I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 526 - Chapter 526 The Rescue At God Platform

Chapter 526 - Chapter 526 The Rescue At God Platform


The Ancient God Sword levitated in midair, and the nine souls came out, swaying in the air like shadows.

“No, it’s not good to become a Heavenly Saint. If you want to become a saint, then become an Overlord Saint!”

Dao Lord Xuantian shook his head and said. His words made Jiang Xue curious.

What was an Overlord Saint?

But Zhou Xuanji understood. It was to establish your Dao through strength and become an Overlord Saint that was beyond the Heavenly Law’s control.

Emperor Zhao cried out, “That’s good. Pass your Heavenly Law Violet Qi to me. We will work together and be an unrivaled pair of saints!”

All the other souls ridiculed him for this comment.

You have yet to revive, yet you are thinking about becoming a saint?

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes sparkled, and he said to Jiang Xue, “When the time comes, I will attempt to become an Overlord Saint. You go for the Heavenly Saint. After that, I will transcend the saints and come back to fetch you. Wouldn’t that be awesome?”

Jiang Xue said with hesitance, “Being an Overlord Saint must be dangerous. Don’t take such a risk.”

He had yet to deal with Zhao Canglan, and now he was thinking about becoming a saint already.

She really wanted to open his brain and see what’s inside.

“Let’s continue our journey. And ten years later, I will kill Zhao Canglan.”

Zhou Xuanji stored up the Ancient God Sword and said as he held Jiang Xue’s hand.

“You are really confident in dealing with him?” Jiang Xue said with curled lips.

“Oh yeah, how did he have a grudge against you? What was the war between the two worlds?”

She was too captured by Zhao Canglan’s intent to kill Zhou Xuanji and forgot to ask about this.

Zhou Xuanji gave her a simple reply, and this shocked her.

She said horrifyingly, “The Heavenly Saint really can wipe my memory away… This will not do. I must train harder. I can’t forget you!”

She had totally no recollections of the war between the two worlds. This horrified her.

Zhou Xuanji touched her nose and smiled, “We can put cultivation aside for now. Xiaoxuan wants a younger brother. This we must do now.”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at him and snorted, “You should be the one putting in more effort on this, okay?”

In the blink of an eye.

Di Guanlong’s execution day came.

On the God Platform of the Great Heaven God Dynasty, Di Guanlong knelt on the ground. He was locked by chains, and his eyes were dead. The heavily scarred body made it difficult to imagine what he had been through.

At the edge of the God Platform, crowds of people gathered.

Di Guanlong was a greatly reputable and powerful cultivator. He used to be the most talented genius in the Center God Province until Zhou Xuanji appeared.

In a penthouse faraway, Shi Shenzong stood by the window and gazed at the God Platform.

A white-haired old man was drinking wine in his room. The old man was wearing a taoist robe, and a sword was in his right hand. Even when he poured the wine, the sword never left his hand.

He was Sword Sovereign Gu!

In the Center God Province, he had the highest mastery over the Sword’s Way.

He was also one of the powerful tip-top cultivators in the Center God Province.

“Stop looking. The Great Heaven God Emperor’s cultivation is at Universe Heaven Level Eight. No one in the Center God Province could stand against him. Even I have difficulty defeating him,” Sword Sovereign Gu said casually. In his heart, Di Guanlong was already a dead man.

He was just curious who was behind Di Guanlong.

Based on his understanding, the person behind Di Guanlong must be very powerful.

The Great Heaven God Emperor must have thought so too, or else he would not have made the execution such a grand event.

“Universe Heaven Level Eight…”

Shi Shenzong mumbled to himself. His tone was filled with admiration.

His cultivation had reached the Early Void Extreme Immortal, with the help of the Heavenly Saint’s preaching.

He remembered witnessing Zhou Xuanji breaking through in the preaching site. Sword Sovereign Gu said that Zhou Xuanji had reached Universe Heaven Level One.

The difference between the two of them grew bigger.

However, he was not discouraged but was more motivated.

Many reputed powerful cultivators of the Center God Province gathered at the God Platform. There were representatives from each faction.

They had to show respect to the Great Heaven God Dynasty.

At the same time, they could all see that something was wrong.

The Great Heaven God Emperor must have had a deeper intention by killing Di Guanlong.

Tens of thousands of mighty soldiers circled above the God Platform, in case someone might come to rescue Di Guanlong.

Time passed.

The sun shined brightly above their heads. The Great Heaven God Emperor arrived suddenly.

He was wearing a majestic golden-dragon emperor’s robe and an emperor’s crown on his head. His face showed indifference and dominance.

Someone stood behind him as well. This person had a handsome face and was gowned with luxurious and delicate golden clothing. He was beaming with arrogance in his demeanor.

Emperor Jundao!

First Class Great Emperor, ranked higher than even Zhou Xuanji.

The two landed on the God Platform. Numerous generals appeared in their armor and formed a squad to kneel down in respect.

The Great Heaven God Emperor looked at Di Guanlong. He said loudly, “Di Guanlong humiliated the dignity of our God Empire. Today, his head shall be offered to restore our empire’s dignity. His blood will be offered to restore our empire’s majesty.”

“At the same time, I shall put Di Guanlong’s dead body on an auction. Friends who are into puppetry may come to offer your bids!”


A huge commotion exploded around the God Platform.

Selling his corpse after killing him. This Great Heaven God Emperor was too damn vicious!

Emperor Jundao lifted his chin. Hearing the commotion around him, he was felt disdain.

He hated Di Guanlong.

Because he lost to Di Guanlong by a huge margin.


The Great Heaven God Emperor drew his sword and was prepared to behead Di Guanlong personally. The commotion stopped instantly.

Was Di Guanlong really going to die here?

“Who dares to kill Di Guanlong in front of me?”

At this moment, a voice reverberated throughout the entire God Platform. Everyone turned around in shock.

They saw Zhou Xuanji walking over in midair with the Nine Moon Execution Sword. Jiang Xue was following behind him, sitting on a net formed by five swords.

“Zhou Xuanji!””

Shi Shenzong opened his eyes wide. He did not expect Zhou Xuanji to appear.

It didn’t make sense!

He didn’t know there was any relation between Zhou Xuanji and Di Guanlong!

He suddenly remembered when Zhou Xuanji was on his way back to the Divine Cliff. They encountered Di Guanlong and an old beggar. That old beggar wanted to take Zhou Xuanji as his disciple.

Could it be…

He frowned. Based on his understanding of Zhou Xuanji, the Sword Emperor would not take the old beggar to be his teacher so easily. What was the old beggar’s background?

“Hmm? I can’t see through him!”

Sword Sovereign Gu said in shock. He was confused.

Could Zhou Xuanji have some kind of secret treasure that veiled his cultivation?

At the same time, the Great Heaven God Emperor frowned. He could not see through Zhou Xuanji as well.

“Swod Emperor Zhou Xuanji!”

“He is Zhou Xuanji?”

“Yes, it’s him. I’ve seen him in the preaching site of the Heavenly Saint. Everyone was looking at him when he broke through.”

“So he’s Zhou Xuanji. Such a dominating aura. Is he really only 200 years old?”

“Why do I feel like he’s not weaker than the Great Heaven God Emperor?”

“Why is he rescuing Di Guanlong?”

Everyone was discussing it in shock.

No one had expected Zhou Xuanji to come. He had no relationship with Di Guanlong after all.

The Great Heaven God Emperor looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Sword Emperor, what’s this supposed to mean?”

He said it with an unpleasant tone, as though he was threatening Zhou Xuanji.

But Zhou Xuanji was not afraid of him at all. After experiencing the war between the two worlds, he had become a totally different person, including his state of mind.

If I want him to live, then he shall live. No one can stop it!

“If you don’t understand, then ask the sword in my hand!”

Zhou Xuanji said with cold laughter as he walked toward the Great Heaven God Emperor.