I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 537 - Chapter 537 – Yang Sha

Chapter 537 - Chapter 537 – Yang Sha



The demon army turned into a black flood that suppressed the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, causing Zhou Xuanji to retreat from the Demon God Palace.

“Dammit… I can’t break free…” Zhou Xuanji thought as he gritted his teeth, a serious expression on his face.

He could barely stabilize the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

If the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was destroyed, the all-encompassing wave of demons would not give him any space to run.

At that moment, a ray of light broke through the sky and quickly descended on the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s body.

In that moment, Zhou Xuanji felt a massive wave of energy enter his body.

This feeling was quite familiar.

He thought back to the Divine Moon Status at the Abyss Pearl Mainland!

The powerful and domineering power caused him to roar out.


The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha shattered, and Zhou Xuanji, giving off golden light, was revealed. He gripped his swords in his hands, and the rest of his swords appeared around him, quickly circling around him.

Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep!

Zhou Xuanji let go of the Wind God Sword and held the Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer with his left hand. Facing the unending demon army, he did not retreat, and he instead advanced, unrestrainedly attacking forwards.

His swords were incredibly fast, and sword qi blasted out; not a single demon could withstand his sword qi.

He rushed at the Demon God Palace, with brilliant sword light paving his way, causing him to become the most eye-catching existence in the world.

“Eh?” Azure Demon Emperor said in surprise before looking at the Demon God Palace. He immediately guessed that it was the old beggar’s work.

Even though that fellow was imprisoned, he was still able to support his disciple; he was indeed incredible.

Azure Demon Emperor smirked and waved his right hand, and the incredibly massive azure flame sun pressed down towards Zhou Xuanji.


The Azure flame sun exploded out with a terrifying suction force like a black hole, causing Zhou Xuanji to quickly stop. He could slow down but not turn.

“Just what is this thing?” Zhou Xuanji was inwardly startled. The azure flame sun not only could create demons, but it could also suck in living creatures.

If he was sucked in, would he become a demon?

He immediately used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, wanting to escape, but he could not.

Soon, he landed into the azure flame sun and disappeared.

Azure Demon Emperor did not smile and instead shouted, “Yang Sha, since you’ve already come but did not reveal yourself, looks like your relationship with this Junior Apprentice Brother of yours isn’t very good.”


The black clouds opened up as a blinding light descended.

A god-like and domineering figure with a vast aura descended.

His expression was calm, seeming to be able to see through everything. He wore golden armor and seemed incredibly dignified and mighty, and he looked at Azure Demon Emperor as he said, “Azure Demon Emperor, you dared to capture my revered teacher. Do you know what the price is?”

Azure Demon Emperor condescendingly laughed and said, “The price is you will keep your revered teacher company!”

Azure flames appeared around his body, and he shot out like a sharp arrow.

Within the azure flame sun, Zhou Xuanji hovered in the air with his swords spiraling around him. All that he could see were azure flames, and the lighting was quite dim.

Zhou Xuanji swung his swords in all directions, wanting to break out, but he found that he could not.

He did not panic and instead started to absorb these azure flames in order to strengthen his Battle Path Flame Soul.

Soon, demons rushed at him from all directions, looking incredibly savage and terrifying. Even the weakest of them had Void Extreme Immortal cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji had the Battle Path Flame Soul absorb the azure flames by the side, while he used the Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer to kill the demons.

Since he could not escape, he would become stronger in here.

He began to madly kill demons.





He found that something was off. The demons in here were endless, but the Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer’s sword qi was incredibly powerful.

He finally understood why this place was so terrifying.

It was because it was impossible to finish killing the demons.

If it was any other creature, they would have long since been exhausted to death.

However, he had World Internalization and the Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer; the more he fought, the stronger he became.

As his cultivation became stronger, so did the Battle Path Flame Soul.

To him, this place was an excellent place for cultivation.

“Don’t be happy too early, the longer this goes on, the stronger the demons will become. In the end, there will be demons even stronger than Azure Demon Emperor,” Sovereign Xuan said in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. He seemed to know much about the Azure Demon Emperor, causing Emperor Zhao to ask about him.

Azure Demon Emperor had lived for countless years and was an ancient-level existence.

In the Demon Realm, Azure Demon Emperor’s strength was in the top ten.

The Demonic Ancestor was undisputedly first.

“Is there any way to break out?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He could also feel that the demons were getting stronger.

The rate at which the demons were becoming stronger was faster than the rate at which his cultivation was becoming stronger.

“You can either continue to fight until someone breaks it from the outside or use overwhelming power to break it from the inside,” Sovereign Xuan replied, causing Zhou Xuanji to frown.

It seemed that he really did have to use Demon God Tianwu.


A shocking and terrifying explosion sounded out, and Zhou Xuanji was deafened by it. He looked out and saw that the darkness had been shattered, and wild gales flooded in from outside.

He was delighted and immediately rushed out.

At the same time, Yang Sha and Azure Demon Emperor were fighting on the surface of the azure flame sun. Yang Sha held a cherry-red spear and a halberd, resisting Azure Demon Emperor’s attacks while also attacking the azure flame sun.

Seeing that a large hole had appeared in the azure flame sun, Azure Demon Emperor was enraged.

His hands turned into claws as he madly clawed at Yang Sha.

Yang Sha gave off the airs of an undefeatable wargod; no matter how Azure Demon Emperor attacked, his spear and halberd reigned supreme!

Zhou Xuanji leapt up from behind him, and he saw Yang Sha fighting with Azure Demon Emperor.

“Eh, Yang Sha is your Senior Apprentice Brother?” Sovereign Xuan said in shock. Before Zhou Xuanji could ask, Emperor Zhao began to ask who Yang Sha was.

Sovereign Xuan did not hide anything and began to introduce Yang Sha.

Of the first humans, there was the first wargod of the human race. He had saved the human race from danger many times.

Long ago, when the human race had just been born, they were the food for various races, and Yang Sha was one of its heroes.

After the human race had become stronger, Yang Sha and the other primogenitors went into seclusion.

Who would have thought that this kind of expert was actually the old beggar’s disciple.

After hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt very shocked.

Just what was the old beggar’s background?

Zhou Xuanji did not think any more and rushed towards the Demon God Palace.

After the azure flame sun was broken open, that suction force disappeared.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji rush towards the Demon God Palace, the dozens of experts all attacked.

Zhou Xuanji leapt up and directly unleashed World Suppressing.

He pointed the Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer downwards and filled it with immortal energy as he descended.

He looked like a meteor smashing towards the Demon God Palace.

Terrifying demonic qi formed a massive black barrier, covering the Demon God Palace.


The enormous black barrier was shattered, and Zhou Xuanji continued downwards, directly killing 20 or so demons. The others all ran and evaded in fear.

Zhou Xuanji then smashed through the Demon God Palace, searching for the old beggar’s aura.

He was unobstructed and soon found the old beggar, landing like a cannonball in front of the cage.

The old beggar shouted in delight, “Good lad, you fought your way in so quickly!”

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and used his sword to hack at the cage. However, no matter how hard he slashed at it, he could not break it open.

“This cage can only be smashed open by someone with Connecting Heaven Rank Five cultivation,” the old beggar said as he sighed. Right as he spoke, Zhou Xuanji let out Demon God Tianwu.

Demon God Tianwu shrank down to two meters tall and walked over to the cage. He directly ripped the cage apart, causing the old beggar to stare in disbelief.