I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 534 - Chapter 534 – Hundred Races Invade

Chapter 534 - Chapter 534 – Hundred Races Invade


Heavenly Law Violet Qi…

Xian Xianghua sank into her thoughts. The white-haired elder had told her much about the Heavenly Saints, and she understood how dangerous this matter was.

Each time people contended for the position of Saint, disaster would always be brought to many Great Thousand Worlds; no one could escape.

“Do we know where the Heavenly Law Violet Qi is?” Xian Xianghua asked out of curiosity. Who did not want to become a Saint?

The white-haired elder shook his head and said, “Even the Demonic Ancestor doesn’t know, much less us. It will definitely be fought over by those undying existences. We just need to help the Demonic Ancestor kill enemies and gather information.”

Hearing this, Xian Xianghua felt that his words were quite reasonable.

The two of them soon flew off in a direction.

After returning from the Beast Realm, Zhou Xuanji flew towards the Center God Province.

He did not fly too quickly and waited for Xuan Daoya to appear.

This time, he planned to kill Xuan Daoya. As for the Great Emperor Dao Court, he would slowly take care of them in the future.

It was a pity that Xuan Daoya did not appear again.

He alternated between traveling and resting, and three months later, he safely returned to the Divine Cliff.

After returning to the Divine Cliff, he brought Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, and the others back to Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji gathered the higher-ups of Emperor Sword Court and told them about the world within the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

Beixiao Wangjian said excitedly, “Great, we’ll be able to follow master from now on!”

Zhao Congjian was also quite pleased; if this was the case, he would have more time to find Zhou Xuanji to learn about the Way of the Sword.

Zhou Xiaoxuan said excitedly, “Let’s move Skyfall in then!”

Han Shenbo, Xiao Jinghong, Huang Lianxin, Fenyu Drake King, and the others all agreed.

In the end, there was a unanimous agreement.

Now, Zhou Xuanji was one of the strongest existences in the Center God Province; they would naturally be safe following him.

Only by following Zhou Xuanji could they quickly become stronger!

Zhou Xuanji knocked on his armrest as he said, “We need to consider every member of Emperor Sword Court. From today onwards, Emperor Sword Court will no longer take in disciples. Every disciple can also bring their relatives, and in one year, I will personally move the mountain.”

The world within the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus was very big, even bigger than the Northern Wilderness. However, he did not want to bring in all of the Northern Wilderness’ creatures.

There was nothing to be gained, and he did not owe the Northern Wilderness.

As such, everyone started preparing.

Zhou Xuanji headed to the ocean to search for the Violet Beast Palace.

He swept out with his right hand and moved the Violet Beast Palace into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

As the Violet Beast Palace disappeared, ocean water madly filled the hole below.


The ocean rolled, and a terrifying aura came out from the hole, and Zhou Xuanji saw a pair of scarlet eyes.

Darknorth Monarch Tao!

The ancient evil creature of the Northern Wilderness!

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand and grabbed at the air.

A ball of black aura flew over to him, and a furious roar sounded out, “It’s you! How can you be this powerful? It has only been so long…”

The Darknorth Monarch Tao was terrified; it had noticed Zhou Xuanji the first time he had come to the Violet Beast Palace.

How long had it been since then?

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, “You can follow my orders or die.”

The Darknorth Monarch Tao had Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation; no wonder it had been suppressed and sealed.

If it charged out, it would slaughter the Northern Wilderness, and no one would be able to stop it.

Back when Liu Wuji had ascended, he only had Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation.

The Darknorth Monarch Tao remained silent, not daring to resist.

Zhou Xuanji was far stronger than it, and it felt that Zhou Xuanji could kill him with a single thought.

Just like that, Zhou Xuanji subdued Darknorth Monarch Tao.

This fellow only had its soul left and would need a long time to condense a fleshly body.

Zhou Xuanji put it in the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus and marked out a forest for it to live in. At the same time, he set a magic formation so it could not leave this forest.

After doing all of this, he returned to the Divine Cliff and continued to teach Zhou Xiaoxuan.

After Sage Daojing had left, they could feel that the atmosphere in the Wanshen Great Thousand had become more serious, and there was an austere aura in the wind.

At the border of the Center God Province, a vast plains suddenly began to tremble. The dirt flipped over and the ground cracked as a massive set of stone doors rose up.

There was a demon’s head on the topic of the stone doors, looking incredibly savage and terrifying, as if it wanted to devour the world.

The stone door gave off powerful light, and following this, countless demons flew out from within the door.

The Demon Race army!

The massive army of demons unrestrainedly advanced.

Xian Xianghua was also within the Demon Race army. She swept her gaze across the heavens and earth. Even though the sky had been dimmed because of the demonic qi, she still felt a sense of familiarity.

Center God Province!

She immediately thought of Zhou Xuanji and wondered how he was. She really wanted to meet him.

Her gaze was cold and she did not leave the army, and she continued to advance with the army.

30,000 meter long demon dragons flew out of the stone doors. They had sharp scales, looking like they had a layer of savage armor. Intense flames burned on their backs, and searing hot breath came out of their mouths.

“Center God Province, we demons are back!” a sinister laugh came from within the stone doors, shaking the heavens and earth.

At the same time, elsewhere, more and more similar stone doors appeared, from which beasts rushed out; the Beast Realm’s army had also descended.

Not just this, other races had also appeared!

The Barbarian Race, Shaman Race, Flame Ghost Race, Earth Nether Race, etc!

The Wanshen Great Thousand was about to fall into chaos!

Within the Cliff Master Hall, Yang Yutian sat on the main seat, and various elders and Core disciples stood in the hall.

Zhou Xuanji was also among them. Hearing Yang Yutian’s words, he tightly frowned.

Various races had invaded the Wanshen Great Thousand, preparing to fight for the Heavenly Law Violet Qi!

“Even though contending to be a Saint is very far away from us, we will not be able to escape from this disaster. We must be on our guard, and from today onwards, no disciple will be allowed to casually go out. At the same time, we will send disciples in rotations to guard the Divine Cliff’s various checkpoints!” Yang Yutian said in a low voice; his forehead was covered with sweat.

Ever since he had become Cliff Master, all sorts of terrible things had happened. This was a disaster that affected the entire Great Thousand World, making him feel much pressure.

Wu Qiu frowned and asked, “Will the Immortal Gods not care about this?”

Yang Yutian sighed and said, “The God Palace’s greatest backer is the Heavenly Saint, but the Heavenly Saint…”

He did not finish his sentence,but everyone understood.

Without the Heavenly Saint, the God Palace would become scattered and fragmented, leaving only the ancient Immortal clans.

The ancient Immortal clans did not have the power to wield the greatest authority in the Great Thousand World.

Yang Yutian made some more arrangements before having everyone leave, leaving behind only him and Zhou Xuanji.

He walked over to Zhou Xuanji and sighed as he said, “Brother Zhou, we will have to rely on you through this disaster. I…”

Zhou Xuanji tightly frowned, feeling angered.


Sage Daojing giving him the Heavenly Law Violet Qi was completely screwing him over!

With his cultivation, if he wanted to use the Heavenly Law Violet Qi to become a Saint, how long would that take?

In that period of time, there would definitely be powerful beings who divined where the Heavenly Law Violet Qi was…

The more he thought, the more apprehensive he felt, making him wonder if he should hand over the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

“I’ll do my best,” Zhou Xuanji said seriously, and Yang Yutian immediately smiled.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji returned to his residence and told Jiang Xue about this.

Jiang Xue did not immediately tell Zhou Xuanji to hand over the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. She said, “If you hand over the Heavenly Law Violet Qi and your enemies obtain it…”