I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 531 - Chapter 531 Snake Lord Qingshi. Duyishen.

Chapter 531 - Chapter 531 Snake Lord Qingshi. Duyishen.


In the vast world, the cold wind blew.

Xuan Daoya looked at Zhou Xuanji, who was sitting beneath an old tree.

“You are right,” he replied calmly, “Because of him, I lost you. So I wanted revenge. Tell me, where is he?”

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed from one to another. He said, “He’s dead. The person who did it was extremely powerful. Even now, I could not see his face clearly. He should be a demonic cultivator with an overwhelmingly powerful demonic Qi. He must be the most powerful demonic cultivator I’ve ever seen.”

He faked what happened because he wanted to gain intel on the Great Emperor Dao Court.

Xuan Daoya frowned. After some thought, he walked toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was going to continue his acting.

Zhou Xuanji took out his Nine Moon Execution Sword and was prepared for battle.

Xuan Daoya said faintly, “Actually, you don’t have to do this with me. If I wanted you dead, you would already be dead. Follow me and join the Great Emperor Dao Court. Although you resisted the Great Emperor Dao Court before, you can make up for it with your talent.”

Universe Heaven Level Ten!

This brat was shocking indeed.

Xuan Daoya saw through Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation and felt even more complicated.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “If I don’t, I have to die?”

Beads of cold sweat covered his forehead, as though he had just experienced a tough fight.

But it was all pretend.

Xuan Daoya nodded and said, “The Great Emperor Dao Court has already given out the order to kill you. I was also punished because of this. Believe me. There’s nothing good in offending the Great Emperor Dao Court. Join them, and you will receive great serendipity. Sage Daojing has already left. The fight to become the Heavenly Saint is about to begin again. Only by joining the Great Emperor Dao Court can you grow quickly enough.”

He persuaded patiently as though it was really for Zhou Xuanji’s good.

But both sides were actually pretending.

Zhou Xuanji sighed.

“How powerful is the most powerful cultivator from the Great Emperor Dao Court?” He asked.

Xuan Daoya was already five meters away from him.

“Very powerful,” he replied, “I’m also not sure how powerful he is specifically. But he had a prominent background. If I reveal his title, the many Great Thousand Worlds will be shaken.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. It was enough to shake many Great Thousand Worlds just by mentioning his title?

It seemed that he underestimated the Great Emperor Dao Court.

Seeing that he was still hesitating, Xuan Daoya continued to say, “The Demonic Emperor possessed the dead body of one of the Ten Demon Gods. Soon, he will descend into Wanshen Great Thousand. At that time, he would surely massacre this world. And you, he already has his eye on you.”

Ten Demon Gods!

Zhou Xuanji’s heart pumped rapidly. He instantly felt pressure.

He had already experienced the prowess of a demon god.

But his Demon God Tianwu was merely an unconscious duplicate. Facing the demon god that was possessed by the Demonic Emperor, it would be much weaker.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t want to join the Great Emperor Dao Court. Please return. You cannot harm me with your power now.”

Xuan Daoya was merely a soul. Baihao Yixin said that he was very weak.

But facing the Malicious Buddha, this guy could still fight for quite a while. It was difficult to estimate his battle power.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to test how powerful Xuan Daoya was.

He immediately activated the Divine Moon Energy and pointed his sword at Xuan Daoya.

Xuan Daoya was not surprised. Based on his understanding, it would be strange if this brat obeyed.

He sighed, “I really don’t want to kill you, but since you chose to be stubborn, don’t blame me for this.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled mockingly. Old bastard, this will cost you your life.

Seeing his smile, Xuan Daoya felt rather uneasy.


At this moment, the ground shook violently. The wilderness cracked into multiple abyssal valleys. It was like an earthquake.

“Oh no!” Xuan Daoya cried out in shock, “A Connecting Heaven cultivator is here.”

After that, he disappeared immediately.

Zhou Xuanji also used the Eight-step Sword Lunge to escape.

Although he had already killed two Connecting Heaven cultivators, he relied on Demon God Tianwu.

Moreover, there were ten stages of Connecting Heaven. Who knew what stage the enemy was at.

He sped ahead as quickly as he could, flying over mountain after mountain.

Half an hour later.

He stopped in a forest and asked slowly, “Who are you. Come out now.”

The opponent chased him unrelentingly and could apparently catch up to him. But the opponent did not attack him, as though he was trying to play around like a cat playing with a mouse.

A breeze came, sweeping up the fallen leaves under a giant tree. Next, a tall person appeared.

A beast!

He had green hair and tiny scales covered his body like a snake. He wore black armor, and his eyes were pitch-black. His crimson pupils were like red beans.

His lower body was covered by black beast Qi. There were also faint cries of ferocious beasts.

Gazing at Zhou Xuanji fixedly, he asked, “You are Zhou Xuanji?”

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and asked back, “Since you already know the answer, why ask?”

Xuan Daoya suddenly appeared on the tree behind Zhou Xuanji. With a grim face and gnashing teeth, he asked, “Snake Lord Qingshi, even your beast race wants to fight for him with the Great Emperor Dao Court?”

Snake Lord Qingshi!

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. This cultivator was ranked fifth on the Great Emperor Stele!

Ever since he got to know about Connecting Heaven, he had been encountering Connecting Heaven cultivators non-stop!

Snake Lord Qingshi replied coldly, “The Great Emperor Dao Court is merely a scheming coward. How dare you threaten my beast race? Xuan Daoya, if you don’t get lost, I will eat your soul.”

Xuan Daoya was enraged, but he could also sense that Snake Lord Qingshi was serious about it.

After some hesitation, he chose to leave and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. You are such a coward, and yet you dare to show yourself?

Snake Lord Qingshi looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Sword Emperor. Follow me. If I had ill-intentions, I would have killed you already.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

“To deal against the Demonic Emperor,” Snake Lord Qingshi replied.

Zhou Xuanji heard him and agreed immediately.

The enemy of my enemy was my ally!

If Snake Lord Qingshi wanted to harm him, he still had Demon God Tianwu.

Even at the brink of death, he could activate the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique!

Snake Lord Qingshi slammed onto the ground with his palm, and a gigantic gate covered in snake scales was erected. A green brilliance shined from the gate.

Without hesitation, Zhou Xuanji stepped into the gate.

Snake Lord Qingshi followed right behind him.

And then the snake-scaled gate returned to the ground, leaving no trace behind.

In the vast starry sky.

A man was sitting under a crystal tree, which was planted on a floating island.

This man wore silver armor and a Qilin crown. He looked handsome and majestic. Even while sitting, he gave off a great powerful aura.

Old Ancestor Hongshi’s image appeared in front of him suddenly.

“Duyishen, the Abyss Pearl Mainland is no more. It was Wanshen Great Thousand’s Center God Province that destroyed the Abyss Pearl Mainland. Sage Daojing has already left. A chaotic war for the Heavenly Saint’s position will soon ensue. I want you to fight for the position.”

Hearing Old Ancestor Hongshi’s words, Duyishen opened his eyes.

“The war happened before?” he asked with a frown.

Old Ancestor Hongshi snorted, “It’s no longer important. I’m asking whether you are going or not. If you are not going, then I will give the mission to Si Mengyan.”

Duyishen got up slowly and replied, “I will head over now.”