I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 523 - Chapter 523 – Returning To The Center God Province

Chapter 523 - Chapter 523 – Returning To The Center God Province


The pillar of Heavenly Law Fate was like the only source of light in the dark world, and within it, Zhou Xuanji was the god.

Old Ancestor Red Lion’s voice suddenly sounded out, completely cold and emotionless.

“The war between two worlds has concluded; all creatures in the Abyss Pearl Mainland will perish.” After he spoke, no matter where they were, all creatures in the Abyss Pearl Mainland turned into ash without any pain.

Zhou Xuanji, Marquis, and Feng Yuxiu were fine, and they silently waited.

The Heavenly Law was both fair as well as emotionless.

The winners were the kings while the losers died.

In less than five breaths of time, all creatures disappeared.

At the same time, Sage Daojing’s voice sounded in the Center God Province.

“The war between two worlds has concluded. Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji has destroyed the Abyss Pearl Mainland single handedly! The Center God Province is victorious!”

All creatures in the Centre God Province could hear his voice.

In that moment, cheers shook the heavens and earth.

“Zhou Xuanji is so amazing!”

“He’s too powerful! One person single handedly destroying an entire world!”

“We don’t have to die!”

“From today onwards, who will dare to offend Zhou Xuanji?”

“Am I dreaming? How could he win by himself?”

“Do you dare to doubt the Heavenly Saint’s words?”

The whole world was sent into an uproar, and all of the cities were shouting Zhou Xuanji’s name.

At the Divine Cliff, within a residence, Zhou Xiaoxuan was hugging Jiang Xue as she excitedly shouted. Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan were also very excited.

Jiang Xue was not too emotional, and she had a smile on her face but her gaze was very calm.

She had always believed that Zhou Xuanji would win.

Within the Center God Province, everyone who had dealings with Zhou Xuanji were all shocked.

This fellow was already this terrifying?

At the Abyss Pearl Mainland, within the darkened heavens and earth.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation reached Universe Heaven Level 10, and the pillar of Heavenly Fate began to dissipate.

An irresistible suction force bound him, dragging him upwards, and this was the same for Marquis.

Feng Yuxiu remained where she was, silently looking at him.

Zhou Xuanji looked at her and said, “Thank you for your help.”

From the start, Feng Yuxiu had never asked anything of him, and she had only just followed him.

Because of Feng Yuxiu, he had learned of an even higher sky.

“If we meet in the future, I hope you will be even stronger,” Feng Yuxiu said, her voice traveling into Zhou Xuanji’s ears despite the distance.

Within the darkness and cold winds, she looked like she would be devoured at any moment.

Zhou Xuanji lightly nodded, and soon, he and Marquis turned into two rainbow lights that flew into the sky.

When they were far away from the ground, they saw another ray of light shooting towards them, coming closer and closer.

Marquis cursed out, “So that fellow didn’t die and was hiding this entire time!”

He felt quite displeased; he had gone through all kinds of things with Zhou Xuanji, and even though he had not done much, he had at least followed.

But what about Great Emperor Wuwang?

He had been cultivating by himself while they were facing so much pressure.

He could not tolerate this

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed; for some reason, Great Emperor Wuwang made him feel a trace of danger, as well as made him inwardly feel a bit of disgust.

This feeling was instinctive, and it was quite strange.

Zhou Xuanji put all of his swords into the Supreme Storage and waited to return to the Center God Province.

The three rays of light combined together, and they saw Great Emperor Wuwang.

Great Emperor Wuwang looked somewhat devilish; the edges of his eyes were a deep red, and both his eyes were blood-red. His figure had also become more muscular, and his hair reached his feet.

“What happened to you?” Marquis asked as he frowned. Did this fellow become bedevilled?

Great Emperor Wuwang smirked and gave a sinister smile as he said, “I’m very well; I just obtained a fortuitous opportunity.”

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “This war was won all thanks to you.”

Zhou Xuanji lightly nodded and did not say anything.

Great Emperor Wuwang walked to the corner and sat down cross-legged and continued to cultivate; he did not seem happy about winning the war at all.

“It’s strange,” Marquis said as he rubbed his chin. He had said this out loud purposefully for Great Emperor Wuwang, but it was a pity that Great Emperor Wuwang did not respond.

They were sucked into the universe and quickly flew towards the Center God Province.

Zhou Xuanji turned and looked around, appreciating this vast sea of stars.

“The Void…” He spaced out and thought back to Feng Yuxiu’s description. He had a feeling that one day, he would head to the Void to seek even greater power.

After a while, they returned to Still Thought Temple.

Sage Daojing was smiling as he looked at them.

Marquis asked first, “How is the situation in the Center God Province, in terms of injuries and deaths?”

Sage Daojing stroked his beard as he replied, “Fortunately, a junior called Gu Tianxia appeared. He was able to suppress the Abyss Pearl Mainland’s three Children of Destiny by himself. In other words, the Center God Province did not suffer much harm.”

Zhou Xuanji and the others were stunned.

Gu Tianxia!

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of that eyeball; was it really Gu Tianxia’s eye?

No wonder Sage Daojing had taken it from within Zhou Xuanji’s body. It had been for the war between two worlds.

What deep planning!

“Now, I will wipe away the memories of the war between two worlds from all living creatures. Apart from all of you and Gu Tianxia, no one will remember this war. Even if you bring it up, they will not remember,” Sage Daojing said as he smiled. Zhou Xuanji and the others did not have any objections.

Zhou Xuanji only felt a bit of a pity.

He had been so cool, but no one would remember.

This was good too; his enemies would not know his true strength.

It was just that he did not know if creatures of other Provinces would know what had happened in the Center God Province during this time.

“Don’t worry, once the war between two worlds begins, the worlds will be isolated from other worlds. Apart from mortal creatures who ascended from the lower realms, no other creature can go in or use their divine sense to get information,” Sage Daojing said as he looked at Zhou Xuanji, as if he could read minds.

Zhou Xuanji’s hair stood on end from that look.

“Alright, you can go your own ways now. Of course, you can remain in Still Thought Temple to cultivate,” Sage Daojing said as he smiled before closing his eyes.

Marquis paused for a moment before asking, “Are there no rewards?”

Sage Daojing did not open his eyes as he replied, “You should have all obtained great fortuitous opportunities; that is your reward.”

Zhou Xuanji gave a light smile before turning and leaving.

Great Emperor Wuwang bowed to Sage Daojing before also leaving.

Marquis was angered and said, “I didn’t obtain any fortuitous opportunities!”

Not only had he not obtained any fortuitous opportunities, but he had also been tortured for a period of time, making him suffer immense pain.

However, no matter what he said, Sage Daojing continued to ignore him, making him so angry that he stamped his feet.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang walked out of Still Thought Temple together.

Great Emperor Wuwang looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Zhou Xuanji, you are very powerful and cannot be compared to before. I hope we will never be enemies.”

Zhou Xuanji gave a smile that did not seem like a smile as he looked at Great Emperor Wuwang and said, “I very rarely nurture enemies.”

Great Emperor Wuwang laughed and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji rushed into the sea of clouds and flew back to the Divine Cliff.

His Universe Heaven Level 10 cultivation was incredibly powerful, and he quickly passed from the 32 heavens.

After returning to the Divine Cliff, he appeared in the courtyard.

Jiang Xue, who was cultivating under a tree, opened her eyes and harrumphed as she said, “Where did you go while the Heavenly Saint was expounding the Dao? You didn’t say anything before leaving us behind!”

Zhou Xuanji walked over to her and squatted down, and he stroked her face as he laughed and said, “I was taken away by the Heavenly Saint to cultivate at Still Thought Temple. Look, I came back especially to see you.”

The memories of the war between two worlds really had been erased.