I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 524 - Chapter 524 A Totally Different Person

Chapter 524 - Chapter 524 A Totally Different Person


“Seems like the Heavenly Saint really favors you.”

Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around Zhou Xuanji’s and smiled while looking at him with gentle eyes.

This was her man. A man that the world could rely on. Everywhere he went, he was the brightest of them all.

“Say, if one day the Heavenly Saint wiped your memory and you no longer remember, what should we do?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile.

Jiang Xue frowned slightly and said, “I will surely remember you.”

She began worrying all of a sudden.

The Heavenly Saint was almost omnipotent. It was not difficult to wipe her memory.

She felt somewhat uneasy and said, “Why don’t you leave me with something or a mark. Whenever I see it, I will know that you are someone important to me.”

Seeing how nervous she was, Zhou Xuanji burst out laughing.

This woman was just as cute as before.

Zhou Xuanji began thinking about what to give to her.

Just in case that the Heavenly Saint may become his enemy one day, he had to be on guard.

After that, they flew up to visit Zhou Xiao Xuan, Bai Suwan, and the others.

Xiao Jingghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others had ascended. Chen Bantian, Meng Tianlang, Lin Changge, and Ning Zifeng were traveling outisde.

Emperor Sword Court was guarded by Daoya Old Man, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, and Han Shenbo.

With Zhou Xuanji’s accomplishments in the Center God Province, there wouldn’t be rebels in Emperor Sword Court.

As for enemy attacks, it was even more impossible. Beixiao Wangjian and the others became Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals after the preaching. They were uneasily unrivaled in the mortal realm.

Two hours later.

Zhou Xuanji came to visit Yang Yutian in the Cliff Lord Palace.

Yang Yutian was handling matters of the Divine Cliff. Somehow, Zhou Xuanji sensed that something was wrong with the Cliff Lord. He could see a tinge of a bale aura and fatigue on his face.

“Are you okay?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. Yang Yutian was the Cliff Lord after all. Although he was not as talented as Hang Xuzi, he did not let matters run amok in the Divine CLiff.

“Why would anything happen to me? Don’t worry,” Yang Yutian said as he shook his head with a smile.”

In the entire Divine Cliff, he would only smile to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji said intently, “I spent some time cultivating at the Heavenly Saint’s place. I’m a totally different person. If the Divine Cliff needs help, tell me straight away. I’m not afraid of making enemies.”

The Divine Cliff suffered a huge loss to protect. So, it was natural that he protect the Divine Cliff now.

He will not show mercy to whoever wanted to harm the Divine Cliff.

Yang Yutian was a little stunned, and he seemed to be struggling.

“If I have difficulty, I will find you,” he forced a smile and replied.”

And now, Zhou Xuanji had nothing appropriate to say. They both exchanged some formalities, and then he left.

Looking at his back, Yang Yutian sighed softly.

After the war between the two worlds, the Center God Province returned to peace again. Mo Jiuqing was still seeking his revenge, and the immortal army would come down to eliminate evil forces. There were battles between each faction as well.

Zhou Xuanji felt a little dazzled.

With a cultivation of Universe Heaven Level Ten, everyone felt like a mortal to him.

It was not that he grew arrogant, but it was just that the difference in cultivation was too great.

An ordinary person would never genuinely take ants to be of equal existence. They would only show respect in their words.

Zhou Xuanji returned to the Northern Wilderness Region and passed the natural resources he collected previously to Daoya Old Man for him to cultivate.

He exited the mortal realm and came to the void between the mortal realm and the Great Thousand World.

The void was extremely dark. Only Heavenly Law True Gods and above could see the things inside.

He took out the Demon God Tianwu duplicate and began studying it.

He was very curious about why the body of Demon God Tianwu was this horrifying.

He cast his Divine Abilities against Demon God Tianwu, gradually increasing the intensity.

Finally, he realized that he could do no harm to Demon God Tianwu.

“This is a great treasure!”

Zhou Xuanji said with excitement. Demon God Tianwu had already become his puppet and was fully subservient to him. It fought with its instinct, which would not become a distraction for Zhou Xuanji.

He continued to study Demon God Tianwu’s body.

He realized that the demon’s muscles were strengthened to an overwhelming state. They were the hardest he had seen before.

A month passed quickly

He had still not comprehended the powerful mystery of Demon God Tianwu’s great prowess.

Talent seemed to be the only explanation.

Dao Lord Xuantian said that the Ten Demon Gods were the pinnacles and ancestors of the demon race. They once reigned over each Great Thousand Worlds. Because they were too powerful, all the other races worked together and overcame them eventually. After that, the demons mixed among the other races to continue living. Today, the demon bloodline was no longer pure.

The only true demons were the demon ancestors in the demon realm.

This demon ancestor was one of the Ten Demon Gods. He was extremely powerful and was second only to the Heavenly Saints.

This day, Zhou Xuanji stored Demon God Tianwu’s body into the Tianxia Map and was prepared to leave.

“Stop. Hand over the Demon God’s body. Or else, I’m going to take it by force!”

An imposing shout came.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and saw a muscular man with six wings looking at him. This person was wearing thick bronze armor. His face was like a fierce tiger with brown hair.

Universe Heaven Level Ten!

No wonder this guy dared to offend him!

Zhou Xuanji took out the Nine Moon Execution Sword and said with seemingly a smile, “If I’m not willing? You are going to kill me? Can you do it?”

The provocative words enraged the six-winged man instantly.

He took out a gigantic saber and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

Before he reached Zhou Xuanji, his saber Qi swept toward Zhou Xuanji ghastily across the void.

Zhou Xuanji blocked it with ease by activating his Sword Soul.

Since his opponent sought death, then he shall grant him!

He immediately activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. A billion ethereal swords pervaded the void and surrounded the six-winged man densely.

The man’s expression changed drastically. Just when he was about to speak, the billion ethereal swords thrust toward him simultaneously.


Sword Qi exploded and illuminated the place with a powerful radiance. Zhou Xuanji looked without expression and got up slowly.

His opponent was fully dead!

In the same cultivation stage, whoever dared to find him trouble would be equal to seeking death!

Zhou Xuanji stepped out of the void and returned to the Northern Wilderness Region before coming to the Divine Cliff through the portal.

Killing the six-winged man was just a small matter for him. He did not take it seriously.

After returning to his residence, Fei Hai found him.

“Senior, the Great Heaven God Dynasty was going to execute Di Guanlong. They have invited everyone to witness it. You have received an invitation.”

After that, Fei Hai took out a red invitation.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. The old beggar had yet to rescue Di Guanlong?

Something happened?

He opened the invitation. The execution was eight months later, on the God Platform of the Great Heaven God Dynasty.

After some thought, he decided to go and take a look.

With his current cultivation, it was meaningless to continue to grind his cultivation. It was better for him to travel about.

On the day itself, he left with Jiang Xue.

Zhou Xiaoxuan, Xiao Chan, and Bai Suwan wanted to follow, but Zhou Xuanji rejected. This made them rather sad.

It was a rare opportunity to spend time with his wife. Zhou Xuanji did not want others to disrupt them.

The two flew amidst the clouds like a pair of immortal couples.

“We can try to give Xiaoxuan a younger brother along the way.”

Zhou Xuanji said with a humorous smile, and Jiang Xue was excited about it.