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning?

The old immortal smiled but did not reply.

He slowly got up and stretched as he looked towards the horizon and said, “I suddenly feel old.”

He shook his head and laughed, and he walked into the Daoist temple by the side.

“When your injuries have healed, you will be able to come down. Don’t be worried and don’t be in a hurry.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt at peace.

After a while, the old immortal’s voice sounded out from within the Daoist temple.

“Peaceful in spring and fiery in summer; the high heavens and barren earth. The heart yearns for the end of the road, but all things have rules and wanting something in haste will result in one not arriving. If the path belongs to you, no one can steal it. If the path does not belong to you, using strength to achieve your Dao will be pointless too.”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. Was the old immortal telling him not to be in a rush?

He was only 200 years old and had reached Universe Heaven Level 10. This sort of cultivation speed was something that others could only look up at. And yet, he continued to seek greater power and continuously took risk.

“What will happen if I slow down my pace?” Zhou Xuanji thought. Before, he had always thought that he was in such a rush to protect the people by his side.

Now that he thought about it, his enemies had rarely used the people by his side to threaten him.

If he did not step out, would everything he protected disappear?

A cool wind blew, gently stroking his face.

His black hair fluttered in the wind, and listening to the wind, he sank into an unprecedented sense of peace.

The old immortal was still speaking. His voice was not as grand as Sage Daojing’s, but it had a magical property to it, making his heart calm down.

Sunlight cascaded downwards, and the flowers and grass covering the mountain were bathed in a faint light.

It was vitality, as well as hope.

Between the flowers and grass, there was a group of ants traveling forwards.

The ant at the front held the biggest leaf. It moved the fastest and became more and more separated from the rest.

A strange bug suddenly darted out and gulped it down before disappearing among the flowers and grasses.

The rest of the ants continued to advance. The strange bug once again shot out, hunting down the ants. However, it was quickly surrounded by the ants and bitten to death by the dozens of ants.

Three days later, Zhou Xuanji’s injuries recovered and the silk released him. He fell to the ground, and he hurriedly took out a set of white clothes.

He moved his body and walked over to the Daoist temple. He bowed and cupped his fists as he asked, “Senior, do you have any instructions for this junior?”

He had a feeling that things were not as simple as the old immortal just saving him.

As for the old beggar’s safety, he was not worried.

He chose to believe in his Senior Apprentice Brothers.

During these three days, as he felt the sensation of the breeze and enjoyed nature, he had done much thinking.

The world was very big, and not everything needed him.

“How about you help me plant some flowers and grasses?” the old immortal’s voice sounded out. Zhou Xuanji nodded and turned and left.

Just like that, he stayed at the Daoist temple. He appreciated the flowers and grasses by day, and he sat on the tree by night, looking at the stars.

Time quickly passed, and soon it had been half a year.

Zhou Xuanji was near the Daoist temple, isolated from the rest of the world, not knowing what was happening.

He wanted to go back to the Divine Cliff to have a look, so he asked the old immortal.

The old immortal did not try to stop him, and he only told him to come back as soon as possible.

Zhou Xuanji quickly flew off, heading towards the Divine Cliff at full speed.

On the way, he did not stop, nor did he seek out information. It was as if the Demon Race had nothing to do with him, nor did anything else.

After returning to the Divine Cliff, he found that all was well.

The Divine Cliff’s disciples were on high alert, and Zhou Xiaoxuan was still cultivating in the forest.

He returned to the residence and went to find Jiang Xue.

She sat in the courtyard as she internalized qi, and the sunlight on her body made her look like she had a layer of light covering her.

Zhou Xuanji stealthily approached her and suddenly yelled, “Boo!”

Jiang Xue was not startled and instead pinched his cheek.

“Hmph, I can always sense you as soon as you appear,” she harrumphed.

She opened her eyes and looked at him as she asked, “How’s the situation?”

Zhou Xuanji did not hide anything and told her everything in detail.

After listening to everything, Jiang Xue breathed out and said, “That old immortal is right; you are indeed in too much of a hurry. However, it’s only because you’re in such a hurry that we mother and daughter can be here today.”

A loving look appeared on her face. In her eyes, Zhou Xuanji was omnipotent and the most powerful and best man in the universe.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and asked, “Do you want to stay here or come with me?”

Jiang Xue fell silent for a few moments before replying, “It’s fine. Since that old immortal wanted you to stay there, he definitely wants to nurture you, so I won’t disturb you. Moreover, only by staying here will the Divine Cliff be at ease. If both of us left, the others would also leave; when that time comes, what will the Divine Cliff do?”

The Divine Cliff had saved Zhou Xuanji’s life before. Without Zhou Xuanji, the Divine Cliff would still be an overlord-level faction in the Center God Province. As such, she had to stay.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. It would be quite dangerous for Jiang Xue to follow him; who knew when the Demonic Emperor would come back.

After the two of them spent some time together for one day, he stealthily left.

He did not disturb anyone else; he came quickly and left quickly.

After returning to the Daoist temple, Zhou Xuanji did not disturb the old immortal and sat beneath the tree, silently looking at the flowers and grasses.

After staying here for half a year, he suddenly took a liking to spacing out.

Looking at these beautiful sights as he thought about the past and about the future, he felt quite carefree and relaxed.

The old immortal suddenly walked out from the Daoist temple. He sat down next to Zhou Xuanji, and he also looked at the mountains he was gazing at.

“What are your emotions like right now?” the old immortal softly asked, his tone gentle.

Zhou Xuanji did not look at him, and he continued to look into the distance as he replied, “I’m very calm, and feel as if I’m very small and the world is very big. There’s no danger or worry; I’m as still and peaceful as the water in a lake.”

The old immortal smiled and said, “Before, you asked me what Kunlun Origin Court is like; in actuality, it’s your current mental state.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and asked out of curiosity, “What do you mean?”

The old immortal shook his head and smiled as he said, “Only those with an absolutely peaceful heart can enter Kunlun Origin Court. Many people enter the Void to search for a vaster world, including the Heavenly Saints, but they all failed. It’s not because their cultivation is high enough but because their hearts are not still enough, and they cannot receive the summons of Kunlun Origin Court.

“I’m having you calm your heart earlier on to prepare you for Kunlun Origin Court. Once you go to Kunlun Origin Court, you will be transformed and might be above the sky.”

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “Since it’s like that, you guys should be very powerful. Why are you trapped here?”

The old immortal replied, “All suffering in the world can be traced back to ‘conflict’. Kunlun Origin Court also had conflict, and our side lost, resulting in us being in this situation.”

When bringing this up, he did not look angry or unresigned.

He was very calm.

Perhaps this was the calmness and stillness he talked about.

Zhou Xuanji fell into his thoughts.

The old immortal said in a deep tone, “However, it is not impossible for you to become an Overlord Saint. I will help you get there.”