I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 525 - Chapter 525 Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Connecting Heaven Ten Stages

Chapter 525 - Chapter 525 Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Connecting Heaven Ten Stages


Zhou Xuanji flew very slowly and began to preach for Jiang Xue along the way.

Jiang Xue’s cultivation reached Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal. After the Heavenly Saint’s preaching, her cultivation grew quickly and did not lose much to Chen Bantian and Meng Tianlang.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation far surpassed hers. He could use incantations to bring her into enlightening mode to boost her cultivation growth.

Along the way, he preached as he contemplated what he should prepare for Jiang Xue.

Such that even if she lost her memories, she would know that Zhou Xuanji was the most important person to her at the sight of it.

Finally, he decided to take out a jade pendant, creating a virtual recording to record some of Jiang Xue’s own words. It was just like recording a video using a handphone. After the recording, whenever she channels her magic energy into it, the recording will appear.

He felt that it was not enough. What if this girl did not believe in it?

They frequently stopped to tour around. It was fun and carefree.

On the 33rd Heaven, in front of Still Thought Temple.

A white-haired man knelt before the main gate. He was wearing a loose robe embroidered with patterns of flame. A silver circlet was on his head while the pupil-less eyes on his cold-looking face were entirely purple.

The floor-sweeping boy swept in front of him again and again.

Sometime later.

The gate of Still Thought Temple opened suddenly. A powerful force pulled the fiery-robed man into the temple. Next, the gate shut tight again.

Deep within the temple.

Sage Daojing sat on his cultivation mat without opening his eyes and said, “Zhao Canglan, I know why you are here. But you should understand the rules of the war between the two worlds. If you insist, I will destroy you personally. Even Old Ancestor Hongshi will not reasonably disagree with this.”

The person named Zhao Canglan gnashed his teeth. His face was filled with reluctance.

His beloved son, Zhao Gouce, died at Zhou Xuanji’s hands. He could not accept this.

Putting away his emotions, he spent so much time and effort on Zhao Gouce.

When he knew that Zhao Gouce had died, he vomited blood instantly.

He immediately made his way to Still Thought Temple. He asked Sage Daojing to allow him into the Center God Province.

After hearing Sage Daojing’s rejection, Zhao Canglan gnashed his teeth. He flipped out a yellowish parchment on his hand.

He raised it up to Sage Daojing.

The sage noticed something and took over the yellow parchment to take a look.

“Hmm… This is?”

Sage Daojing opened his eyes wide as though he saw something unbelievable.

One must remember that he was the Heavenly Saint. What could be something that even astonished him?

Zhao Canglan spoke, “This is something I found in the void. I did not hand it over to Old Ancestor Hongshi. This is my sincerity. I believe that you will not inform him about this.”

His eyes sparkled, but his face still looked grim.

His heart was bleeding from offering up this treasure.

Sage Daojing’s eyes changed and were weighing the cost and benefits.


He said, “I can allow you to get revenge, but Zhou Xuanji saved the Center God Province after all. Why don’t you give him ten years? I will inform him beforehand and let him prepare. I will provide him with no assistance. Ten years later, I will leave this Great Thousand World, and you should understand the reason for my departure.”

Having heard that, Zhao Canglan agreed immediately.

He cupped his fist and said, “If you can seek the Great Dao, please give me a chance to live. I almost died to get this treasure.”

Sage Daojing replied expressionlessly, “Wait inside Still Thought Temple. You shall leave within ten years.”

Zhao Canglan had no objections. He walked aside and began cultivating.

Under the bright blue sky,, Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue laid down on the hill, enjoying the breeze.

Looking from their perspective, the undulating mountain ranges were majestic and beautiful. The scenery refreshed their mind and made them pleasant.

At this moment, Sage Daojing suddenly appeared on the mountain top and looked down at the two of them.

Zhou Xuanji noticed something and looked up. He was a little surprised to see Sage Daojing.

Why was this old guy here?

Sage Daojing replied calmly, “Zhou Xuanji, I have something to tell you.”

Jiang Xue got up as well and walked with Zhou Xuanji to the mountain top.

“What is it?” Zhou Xuanji asked with curiosity.

Sage Daojing hid nothing and told him about his trade with Zhao Canglan.

Zhou Xuanji was silent.

But Jiang Xue was furious.

“Aren’t you the Heavenly Saint?” she asked with clenched fists, “Are there still things that can move your heart?”

In her eyes, the Heavenly Saint was already the most powerful being that stood toe-to-toe with the Heavenly Law.

Sage Daojing replied faintly, “Although the Heavenly Saints seem powerful, they are the Heavenly Law’s puppets after all. I have found the opportunity to transcend the Heavenly Saints and leave the Great Thousand World after ten years. At that time, Wanshen Great Thousand will have no Heavenly Saint to rule it. With Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation, he should be able to handle it.”

After that, he flipped out a ball of violet Qi and pumped it into Zhou Xuanji’s body.

Jiang Xue grew even more anxious. She checked Zhou Xuanji’s body quickly.

“This is the Heavenly Law Violet Qi. There are nine Laws under the Heavenly Law. It represents the opportunity to become a Heavenly Saint. If I transcend Heavenly Saint or I die, you can become a saint with the help of this violet Qi,” Sage Daojing said. His words shocked Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue.

Heavenly Law Violet Qi, become a saint?

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and asked, “How powerful is Zhao Canglan?”

He had nothing else to say by now.

If the battle was coming, then he shall fight!

“Connecting Heaven Stage One.”

Sage Daojing replied. Zhou Xuanji frowned. He surpassed Universe Heaven indeed.

Jiang Xue was curious. What was Connecting Heaven Stage One?

Sage Daojing replied, “The mortal realm begins with Qi Nurturing, and then goes on with Foundation Building, Enlightening, Inner Pellet, Soul Fountain, Astral Infant, Astral Projection, Spirit Refinement, and Great Realization. Surpassing the mortals, one goes through the Nine Tribulation Scattered Immortal, Ten Revolution Golden Immortal, Void Extreme Immortal, Heavenly Law True God, Eighteen Levels of Universe Heaven, and Ten Stages of Connecting Heaven. After that, one will be qualified to become a saint. But if one has no Heavenly Law Violet Qi, he or she could not become a saint.”

Ten Stages of Connecting Heaven!

Zhou Xuanji thought about the grades of his legendary swords suddenly.

Ancient Gazing, Disaster Releasing, Universe Essence, Overturning Heaven, Connecting Heaven, Nine Extreme, and Primordial Chaos!

Could the sword’s Connecting Heaven grade correspond to the Connecting Heaven Ten Stages, while the Nine Extreme corresponded to the Nine Saints?

What about the Primordial Chaos?

Surpassing the Heavenly Law?

Sage Daojing’s body grew transparent. He stared at Zhou Xuanji and said, “I see hope in you. If I fail in transcending Heavenly Saint, I hope you can manage Wanshen Great Thousand well.”

After he spoke, he disappeared.

He was never worried that Zhou Xuanji would be killed by Zhao Canglan.

Zhou Xuanji calmed himself down and fell into silence.

“Xuanji,” she said anxiously, “What should we do?

Connecting Heaven Stage One!

She remembered that Zhou Xuanji just broke through Universe Heaven not long ago. Eighteen levels of difference were not to be surpassed.

Zhou Xuanji smiled in reply, “Don’t worry, I will not die.”

After that, he took out the Ancient God Sword to speak with the nine souls.

This time, he introduced the nine souls to Jiang Xue.

After knowing that Liu Wuji, Emperor Zhao, and the other seniors were in the Ancient God Sword, she was greatly astonished. As for the origin of the Ancient God Sword, she did not ask.