I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 533 - hapter 533 – 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus

Chapter 533 - hapter 533 – 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus


In response to Beast Lord Ruyuan’s request, Zhou Xuanji asked, “You’re able to possess someone right under the Beast Emperor’s eyes?”

He was not afraid that the souls from the Ancient God Sword would turn against him in the future because part of their soul would still remain in the Ancient God Sword. He could ask the Sword Spirit to destroy the portion of their soul within the Ancient God Sword, dealing them a heavy blow, and he could then finish them off.

As long as he did not say so, the souls would never know this.

“Since I dare to make this request, I naturally have my ways. Don’t worry,” Beast Lord Ruyuan said confidently. He did not speak much compared to the other souls but more than Sovereign Xuan and Dao Lord Xuantian.

As such, Zhou Xuanji had the Sword Spirit split off his soul.

He did not have much goodwill towards the Beast Emperor. He seemed noble and dignified, but he was actually quite insidious. Since Beast Lord Ruyuan wanted to deal with the Beast Emperor, he would let him do as he wished.

Not too long after, Beast Lord Ruyuan’s soul appeared in front of him and cupped his fists.

“I will never forget this favor. I hereby swear that I will never become enemies with you!”

After saying this, Beast Lord Ruyuan turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji smirked and closed his eyes as he cultivated.

There were too many experts in the Beast Realm, and even though he had Demon God Tianwu, it would not be easy for him to charge out. It was better to just wait here and see what the Beast Emperor wanted to do. If he actually gave him anything good, that would be the best.

In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

Snake Lord Qingshi did not return, nor did the Beast Emperor.

Even though Zhou Xuanji suspected that there was something afoot, he was not overly worried.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 250 years old. Gacha started!”

“Congratulations, the Sword Owner has received [Universe Essence] Sky-Judging Sword, Heavenly Sword Descent!”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes; Universe Essence sword!

Ancient Gazing, Disaster Releasing, Universe Essence, Overturning Heaven, Connecting Heaven, Nine Extreme, Primordial Chaos!

Universe Essence had greater strength than Disaster Releasing; its arrival was perfect.

However, could the drawing of this sword be related to his birthday?

250… [TLN: The pronunciation of 250 in Chinese sounds like slang for ‘idiot’]

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and laughed, and the Sky-Judging Sword’s information appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Sky-Judging Sword

Grade: Universe Essence

Description: A sword forged from Sky-Judging Stone. It has the domineering power to split open the Five Elements and reverse Yin and Yang. Using this sword requires at least Universe Heaven Level 7 cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the Sky-Judging Sword. The center of the sword was silver, while the edges were blood-red. It looked like a sword that had gone through much slaughter.

The hilt was ornate and looked like two hands side by side, and it gave off a baleful aura.

Holding this sword, Zhou Xuanji felt a strange wave of killing intent.

“What a good sword! It deserves the name Sky-Judging!” Zhou Xuanji exclaimed. The domineering power that the Sky-Judging Sword contained gave him a similar feeling to entering the Divine Moon Status.

At the Abyss Pearl Mainland, he could use the Divine Moon Status to kill all gods and devils in his way; was this feeling going to come again?

Following this, he started to receive Heavenly Sword Descent.

This was a divine ability of the Way of the Sword, and it could condense a heavenly sword to descend from the sky, completely taking enemies by surprise.

In order to unleash this divine ability, one had to lock on to an enemy’s aura. That way, the heavenly sword would chase the enemy down until it disappeared.

Its destructive power could rival that of World Suppressing, making him feel quite satisfied.

This 250th birthday had made him pleasantly surprised.

Three days later, the Beast Emperor finally came.

Seeing him, Zhou Xuanji smiled as he sat on the bed and said, “I thought you forgot about me.”

The Beast Emperor did not seem awkward and said seriously, “We went to find a supreme treasure for you and finally found it.”

He took out a lotus seat. It was as big as a palm and seemed to be made out of green jade.

“This is the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. It has extremely powerful defensive properties and can also be used to seal enemies.”

The Beast Emperor tossed the lotus seat to Zhou Xuanji before saying, “After you get it to acknowledge you as its owner, We will have Snake Lord Qingshi take you back. If you stay in the Beast Realm for too long, you might miss the Demonic Emperor.”

Zhou Xuanji played with the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, wanting to see why it was so amazing.

He swept the inside with his divine sense and was shocked to find that there was a hidden world within it. It had verdant hills and limpid water, but there were not any living creatures.

“If I have the Emperor Sword Court reside in here…” Zhou Xuanji’s eyes lit up, feeling quite excited.

This idea was not bad; from now onwards, he would not have to separate with his family and could also nurture the Emperor Sword Court whenever he wanted.

However, he had to be careful of the Beast Emperor setting traps.

After confirming that the Beast Emperor’s aura was gone, he took out the Ancient God Sword and asked about the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

Sovereign Xuan said, “He went all-out. The 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus originally had 36 Ranks; 12 of them disappeared because of powerful beings fighting over them. It’s impossible for him to do anything to this lotus because it is formed from Heaven and Earth Fate. Any energy or divine sense that does not belong to the owner will be destroyed when trying to venture in. As long as you make the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus acknowledge you as its owner, he will not be able to take it back, unless you die.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt at ease.

He forced out a bit of his essence blood and dropped it into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

In that moment, his consciousness came within the world in the lotus.

He stood on a tall mountain, looking down at the lake at the bottom. The grand mountain and lake were like a beautiful painting, looking incredibly majestic.

He was delighted to find that the spirit qi in here was very dense, and it was not any inferior to the Center God Province.

With a thought, every corner of the world could be seen in his eyes.

It was very suitable for living in!

Outside, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and smiled as he muttered, “It’s indeed a big gift!”

However, he did not feel grateful to the Beast Emperor.

The more that the Beast Emperor acted like this, the more it showed that he was confident that Zhou Xuanji would definitely die.

Once he died, the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus would become an ownerless item again.

It did not take Zhou Xuanji too long to make the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus acknowledge him as its owner. His constitution was powerful and his essence blood was far stronger than others at the same level, and he did not receive any backlash.

He got up and picked up the Ancient God Sword as he walked out of the tower.

Snake Lord Qingshi was waiting by the railings next to the lake. Seeing Zhou Xuanji walk out, he asked in surprise, “You’re done already?”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Take me back.”

This trip was not in vain; he had obtained the Evil-Killing Soul Pearl and the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. As for the agreement he had with the Beast Emperor, he had completely tossed that out of his mind.

He was going to kill the Demonic Emperor, but he would not do so using the Evil-Killing Soul Pearl.

Snake Lord Qingshi nodded and took Zhou Xuanji away.

Within the Demon Realm, Xian Xianghua was cultivating at the center of a lake. Below, the surface of the lake continuously rippled, but there was not much sound.

A figure appeared above her head. It was a white-haired elder, with demonic qi surrounding his body, causing his black robe to billow.

He looked down at Xian Xianghua and said, “The Demonic Ancestor has orders and is gathering all Void Extreme Immortals to the Enchanting Palace.”

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and asked, “Can you tell me what it’s about?”

The white-haired elder sighed and said, “Contending to become a Saint. It is extremely dangerous, so you must be careful. Do not act alone.”

Contending to become a Saint!

Xian Xianghua’s expression became serious as she lightly asked, “Did a Heavenly Saint fall?”

The white-haired elder shook his head and said, “Sage Daojing left and gave out his Saint position. All of the worlds of the Wanshen Great Thousand are on the move, preparing to search for Heavenly Law Violet Qi.”