I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 536 - Chapter 536 – Azure Demon Emperor

Chapter 536 - Chapter 536 – Azure Demon Emperor


Facing the Demon Race’s threats, the old beggar could only give in.

He sat down on the ground and began to divine the locations of the Demonic Emperor and Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

The azure-robed man patiently waited, an examining gaze in his eyes.

He was not sure if this old fellow was really giving in.

Only after a long time did the old beggar suddenly speak, “The Demonic Emperor is in the Void and is very far away from the Wanshen Great Thousand. However, he is moving quickly, and the distance between him and the Wanshen Great Thousand is closing.

“As for the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, I’ll divine it now.”

The azure-robed man’s eyes narrowed. The Demonic Emperor was returning to the Wanshen Great Thousand.

It was a good time for him to return!

After a while, the old beggar opened his eyes and cursed, “Goddamit! The Heavenly Law Violet Qi is in Divine Lord Ji’s hands? Despicable, how can such trash have such good luck?”

Divine Lord Ji!

The azure-robed man asked in a low voice, “is this true?”

The old beggar ignored him and unleashed a tirade of curses upon Divine Lord Ji.

Seeing this, the azure-robed man left.

The old beggar did not stop, and only quietened down after a long time.

He put his right hand under his head as he lay down, and he closed his eyes as he thought to himself, “My good boy, you actually obtained the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. It’s a pity you’re too young. It’s almost impossible for you to become a Saint.”

Late at night, when the heavens and earth were dark, Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing landed on a tree, looking at the Demon God Palace in the distance.

“When do we act?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He could feel many powerful auras.

The Demon Race was indeed an existence that ruled over countless worlds.

Mo Jiuqing said, “Don’t be in such a rush. We’ll act after the other Senior Apprentice Brothers arrive.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him, and he felt quite strange inwardly.

Since they were waiting, why were they waiting here? Wasn’t he afraid of being exposed?

Even though the Demon Race had so many experts, why had they not sensed their existence?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly laughed and asked, “You’re also from the Demon Race, right?”

Mo Jiuqing calmly looked into the distance and said, “That’s right. That’s why so many people cannot tolerate me.”

Zhou Xuanji took out the Nine Moon Execution Sword and pointed it at him as he said, “I nearly fell for your trap.”

Mo Jiuqing turned and frowned as he asked, “What do you mean?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Saving the old man from the Demon God Palace doesn’t require all of the Apprentice Brothers to act; it’s enough just for the strongest to act. With your cultivations, we’d just be holding them back. You’re not stupid, so there can only be one possibility, which is for us to suffer a total defeat.”

Hearing this, Mo Jiuqing laughed, and traces of demonic qi wrapped around his body.

He coldly smiled as he asked, “Since you already guessed that, why did you come?”

Zhou Xuanji activated the Divine Moon Energy, and faint white light appeared around his body. Nine divine moons appeared behind his back, and he smirked as he said, “I just want to save that old man.”

While also becoming stronger!

He unleashed the Battle Path Flame Soul and rushed at Mo Jiuqing.

Mo Jiuqing waived his right hand, and demonic qi exploded out, turning into a massive hand that grabbed Zhou Xuanji.

Sword qi exploded out, directly ripping the massive hand apart.


An explosion rang out under the heavens, causing countless demons to look over.

Zhou Xuanji and Mo Jiuqing furious battled together. He did not seem to be worried about attracting the attention of other demons, and he unleashed massive attacks without any fear.

One billion sword shadows appeared in the air, surrounding Mo Jiuqing from all directions.

Mo Jiuqing fought with Zhou Xuanji as he paid attention to the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows.

“This boy’s strength surpasses that of Universe Heaven Level 10!” Mo Jiuqing frowned and rushed forwards, and the one billion sword shadows flew at him.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The ground was annihilated by the sword shadows, and mountains were shattered. Dust billowed into the air, and countless trees were inundated.

Zhou Xuanji absorbed Mo Jiuqing’s magic energy and converted it to immortal energy, providing him with an unending supply.

“Looks like this fellow doesn’t just have the strength of a Universe Heaven Level 10 cultivator,” Zhou Xuanji thought to himself as he raised his eyebrows. Only a small portion of the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows had hit Mo Jiuqing, but they had still absorbed much magic energy.

At that moment, countless demons rushed over from all directions, covering the heavens and earth. Their roars rose and fell in succession, filling the world.

Zhou Xuanji directly unleashed Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, condensing a 60,000 meter tall thousand-hand Buddha. The thousand swords wildly slashed out towards the Demon God Palace, and even the Demon God Palace swayed from the explosions.

Within the cage, the old beggar opened his eyes and said in shock, “This aura… why is that boy here? What nonsense!”

Next to him, Xu Qing was also awoken, and he madly roared. He smashed the ground with both fists, causing the ground to tremble.

The old beggar was in turmoil. He wanted to rush out of the cage but was unable to do so.

This cage had special restrictions, and even though he was powerful, he was unable to break out of it.

The old beggar grit his teeth and suddenly pressed his palms together, and he began to chant a strange incantation.

The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha had unstoppable momentum, and it came closer and closer to the Demon God Palace.

Despite attacking wildly with its thousand arms, there were still countless demons on its body, almost covering the golden light from its body.

Within the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, Zhou Xuanji deeply frowned.

He unleashed Sword Qi Soar, beating back wave after wave of demons, but he felt that they were simply innumerable.

“What’s with these demons? Why can’t I kill them?” he muttered. He was on his guard and prepared to release Demon God Tianwu at any moment.

The Demon God Palace’s powerful existences still had not moved out, and in order to save the old beggar, he could not afford to continue to hide Demon God Tianwu.

“Hmph! You’re Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji?” a cold harrumph sounded out, sounding like thunder.

The azure-robed man appeared with dozens of the Demon Race’s experts. Even the weakest one had Universe Heaven realm cultivation.

The azure-robed man’s cultivation was the most profound. Zhou Xuanji swept out with his divine sense, and he could guess that he had Connecting Heaven realm cultivation.

Even Malicious Buddha could not compare to him.

The azure-robed man lifted both arms, and rolling azure flames rose up from behind him, forming a sun that burned with azure flames. It was 30,000 meters wide and broke through the clouds, hanging above the Demon God Palace.

In front of the azure sun, everything looked incredibly small.

Even Zhou Xuanji felt quite startled.

He could sense that the azure sun contained terrifying energy, and if it exploded out, he would not even have the chance to run away.

“What is this guy doing?” Zhou Xuanji frowned as he thought to himself. He was using a big attack from the beginning?

Could he not be so shameless?

The azure-robed man’s voice once again sounded out, “Remember, the one who killed you was the Demon Race’s Azure Demon Emperor!”

After he said this, countless demons flew out from within the azure sun, giving off massive noises, as they sprang at Zhou Xuanji.

So it was like that! These demons were all created by the Azure Demon Emperor!

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes flashed and he flipped his right hand as the Wind God Sword appeared within it.

His aura once again rose, and the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha continued to madly swing as it destroyed the demon army.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The demons continuously collided into the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and were destroyed, but they had massive numbers and soon forced the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha into retreat.

“Those two swords are quite good,” Azure Demon Emperor floated in the air and said as he thought to himself.

The dozens of demons by his side began to chat.

“Should we act?”

“Don’t be in such a rush, the true enemies haven’t arrived yet.”

“This boy is not simple; he can actually resist His Majesty’s attacks.”

“That’s because His Majesty isn’t being serious, alright?”