I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 529 - Chapter 529 Domineering Demon God Destroyed the enemy with one punch

Chapter 529 - Chapter 529 Domineering Demon God Destroyed the enemy with one punch


Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh!

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Canglan sped across the starry sky in pursuit of each other.

“Zhou Xuanji, where do you think you can flee to?”

Zhao Canglan’s icy voice came, not knowing Zhou Xuanji’s scheme.

The difference in their cultivation was great. If he were Zhou Xuanji, he would be fleeing too.

Zhou Xuanji stopped suddenly, and the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha shattered into countless golden sparks. He materialized the nine Sword Souls and activated Sword Sect Immortal Cry with all his legendary swords.

He turned to charge at Zhao Canglan.

Zhao Canglan returned to his original size and hacked with his axe wildly. Streams of axe Qi formed into chains propelled toward Zhou Xuanji.

Ding! Ding! Ding…

The legendary swords revolving in high speed clashed together with the chains. Still, they could not stop the chains from continuing their trajectory.

Nine Sword Souls followed up the defense and broke the chains.

Zhao Canglan suddenly appeared beside Zhou Xuanji and hacked at his neck.

Such speed!

Zhou Xuanji thought shockingly. The Nine Divine Moons around him crashed towards them. With a loud boom, Zhou Xuanji was sent flying off by the explosion. At the same time, Zhao Canglan was engulfed by the powerful radiance.

“Zhou Xuanji, is that all you can do? How did you kill my son?”

Zhao Canglan laughed wildly. His tone was filled with murderous intent.

After that, he broke out of the powerful radiance with extreme speed. He swung his axe at Zhou Xuanji, aiming for his vitals.

At this moment!

A massive silhouette appeared in front of Zhou Xuanji and punched at Zhao Canglan. The latter could not evade in time.


His body almost exploded from the impact. Blood was gushing from all over his body. He turned into an arrow, disappearing into the deep void.

Demon God Tianwu

At this moment, he was no longer a dried corpse. The muscles of its upper body expanded, and strength exploded from it. The iron belt around his waist looked ferocious and mighty. Four wings at his back waved slightly and were even larger than the body.

Its white hair danced wildly. Standing before Zhou Xuanji, its body manifested the demeanor of a demon god perfectly.

Zhou Xuanji controlled Demon God Tianwu with his mind to lock on to Zhao Canglan’s aura. With a huge step, it charged toward its target.

Zhao Canglan, who just steadied his body, was coughing blood out incessantly.

He mumbled, shocked, “What was that?”

After getting hit by Demon God Tianwu’s punch, his body almost exploded, and he was on the brink of death.

He took out a golden pill and munched on it.

A powerful gale blew at him and seemed to draw life out of anything. The stars along the way were greatly shaken.

Demon God Tianwu came charging at him, and his expression changed drastically.

He could not dodge in time but swung his axe in defense.

The blood-patterned axe landed on Demon God Tianwu’s right fist, but the ax could not cut through its skin.

How could it be!

Zhao Canglan was aghast. Next, Demon God Tianwu punched him again.


His body exploded, and only his Astral Spirit escaped.

While trying to escape from Demon God Tianwu, he looked back horrifyingly.

He suddenly felt that Demon God Tianwu was somewhat familiar.

Hold on!

Wasn’t that the dead body of a demon god that he saw in the Abyss Pearl Mainland?

What happened?

He revived?

Zhao Canglan was horrified. He suddenly realized that Demon God Tianwu turned around to look at him.

The eyes that looked at him were without life, but they were greatly imposing.


Demon God Tianwu roared at him suddenly. Its voice shook the stars and Zhao Canglan’s astral spirit was destroyed entirely.

Connecting Heaven First Stage was weak as an ant in front of the Top Ten Demon Gods.

Zhou Xuanji’s ears were also ringing from the roar, so he quickly recalled Demon God Tianwu.

This guy really made a big scene. He must leave immediately, in case others may find trouble with him.

He stored Demon God Tianwu into the Tianxia Map and flew back toward Wanshen Great Thousand.

He moved with his full speed without any delay.

Soon, he realized that something was wrong.

He could not find the way back to Wanshen Great Thousand.


Beads of cold sweat covered his forehead. He appeared anxious.

Was this the terror of the void?

Even someone as powerful as he could be lost unknowingly?

After some time, he finally saw Wanshen Great Thousand and heaved a sigh of relief.

Looking from afar, Wanshen Great Thousand was covered by a radiance brighter than the sun. It was similar to Zhenggan Great Thousand.

Zhou Xunaji plunged into the radiance and passed through the heavens’ boundaries, and returned to the 33rd Heaven. But he did not see Still Thought Temple.


He raised his brow slightly before swooping downwards.

After passing through the heavens, he saw the ground. It was at night.

Seeing that he came to another province, he realized that it was no wonder he did not see Still Thought Temple.

The 33rd Heaven was huge, and Still Thought Temple was right above the Center God Province. Of course, before Sage Daojing left, the entire 33rd Heaven belonged to him, and no one dared to offend him.

Zhou Xuanji decided to first condition his blood and Qi flow.

It was not difficult for him to return to the Center God Province.

He had no powerful enemy in the Center God Province anyway, so he was in no hurry to return.

He sat down on a peak and faced the moon to extract the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Energy.

The Ancient God Sword landed beside him. The nine souls were amazed by Demon God Tianwu’s prowess.

Zhou Xuanji began communicating with the Sword Spirit.

He asked about how to revive the nine souls.

The nine souls helped him a lot, so he had to repay them in the future.

“Just extract their souls. Extract the consciousness of their souls from the sword but leave behind the soul energy. This method allows them to be reborn without weakening the Ancient God Sword,” the Sword Spirit replied.

‘So easy?’ Zhou Xuanji thought.

After their souls were released, they could either possess someone or be reborn.

Then he asked the nine souls about who wanted to revive.

Emperor Zhao, Saber Monarch Donghai, Emperor Canghai, Ghost Emperor Zhangtian, and Liu Wuji wanted to be revived.

Emperor Hanlan, Sovereign Xuan, Dao Lord Xuantian, and Demon Lord Ruyuan were in silence.

Some of them died because of special reasons and did not want to be revived yet.

After some thought, he decided to revive Liu Wuji first.

He asked the Sword Spirit to extract Liu Wuji’s remnant soul.

A while later.

Liu Wuji’s soul appeared in front of him.

“I really can revive…”

Liu Wuji looked at his own hands and mumbled to himself.

“Do you want to reincarnate or possess someone?” Zhou Xuanji smiled.

Liu Wuji looked up at him and smiled, “Neither. I already have a backup. I created a duplicate soon after I ascended. I asked him to wander to other provinces alone in case things like this happened. After so many years, his cultivation might be higher than yours.”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. Such schemes!

“If you are in danger, I will come and help you. Take care.”

Liu Wuji left these words before turning into a stream of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Seeing how urgent he was, Zhou Xuanji shook his head.

Doesn’t this guy worry about the dangers he might encounter along the way?

Emperor Zhao was making a fuss about reviving.

Zhou Xuanji replied that helping them consumes his spirit energy to extract the souls.

Emperor Zhao was satisfied with his reply and was even excited.

He finally had the opportunity to revive.

The second day. Zhou Xuanji began his journey early in the morning.

He prepared to ask around in the nearby cities about his location now.

He planned to expose his track. After leaving the Center God Province, the Great Emperor Dao Court would surely come for him.

And when that time came, he shall take his revenge!

Back then, when the Great Emperor Dao Court and the Demonic Emperor were against him, he swore to eliminate all these enemies.