I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 53

Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Chapter 53 – The Most Powerful Bloodbath Sword

This was a wasteland that had experienced many wars. Bones and broken limbs were scattered across the entire place. Congealed blood made the ground look like it was covered with bloody patterns.

The wind howled as it swept up waves of sand. The entire place was silent and dead.

Zhou Xuanji and the rest looked at a mountain in front of them.

There stood a bloodied curved blade. The tip of the blade pointed downwards and was buried in the dirt. A gust of blood wind enveloped the blade.


It was a blood wind!

A blood wind that was visible to the naked eye!

Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin were both frightened by the blood-colored blade. It gave off an absolutely terrifying aura.

The younger girl asked carefully, “Could it be haunted?”

Even though she was a Foundation Building Stage cultivator, she still had an innate fear of ghosts.

“I’m afraid that it is,” the Sword Valiant coldly snorted.

As he finished speaking, he forcefully tossed out the sword in his hand.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

It was much slower than Zhou Xuanji’s Ranged Sword Propelling, but it was still fast.


The blades clashed, but the blood-colored blade did not fall but deflected the Sword Valiant’s blade instead.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, was conversing with the Sword Spirit. “Are you sure?” he asked sincerely.

“Yes. This is an evil blade, formed by blood Qi and bitterness. You can purify it by inserting the Bloodbath Sword, which will help to level-up the Bloodbath Sword.”

The Sword Spirit answered monotonously still.

Zhou Xuanji inquired further, “How many levels can it increase?”

“Confirmation can only be made after analyzing closely, but it could definitely be upgraded to Gold Grade.”

The Sword Spirit answered again, which excited him.

The Bloodbath Sword was different from other legendary swords. The more blood it absorbed, the more powerful it became.

And, there will inevitably be blood in killing enemies.

This meant that, once the Bloodbath Sword became the highest grade among his arsenal of legendary swords, it would become the most powerful one!

Seeing his own sword deflected, the Sword Valiant’s face turned sour.

Huang Lianxin looked around. The air was full of sand swept up by the wind. Dead bodies and loose rocks were scattered all across. It felt as though demons would appear charging at them at any moment.

“If this blade has a master, I’m afraid that its a trap.” She said.

Zhou Xuanji was also observing the surrounding. He instructed the dragon eagles, “Observe the situation from above.”

Ah Big and Small Er immediately took off into the air and swept up waves of sand.

Little Jiang Xue took our her Flaming Fan and was prepared for battle.

All of a sudden, six cultivators, four men and two ladies, were running toward them. Their clothes were all ragged and tattered and their bodies were bloodied. Fear was written all over their despaired faces.

When they saw Zhou Xuanji and his party, hope returned to them, and they immediately hastened their pace.

“Tsk tsk tsk… Where are you trying to flee?”

A cold and terrifying voice resounded under the vast sky, which gave Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin goosebumps.

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. He felt an extremely dangerous Qi-signature, like back when he faced Zhuang Huisheng.

The Sword Valiant had cold sweat on his forehead. He suddenly remembered something and muttered, “Could it be…”

“What is it?” Zhou Xuanji stood beside him and asked.

“Blood-drinking Blade Ye E’guan, from the Demonic Inferno Sect! He was once ranked in the Hero Ranking Board, but because of his wicked doings, he was on the wanted-list of the Great Zhou Empire and was kicked out of the ranking board.”

The Sword Valiant said softly. A sense of nervousness could be heard in his tone.

Demonic Inferno Sect!

This demonic sect again!

Zhou Xuanji could not help but remember the demonic cultivator Ye Feifan, whom he killed eight years ago. So, he asked, “Ye E’guan and Ye Feifan, how are these two related?”

The Sword Valiant answered, “Ye Feifan? The prodigy of the Demonic Inferno Sect that died strangely eight years ago? They were siblings.”


Enemies on a narrow road, indeed!

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. He was determined to obtain that blood blade. Since he knew that the opponent was the brother of his enemy, then there was no need for reservations.

Little Jiang Xue also had a strange expression; she could not help but remember the scene that year.

A two-year-old kid killed an Inner Pellet cultivator. A legend indeed.

Only after she began cultivation, did she realize how powerful the Inner Pellet stage was, and at the same time, she admired Zhou Xuanji even more.

They saw a white-haired man who wore a bloodied robe leap toward them.

The eyes on his sinister face were covered with blood vessels. His mouth grinned from ear to ear. His laughter sounded insane, ruthless, as though he was a devil in the human world.

“You want to run? I’m going to suck all your blood dry so that you know how it feels like to have your blood leaving your own body and to die slowly in fear!”


Ye E’guan said with loud laughter. The extreme killing aura locked down the entire area within a radius of a hundred yards.

Zhou Xuanji said with a low voice, “Kill him.”

The expression of the Sword Valiant changed slightly, and his body charged forward instinctively.

Just when he took a step out, he cursed himself for seeking his own death.

Ye E’guan was an Inner Pellet cultivator after all, and one of the strongest within the Inner Pellet Stage.

To fight him with his negligible Enlightening Stage cultivation was simply to seek death.

But he was too used to obeying Zhou Xuanji’s commands, such that he could only force himself to charge ahead.

Zhou Xuanji put down the Three-Eyed Rodent. The small black snake that was dragged by the rodent opened its eyes wide and scolded, “Are you crazy? You dare to offend him? ”

The snake was a Rank Five demon, and it also met Ye E’guan before. Although his cultivation was not comparable to the snake when it was at its peak, the vicious cultivator was still an invincible enemy for Zhou Xuanji and his party.

But Zhou Xuanji did not listen to it. Instead, he dashed swiftly toward the blood-colored blade.

When the six cultivators saw the Sword Valiant charging toward Ye E’guan, they instantly became excited.

They were severely injured and were not able to escape.

The Sword Valiant did not look weak; he might be a powerful cultivator.


The Sword Valiant flew backward as he vomited blood. He landed in front of them and the impact sent sand flying in the air.

The six were stunned. The next second, their expression became extremely terrified.

When Zhou Xuanji reached the blood-colored blade, he stretched out his hand to hold its hilt, but the surrounding blood wind turned into blades and slashed toward him. At this moment, the Thunderclap Sword appeared behind him.

The Thunderclap Sword vibrated violently, generating streams of lightning that dissipated the blood wind.

“Kid! You dare to take my blade! Die!”

Ye E’guan roared furiously as he charged toward Zhou Xuanji like a shaft.

Zhou Xuanji stored the blood-colored blade into the Supreme Storage straightaway.

Without this blade, Ye E’guan’s battle power decreased significantly.

He turned around and looked at the demonic cultivator. He held the Thunderclap Sword with his right hand, while the Formless Sword appeared silently in his opened left palm.

Zhou Xuanji faced the menacing Ye E’guan and slashed him with the Thunderclap Sword in his hand.

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword!

His sword Qi shot out like a windstorm, locking down all of Ye E’guan’s movement forward.

Ye E’guan was enraged to see his treasured blade taken. His hands became bloodied claws and tore the oncoming sword Qi apart.

His body turned, and he landed with his right foot. With another stomp, his body leaned forward and stabbed toward Zhou Xuanji.

His right claw looked flayed. His nails were sharp like knives and were pointed toward the sword cultivator’s neck.

Zhou Xuanji was quick to react. He struck the ground with his sword, and countless lightning bolts flowed into the ground along the blade of his sword and spread in all directions, incinerating the surrounding weeds instantly.

Ye E’guan’s face changed and dodged his attack with a backward somersault.

The six cultivators were all thrilled to see that this child could stand up to Ye E’guan.

The Sword Valiant covered his chest and laughed bitterly at the increasing disparity between him and his master.

After he landed, Ye E’guan asked, “Who are you?”

Zhou Xuanji jerked his right hand and raised the sword to point its tip at Ye E’guan. “The Unparalleled Sword God Zhou.”