I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 527 - Chapter 527 The Most Powerful In the Center God Province

Chapter 527 - Chapter 527 The Most Powerful In the Center God Province


Ask the sword in my hand!


Everyone around the God Platform was shocked by Zhou Xuanji’s prowess. Zhou Xuanji was widely recognized as a genius and a Sword Emperor. He was powerful, indeed.

But compared to the Great Heaven God Emperor, he was still too young.

They were not in the same generation!

The Great Heaven God Emperor laughed at Zhou Xuanji. He raised his sword at him and said, “Zhou Xuanji, you are really conceited. You think that you can do as you please because you became a Sword Emperor?”

He was also around at the preaching and saw Zhou Xuanji reach Universe Heaven Level One with his own eyes.

But that was merely Level One.

Emperor Jundao, who was beside him, looked at Zhou Xuanji with hostile eyes.

Among the same generation of cultivations, he was often compared with Zhou Xuanji. When he became known, he used to surpass Zhou Xuanji’s reputation. But it was a pity that Zhou Xuanji overtook him quickly.

It was not surprising that Emperor Jundao looked at him with hostility.

Zhou Xuanji flew above the God Platform and looked down at the Great Heaven God Emperor.

“I don’t like to talk rubbish!” He said.

After that, he activated Universal Attraction and pulled Di Guanlong over.

The Great Heaven God Emperor was enraged. How dare Zhou Xuanji snatch the prisoner in front of his eyes!

He immediately grasped Di Guanlong’s shoulder.

The sword flashed!


The Great Heaven God Emperor’s right arm was chopped off. Di Guanlong flew toward Zhou Xuanji.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and could not believe their own eyes.

They didn’t even see Zhou Xuanji attack, and now the Great Heaven God Emperor lost an arm?

This was…

Emperor Jundao wanted to help out, and his eyes met Zhou Xuanji’s out of a sudden.

In an instant, he froze. An indescribable horror loomed over his heart.

Emperor’s Might!

He tripped and fell backward, no longer daring to look at Zhou Xuanji in his eyes.

Soon, Di Guanlong fell into Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

Jiang Xue was also surprised. She knew how powerful the Great Heaven God Emperor was, but even he was at a disadvantage against Zhou Xuanji.

“No wonder he showed no fear about Zhao Canglan’s threat.”

Jiang Xue’s eyes sparkled as she thought in her heart with curiosity.

What happened during the war between the two worlds. How powerful was Zhou Xuanji now?

The Great Heaven God Emperor was injured with everyone looking, and he was both shocked and angry.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was leaving, he cried out, “Do you think This Emperor will let you leave?”

If he allowed Zhou Xuanji to leave, the Great Heaven God Dynasty would be greatly humiliated.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and looked at him with slanted eyes.

“Do you want to die?” He said coldly.

Facing his look, the Great Heaven God Emperor’s heart pumped rapidly. A wave of coldness welled up in his heart. Although he wanted to charge at Zhou Xuanji, his instinct convinced him that it was very dangerous.

If he were to attack, he would be defeated.

Seeing how domineering Zhou Xuanji was, everyone held their breath.

Shi Shenzong, who was in the penthouse, had a complicated expression. Zhou Xuanji already grew to be this powerful?

Sword Sovereign Gu stood behind him and gazed fixedly at Zhou Xuanji in silence.

“His cultivation reached Universe Heaven Level Eight! How can it be… How many years since…”

Sword Sovereign Gu’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He had wanted to take Zhou Xuanji to be his disciple previously.


The Great Heaven God Emperor hesitated, and Zhou Xuanji left with Di Guanlong and Jiang Xue.

Until they disappeared into the horizon, the Great Heaven God Emperor snorted coldly and disappeared as well. He did not even have the face to welcome his guests.


Everyone was exhilarated.

Zhou Xuanji’s slash was enough to intimidate the Great Heaven God Emperor. Apparently, Zhou Xuanji was more powerful than the Great Heaven God Emperor, and by a great margin.

“How powerful is he?”

“More powerful than the Great Heaven God Emperor. Do you think he’s the most powerful in the Center God Province?”

“Within the Center God Province, who is more powerful than the Great Heaven God Emperor?”

“This is a legend, legend indeed. A little over 200 years old, and he’s already the most powerful in the Center God Province!”

“Too dominating!”

Hearing these voices, Emperor Jundao really wanted to dig a hole and hide inside.

He understood that from this day onwards, he was not even qualified to be compared with Zhou Xuanji.

Hatred filled his heart. But whenever he remembered the moment when their eyes met, only fear was left in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji flew quickly with Jiang Xue and Di Guanlong.

He also took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword to heal his senior apprentice brother.

Jiang Xue asked excitingly, “Xuanji, what’s your cultivation stage now?”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Universe Heaven Level Ten.”

Having heard that, her eyes opened wide.

She was just speculating that it was Universe Heaven Level Four or Five. She did not expect him to reach Level Ten at all.

This was too…

Her surprise became a heartache.

The more powerful he got, the more suffering he went through.

A while later.

Di Guanlong woke up. He looked up and saw Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue’s back.

“Who… are you?” he asked with much difficulty.

“Heal yourself first,” Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said.

If not for the fact that they were apprentice brothers, he would not have rescued Di Guanlong.

He really wanted to know where the old beggar was.

Was he captured by the Great Emperor Dao Court?

Just when Di Guanlong wanted to speak again, he could not help but fall asleep.

Sometime later.

He finally woke up.

And he found himself lying in a cave with a letter on his chest.

He opened it, and it read:

“The one who rescued you is Zhou Xuanji. You are welcome.”

He was silent.

He knew that Zhou Xuanji was his junior apprentice brother, but he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to rescue him.

Could his Revered Teacher have helped as well?

Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue continued to tour around. Facing his duel with Zhao Canglan, he showed no care.

Even if he could not activate the Divine Moon State, he still had the trump card of Demon God Tianwu.

Seeing that he was so confident, Jiang Xue no longer mentioned this matter.

Zhou Xuanji continued to preach to Jiang Xue. Sometimes, he helped to pump magic energy into her as well.

Within five years, Jiang Xue reached Ninth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

This was the capability of a powerhouse!

On the other side.

On the 33rd Heaven.

Old Ancestor Hongshi paid a visit to Still Thought Temple suddenly. He found Sage Daojing straight away and looked at Zhao Canglan.

“Why are you here?” Old Ancestor Hongshi asked with a frown. Zhao Canglan had an unnatural expression and did not know how to reply.

Sage Daojing said, “He wanted to seek revenge against Zhou Xunaji. I asked him to wait a while before I let him fight Zhou Xuanji.”

Old Ancestor Hongshi was astonished and asked, “You are willing to forfeit Zhou Xuanji? Then why don’t you give him to me!”

After that, he stared at Zhao Canglan. Zhao Canglan was angry but dared not to speak.

“I plan to nurture him into the next Heavenly Saint. I’ve decided to head into the void and attempt to surpass the saints,” Sage Daojing continued to speak. His eyes were calm, and he did not mention his deal with Zhao Canglan.

Old Ancestor Hongshi frowned and sat down in front of Sage Daojing.

“You must think carefully,” he said with a deep voice, “are you really going to forfeit your cultivation? There’s no turning back when you step onto that path.”

Most Heavenly Saints did not believe in the legends about transcending the saints.

In their eyes, the Heavenly Law was the highest.

All things could not escape the Heavenly Law’s control.