I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 528 - Chapter 528 Fierce Battle in the Void.

Chapter 528 - Chapter 528 Fierce Battle in the Void.


“Yes, what’s the meaning to stay as a Heavenly Saint forever?”

Sage Daojing replied as he gazed at Old Ancestor Hongshi.

After reaching Heavenly Saint, they lost interest in everything. There was no longer a need to cultivate. No matter how powerful they became, they would still be under the Heavenly Law.

The reason why they arranged the war between the worlds was merely for their entertainment.

But after a few rounds, Sage Daojing realized that he was slowly losing interest in the war.

And now that he had the opportunity to transcend the saints, how could he give it up?

Old Ancestor Hongshi fell into silence. His mood also dropped into a valley.

All living beings admired the Heavenly Saints, but who could understand the boredom of the Heavenly Saints?

Zhao Canglan heard their conversation and complained in his heart.

If you guys don’t want to be a Heavenly Saint, why don’t you let me be?

Please, stop showing off!

“Forget it, suit yourself. I’m here to discuss something with you. Since you are going to depart, help me deal with someone.”

Old Ancestor Hongshi waved his hand and said. Zhao Canglan was curious. Which Heavenly Saint does he want to deal with?

Only a Heavenly Saint was powerful enough for other Heavenly Saints to work together against.

Sage Daojing got up and glanced at Zhao Canglan.

“You cannot do it before I come back,” he said, “Once you break through the restrictions of the 33rd Heaven, I will kill you with a supreme divine ability before you can take your revenge.”

Zhao Canglan nodded lightly. He didn’t think about taking revenge a few years earlier.

The few years made no difference anyway.

After that, Sage Daojing left with Old Ancestor Hongshi.

Still Thought Temple fell into silence again.

When Jiang Xue and Zhou Xuanji returned to the Divine Cliff, Jiang Xue was not pregnant with a second child.

The difference between their cultivation was too vast. There was an invisible force stopping them.

Zhou Xuanji speculated that it was the Heavenly Law’s power. Since they were unable, he did not force it.

This day, Yang Yutian came to find him personally in excitement.

The battle at the God Platform made Zhou Xuanji’s fame grow wildly again. More people began to recognize that he was the most powerful cultivator in the Center God Province.

The Divine Cliff was greatly benefited because of that. More people came to seek the Dao in the Divine Cliff. More factions became friendly to them.

After some formalities and sending Yang Yutian away, Zhou Xuanji began teaching Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was even more talented than the Ten Thousand Year Princes. Ever since Zhou Xuanji intimidated the Great Heaven God Emperor, she hung around him all day long.

Zhou Xuanji did not demand much from his daughter. But since she wanted to become powerful, he would not stop her.

The pair came to the forest where Zhou Xuanji used to cultivate and trained hard.

Zhou Xuanji taught her the Sword Soul.

And the girl learned it quickly because of her insightfulness.

But her Sword Soul was still very weak, even weaker than Shi Shenzong’s.

Time flew.

Ten years later.

Everything was peaceful.

Until Zhao Canglan’s voice resounded all across the Center God Province and its adjacent provinces.

“Zhou Xuanji, 33rd Heaven, fight me to death!”

Zhao Canglan’s indifferent voice came and shook everyone.

33rd Heaven?

Wasn’t that the Heavenly Saint’s place?

Who dares to challenge Zhou Xuanji in the Heavenly Saint’s place?

In the forest.

Zhou Xiaoxuan asked nervously, “Father, who is he?”

“A guy called Zhao Canglan,” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “Compelled by circumstance, I killed his son. He’s here to take revenge. You continue your cultivation. I will be back soon.”

After that, he leaped up and was prepared to fly up the 33rd Heaven.


Zhou Xiaoxuan called him.

He looked back at her and asked, “Why?”

Seeing that he was high and lofty, Zhou Xiaoxuan’s worries dissipated in her heart.

She smiled like a flower and waved her sword, “Come back quickly. Teach me how to materialize more Sword Souls!”

Zhou Xuanji smiled. He transformed into a stream of sword flash and soared into the sky in an instant.

On the 33rd Heaven.

Zhao Canglan stood under the starry sky and waited quietly with his arms folded in front of his chest.

Many people stood before Still Thought Temple’s gate. They were the powerhouses from each province who came to cultivate in Still Thought Temple.

“Connecting Heaven Stage One. Powerful indeed.”

“The Heavenly Saint really left?”

“Interesting. Seems like a chaotic war will be happening in Wanshen Great Thousand.”

“Let’s watch this show first and compete for the world in the future.”

“Hehe. It’s not the world that you want but to become a saint?”

The powerhouses discussed and did not take Zhao Canglan seriously.

Connecting Heaven Stage One was powerful, indeed, but not as powerful as the Heavenly Saint.

Soon, someone flew up and stood at the same height as Zhao Canglan.

It was Zhou XuanJi.

The two were a few hundred meters apart and stood facing each other.

They were sizing each other up.

Universe Heaven Level Ten!

How did this brat kill his son?

Zhao Canglan frowned. During the war between the two worlds, did Sage Daojing help out?

Zhou Xuanji took out the Nine Moon Execution Sword and Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer. The two Disaster Releasing legendary sword’s energy exploded and pumped into his body. His aura grew tremendously.

The Nine Divine Moons appeared behind him, looking greatly impressive.

“No wonder. You have two supreme treasures.”

Zhao Canglan said intently. He lifted his right hand, and an axe covered with a blood pattern appeared in his hand.

Strands of black Qi coiled around the blood-patterned ax, making it look ghastly.

He and Zhou Xuanji moved out almost at the same time.


Two horrifying powers clashed together. The deep revenge motivated Zhao Canglan to use his full power immediately. With one hack, Zhou Xuanji was sent flying backward.

In an instant, Zhou Xuanji felt that his hands were about to crack open

He noticed that there were many speculators at Still Thought Temple. He used Eight-step Sword Lunge to move out from the 33rd Heaven and into the void immediately.

The 33rd Heaven was the outermost place in Wanshen Great Thousand. To go higher was to leave Wanshen Great Thousand and enter the vast universe.

Although it seemed beautiful, many hidden things could kill a person. That was the void!

Zhao Canglan was filled with murderous intentions. He pursued Zhou Xuanji immediately.

The powerhouses at the Still Thought Temple shook their heads and left.

“Universe Heaven, Level Ten. He overestimated himself.”

“His swords are good. Forget it, give Zhao Canglan some face.”

“Hahaha. Prepare yourselves. Wanshen Great Thousand is going to enter a chaotic war.”

“Still Thought Temple belongs to me okay?”

“What if Sage Daojing returns. You will be dead for sure!”

The powerhouses had been cultivating in Still Thought Temple for countless years. Now that Sage Daojing had entered the deep void, as long as he died, they had the hope to replace him.

That was why they went back to prepare themselves to fight for the position of the Heavenly Saint.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Canglan fought fiercely in the void.

He activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. The buddha shot up to 15,000 meters, and it hacked and slashed ferociously with its thousand swords.

Zhao Canglan activated his divine physical ability. Blood-pattern covered his entire body along with a world-destroying black aura. He waved his gigantic axe like a demon god.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Zhou Xuanji was being suppressed. He purposely pulled Zhao Canglan away from Wanshen Great Thousand.

Because he did not want others to see Demon God Tianwu. It was best to keep the demon god as a hidden trump card always so that he can catch his opponent off guard!