I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 535 - Chapter 535 – Born A Few Hundred Thousand Years Earlier

Chapter 535 - Chapter 535 – Born A Few Hundred Thousand Years Earlier


Zhou Xuanji felt that what Jiang Xue said was reasonable.

He had many enemies, and if someone from the Great Emperor Dao Court or the Demonic Emperor became the new Saint, wouldn’t they be dead beyond about?

Since he had the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, he could at least make sure that his enemies did not become a Saint.

Jiang Xue held his hand and comforted him, saying, “For us to be able to make it here today, how many great storms have we gone through? Don’t be too worried—fight for what you need to fight for, and if you really do face death, we’ll die together.”

Even if Zhou Xuanji gave out the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, that would not make it so that he did not have enemies.

Rather than worrying, it was better to grasp this opportunity.

Zhou Xuanji stroked her hair and smiled as he said, “Now that you’ve said that, I definitely won’t die. I’ll definitely become a Heavenly Saint and protect you.”

After saying this, he pulled her into his embrace.

It was only the two of them in the room, and they started to enjoy their time together.

The two of them did not tell anyone else about the Heavenly Law Violet Qi; even Zhou Xiaoxuan and the nine souls did not know.

Six hours later, Zhou Xuanji left the room and headed to the forest to continue to teach Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Less than half a month later, the borders of the Center God Province started to explode with battles.

News of the Demon Race invading madly spread through the Center God Province.

Giant God Huang Hao led millions of Immortal Soldiers to support the borders. However, it was said that a demon single handedly stopped Giant God Huang Hao, and millions of Immortal Soldiers all died.

The Center God Province started to panic.

Zhou Xuanji very much wanted to go to the frontlines to resist the Demon Race; he could use the World Buddha Art to quickly become stronger.

However, before he left, he had to make sure that the Emperor Sword Court had finished preparing and put them into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

It was a pity that the heavens did not act according to the will of man.

Mo Jiuqing suddenly came to find them.

The two of them met in the forest, and Zhou Xiaoxuan stood by the side.

“Revered teacher went to find Xu Qing, but he was heavily injured by Xu Qing. Right now, he and Xu Qing have both been captured by the Demonic Ancestor and are imprisoned in the Demon God Palace. That is the Demon Race’s center of authority in the Great Thousand World,” Mo Jiuqing said in a low voice. Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji frowned.

No wonder there had been no news about the old beggar.

He asked, “You want to bring me to go and save him?”

Even though he was completely different to before, he was still far from being enough to challenge the Demonic Ancestor. Mo Jiuqing’s strength was not in the Connecting Heaven realm either, so how could they fight with the Demonic Ancestor?

“All of us Apprentice Brothers have arranged to head to the Demon God Palace together. I came to let you know. Of course, you can choose not to go either,” Mo Jiuqing said as he looked into Zhou Xuanji’s eyes. Even though the old beggar did not acknowledge him, the old beggar’s position in his heart was quite high.

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s eyes lit up as she said, “Demon Race? Father, didn’t you say Aunty Xian is with the Demon Race? Bring me with you, I also want to fight!”

Zhou Xuanji glared at her before saying to Mo Jiuqing, “Give me the time of one incense stick, I’m going to make some arrangements.”

Following this, he dragged Zhou Xiaoxuan away.

He told this to Jiang Xue, and she did not try to stop him. How could he not go and save his teacher after everything his teacher had given him?

Apart from this, he also notified Yang Yutian.

Hearing that Zhou Xuanji was going to resist the Demon Race, Yang Yutian was quite nervous. However, no matter what he said, Zhou Xuanji’s mind was already made up.

Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan remaining at the Divine Cliff meant that Zhou Xuanji had not abandoned the Divine Cliff, so Yang Yutian did not try to stop him.

Just like that, Zhou Xuanji followed Mo Jiuqing towards the Demon God Palace.

Mo Jiuqing condensed black clouds, and the two of them traveled on the clouds, moving incredibly quickly.

“Do you want to contend to become a Saint?” Zhou Xuanji asked, looking quite teasing.

Before, Mo Jiuqing had seemed like an invincible existence to him.

However, it turned out that this fellow only had Universe Heaven Level 10 cultivation.

Putting it like this, Divine Lord Ji was not very strong.

There was still a major realm between them and the top-tier existences in the Wanshen Great Thousand.

Mo Jiuqing shook his head and said, “Contending to become a saint requires one to have lived for at least tens of millions of years, if not longer. I’m still too young.”

He glanced at Zhou Xuanji and said with somewhat deep intent, “You have hope though.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you sure? I’m only 200 years old.”

Could this fellow see something?

Mo Jiuqing gave a smile that did not seem like a smile as he said, “That’s right, you’re only 200 years old and yet you’ve caught up to me.”

He felt a bit dispirited; no wonder the old beggar had taken Zhou Xuanji as a disciple.

The old beggar had a standard for taking disciples, which was that the new disciple’s talent must be greater than the old disciples, or else he would not take any more disciples.

“Out of us Apprentice Brothers, who is the strongest? Can they compare to the Demonic Ancestor?” Zhou Xuanji asked, his tone filled with anticipation.

From how he saw it, the Demonic Ancestor was definitely a Connecting Heaven realm existence, and he was only a step away from becoming a Saint.

Mo Jiuqing said, “I haven’t personally seen all of our Senior Apprentice Brothers’ strength, but one thing is for sure—the Demonic Ancestor is on the same level as our revered teacher. Revered teacher once mentioned a few existences who should not be offended, one of whom was the Demonic Ancestor.”

Zhou Xuanji was quite surprised; he had never thought that the old beggar would be so powerful.

He was of the same level as the Ten Great Demon Gods?

It seemed like he was also one of the first creatures after the world was created.

No wonder he could nurture so many overpowered disciples.

“Back to the main topic, if you were born a few hundred thousand years earlier, perhaps you really might have been able to contend to become a Saint. But now… it’s a pity.”

Mo Jiuqing said as he shook his head, “How many epochs does it take for a position to open up? We might not last until the time the next one opens up.”

The Heavenly Law was dictated by the number nine!

Under the Heavenly Law, the nine Saints rarely died.

The only time when a position opened was when they gave their position up or headed to the Void.

Zhou Xuanji pouted and inwardly thought, ‘The Heavenly Law Violet Qi is in your elder’s hands; let’s see who can become a Saint.’

The Demon God Palace was situated in a wild, mountainous area. There were mountains surrounding it on all sides, and countless demons were scattered everywhere. At a glance, there were all kinds of different demons.

From outside, the Demon God Palace looked like a flood dragon’s head. It was hundreds of metres tall, and filled the space between the mountains.

Within the palace, the old beggar and Xu Qing were held in iron cages adjacent to each other. Xu Qing’s body was covered with blood, and he sat weakly on the ground, breathing raggedly.

The old beggar was lying on the ground, looking quite relaxed.

This palace was very spacious. Apart from stone pillars containing candles, there was nothing else. There were many totems on the walls, all of them looking like legends.

A ball of demonic qi appeared as a man dressed in black armor and an azure robe outside it appeared.

His appearance was quite devilish, and he looked somewhat like a fox. He had two sharp fangs in his mouth, and he wore a violet, dragon horn crown on his head. He savagely smiled as he looked at the old beggar as he said, “You’re still unwilling to lower your head? You’re not afraid of your darling disciple being stolen by us?”

The old beggar scratched his bottom and harrumphed as he said, “Steal him if you want; he’s already crazy.”

The azure-robed man laughed and said, “It’s not just this disciple; your other disciples are also coming.”

The old beggar flipped to his feet and frowned as he asked, “What do you mean?”

The azure-robed man gave an evil smile as he said, “Don’t you remember that you have a disciple from the Demon Race?”

The old beggar’s expression violently changed as he gnashed his teeth, “I see!”

He nearly coughed up blood; another disciple had betrayed him!

The azure-robed man shrugged and laughed as he said, “As long as you help us divine the location of the Demonic Emperor and the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, you and your disciples can continue to live.”

The old beggar’s expression changed, and he fell into internal conflict.