I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 530 - Chapter 530 Malicious Buddha, Eliminated.

Chapter 530 - Chapter 530 Malicious Buddha, Eliminated.


In the void.

Someone wrapped in a bright light appeared, making him unidentifiable. He looked around and mumbled, “The aura of a demon god. Could it be the Demon Ancestor? He dared to come to the void?”

Shortly after, he transformed into countless beams of light and flew toward all directions, disappearing quickly.

After he left, many came. They were all drawn by the aura of the demon god.

On the other side.

In the demonic world.

Within the dim palace, the Demon Ancestor was cultivating. He opened his eyes suddenly, and his crimson eyes flashed coldly.

“Tianwu’s aura… Isn’t he dead? Seems like someone controlled his body,” the Demon Ancestor mumbled to himself with a mocking smile.

“Tianwu, you were so stubborn. And now, even after you are dead, you could not die in peace. This is your retribution.”

After laughing for a while, he sighed.

Of the Ten Demon Gods, only he was left.

Zhou Xuanji drank in an inn. A storyteller was doing his job with a pipe.

“That year, after Di Wanshen destroyed the demon gods, he sacrificed himself to become the heavens and the earth of this ruined world. This is the origin of the Wanshen Great Thousand. He left behind a bloodline — the clan of Di. Countless years have passed, and the Di Clan is no longer around. However, many living beings with the surname Di appeared instead,” the storytellers sighed, and the customers were touched by the story.

Although the story sounded ridiculous, they still longed for Di Wanshen’s story to be true.

A person fought the ten demon gods alone and eventually turned himself into the world. He was the creator of Wanshen Great Thousand indeed.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but shake his head when he heard the story.

How powerful were the Ten Demon Gods? Could someone really capable of fighting the entire demon race alone?

Legends were always exaggerated. Even a pig could become a heavenly general.

Just when he was about to leave, someone walked over to him.

He glanced up and burst out in cold laughter immediately.

That person was Malicious Buddha.

This guy was really awesome. He appeared in this empire for fewer than ten days, and the Malicious Buddha had already tracked him.

The Malicious Buddha sat in front of Zhou Xuanji and poured himself some wine.

“It’s been a long time,” he said with a smile.

His smile was icy, like a serpent.

“What about the Demonic Emperor? I thought he was very powerful before I ascended. But he hasn’t appeared until now.”

Zhou Xuanji asked. The Malicious Buddha was already a dead man in his eyes.

Han Xuzi, Taichu Yudao… He must take revenge for the Divine Cliff!

Malicious Buddha sighed, “I want to know as well. Ever since you escaped, that guy disappeared as well.”

“Then what about Xuan Daoya?” Zhou Xuanji continued to ask.

“He went to choose someone as genius as you.”

“Then why are you here for me?”

“To capture you, of course. If we can forgive and forget, we might become friends.”

The two exchanged questions and answers, and Zhou Xuanji laughed again.

He lifted the wine bottle and said, “After this bottle of wine, let’s find a place and fight till the death.”

The Malicious Buddha nodded. He did not know about the battle between Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Canglan because this place was very far away from the Center God Province after all.

Universe Heaven Level Ten!

This brat’s growth rate was too horrifying. He must be eliminated!

The Malicious Buddha drank as he thought.

That genius he chose could not stand up against Zhou Xuanji either. It was a bad plan, a waste of effort.

Next, the two were silent. They took their time to enjoy the drink.

After they finished, the two left.

The Malicious Buddha walked in front, followed by Zhou Xuanji.

Walking along the street, the two disappeared suddenly.

They flew swiftly and left this empire to a remote wilderness.

The Malicious Buddha turned to look at Zhou Xuanji with a cold smile.

“Your cultivation has grown to Universe Heaven Level Ten. Awesome. But do you know what my cultivation is?”

Murderous intent locked down on Zhou Xuanji from all directions.

“How many levels?”

Zhou Xuanji asked calmly. The Malicious Buddha was powerful indeed. He brought him a sense of danger, just like Zhao Canglan.

“How many levels? What a joke. I’ve already surpassed Universe Heaven. I’m Connecting Heaven Second Stage. Do you know about Connecting Heaven?”

The Malicious Buddha laughed sinisterly. He began walking toward Zhou Xuanji as he spoke.

This brat must die!

“Connecting Heaven Second Stage, is that very powerful?” Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly. Seeing how conceited the Malicious Buddha, he was rather pleased.

Continue to act!

You are going to kneel before me soon!

The Malicious Buddha took out a golden whip. Lightning bolts weaved around it.

“Until now, you are still pretending to be calm,” he said with a burst of laughter, “Do you think the Heavenly Saint is still protecting you? He has already left Wanshen Great Thousand. And your senior apprentice brothers are not nearby. I’m very sensitive to auras.”

Although he said so, the Malicious Buddha was still rather careful.

With Zhou Xuanji’s arrogance and talent, it was not just because of luck that he survived until now.

This brat could have some trump card hidden that could take his life suddenly.

Zhou Xuanji smiled mockingly.

He immediately took out the Demon God Tianwu from his Tianxia Map. The horrifying body of the demon god even warped the space around it.

When he saw Demon God Tianwu, the Malicious Budda’s expression changed.

“Today, you shall pay with your blood,” Zhou Xuanji said coldly. Before the Malicious Buddha could speak, Demon God Tianwu charged toward him.


The Malicious Buddha’s eyes blurred, and the next instant, Demon God Tianwu was already in front of his face.

He immediately activated his divine ability, and an ethereal golden bell expanded from his body.

Demon God Tianwu had no spectacular divine ability but a brutal punch!


The golden bell shattered. The Malicious Buddha fell like a comet while vomiting blood. He crashed into the ground and shook the ground violently.

Demon God Tianwu followed and stomped into the debris with both feet.

He stretched his hand and dug out the Malicious Buddha.

The entire event happened quickly. It was within the blink of an eye.

The Malicious Buddha struggled with all he could as he cried out shockingly, “Demon God Tianwu! How can it be! How did you obtain his corpse and even made him your duplicate?”

The next second, Demon God Tianwu crushed his body into crumbs.

The body of a cultivator that was second only to the Heavenly Saint was horrifyingly powerful indeed.

Even a Connecting Heaven Stage Two cultivator could not stand against it!

Demon God Tianwu continued to crush Malicious Buddha with even more strength, and it crushed his soul as well.

The battle happened quickly and ended quickly too.

Zhou Xuanji stored Demon God Tianwu back and quickly left.

After killing the Malicious Buddha, he felt overjoyed.

Such a thrill!

Demon God Tianwu’s power made his blood boil.

His heart was more determined.

He would take the path of the Overlord Saint!

One day, he would be powerful enough to kill a Heavenly Saint with one slash!

Shortly after, he left.

Xuan Daoya suddenly appeared in the ruins. With a deep frown, he mumbled, “Malicious Buddha’s aura… and Zhou Xuanji… whose is this aura? Such a terror…”

He immediately went after Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

Six hours later.

Zhou Xuanji stopped over an old tree to rest. He had already sensed Xuan Daoya’s aura and pretended to be in bad shape.

Xuan Daoya appeared from the underground and looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complicated expression in his eyes.

“Why did you leave the Center God Province?”

He asked, “Don’t you know that you are in a very dangerous situation?

Zhou Xuanji pretended to be worried.

“How did you come here?” he asked with a frown and gritted teeth.

“You were following the Malicious Buddha?”