I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 522 - Chapter 522 – Victory

Chapter 522 - Chapter 522 – Victory


Clang! Clang! Clang…

Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Gouce entered an intense fight. The swords and golden fan continuously collided, resulting in sparks flying everywhere. The two of them went up to the sky and down into the ground, and they did not stop for even a moment.

The two of them leapt back from each other, and Zhao Gouce held his fan with one hand, quickly swinging it.

Countless fiery winds rushed at Zhou Xuanji from all directions, looking like an all-encompassing net that could not be avoided.

Zhou Xuanji rushed towards Zhao Gouce, unleashing Tri-source Vein Severing Sword. The sword qi was like a torrential rain, ripping through the fiery wind.

Zhao Gouce swept out with his leg as fast as lightning and with great force, and it was as if he was going to kick the sky apart.

Zhou Xuanji directly unleashed the Ancestor Dragon Sword, turning into the five-clawed dragon and going up to meet Zhao Gouce.

Under the assault from the 30,000 meter long, five-clawed golden dragon, Zhao Gouce was forced down to the ground.

He tensed his legs, allowing him to remain standing.

The five-clawed golden dragon pressed down on him and flew forwards incredibly quickly, passing through 100 kilometers in the blink of an eye, crashing through many icy mountains.

Zhao Gouce was expressionless, and a violet soul condensed behind him. The violet soul punched out, and a terrifying energy caused the five-clawed golden dragon to instantly shatter.

Zhou Xuanji’s real body was revealed, and he rushed up towards the sky, wanting to use World Suppressing.

Zhao Gouce kicked off the ground and quickly chased after him.


A shocking roar sounded out as Zhao Gouce opened his mouth and an evil spirit shot out. It had a greenish black face and sharp fangs. It was incredibly big and slammed into Zhou Xuanji like a mountain.

Nine Sword Souls condensed behind Zhou Xuanji, and they continuously attacked, destroying the evil spirit, causing Zhao Gouce to fall back down.

‘This fellow’s magic energy is so strong!’ Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. Even when he was in the Divine Moon Status, his power and speed could barely rival Zhao Gouce.

Just how strong was this fellow’s cultivation?

Zhou Xuanji didn’t know that Zhao Gouce was also feeling incredibly shocked.

Zhou Xuanji’s body was filled with a power that he was unfamiliar with, but he could tell that Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation was only at Universe Heaven Level 8.

How could someone with Universe Heaven Level 8 cultivation hold such powerful divine energy?

Zhou Xuanji unleashed the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, and one billion sword shadows appeared above his head, shooting towards Zhao Gouce like a typhoon.

They were incredibly loud, as if the sky was collapsing!

Zhao Gouce suddenly took out a sword and slashed towards the sky.

Violet sword qi that resembled a mountain range flowed out, destroying tens of millions of sword shadows.

The other sword shadows continued to descend, shooting towards Zhao Gouce.

Zhao Gouce was quickly inundated by the sword shadows, while Zhou Xuanji rushed up above the clouds.

“It’s coming!” Marquis said excitedly. The world-destroying strike from before was finally coming!

Feng Yuxiu looked at Zhou Xuanji tightly, wanting to see through this strike.


A powerful light shined out, destroying all of the sword shadows.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji descended from the sky, the Nine Moon Execution Sword pointing downwards. It was as if Mount Tai was falling down, and he was as fast as a meteor.

Zhao Gouce’s pupils constricted, and he felt a sense of crisis.

He instinctively wanted to dodge, but just as he leapt up, Zhou Xuanji suddenly used Universal Attraction and sucked Zhao Gouce over while his sword descended.


A powerful light blasted out, and terrifying sword qi rampaged through the heavens and earth. Feng Yuxiu hurriedly unleashed a barrier to protect herself and Marquis.

Their surroundings were filled with sword qi, making it so that they were unable to see what was going on.

This scene made Marquis’ blood roil, and he tightly gripped his fists as he muttered, “You have to win!”

The earlier they won, the more lives they would be able to save.

Sword qi continuously blasted out, making it seem as if the heavens and earth were collapsing and that the apocalypse was coming.

After a long time, Marquis and Feng Yuxiu suddenly heard the sound of a collision.

“Could it be…” Marquis’ eyes widened as cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

The powerful light gradually dissipated, and they could finally see Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Gouce.

Zhao Gouce was covered with blood, but his aura was still quite powerful.

Zhou Xuanji’s black clothes fluttered and he was unscathed, seeming like he had the upper hand.

“Zhou Xuanji, you’re indeed very powerful!” Zhao Gouce said, his tone just as cold.

Zhou Xuanji replied coolly, “This is far from my strongest!”

He condensed the battle Path Flame Soul, and green flames wrapped around the white light surrounding him.

He then used Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep, and he had all of his swords defend against Zhao Gouce’s attacks while he raised the Nine Moon Execution Sword and gathered Divine Moon Energy.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland violently trembled.

At this point, the Abyss Pearl Mainland understood that the critical battle had arrived!

It wanted to give all of its power to Zhou Xuanji so that he could take revenge for it!

Mountains exploded and massive tsunamis swept out on oceans.

This was the roar of a divine moon!

It was not willing to become the Abyss Pearl Mainland, which all creatures stepped on!

It was a high and mighty divine moon that should be looking down at all creatures!

Zhao Gouce began to feel panicked. He could sense that the heavens and earth were filling Zhou Xuanji with some sort of power and that his aura was continuously rising.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression became pained.

Even though he had Universe Heaven Level 8 cultivation, he could not withstand such berserk Divine Moon Energy.

Zhao Gouce rushed at Zhou Xuanji. He came in front of Zhou Xuanji in a single step, and his golden fan gave off boundless lightning that turned into a lightning net, preparing to surround Zhou Xuanji.

White light exploded out from Zhou Xuanji’s body, blocking the lightning.

The nine Sword Souls behind him madly attacked, continuously forcing Zhao Gouce back.

“Zhao Gouce, I’ll return those words to you. You’re indeed very powerful, but it’s a pity that I’m unable to have a true battle with you. You’re about to die!”

Zhou Xuanji said in a low voice as he looked down at Zhou Xuanji. After speaking, he vigorously threw out the Nine Moon Execution Sword!

The sword turned into a ray of white light that shot into the sky before suddenly descending and shooting towards Zhao Gouce.

In the turbid heavens and earth, this ray of white light seemed extremely eye-catching.

The sword traveled incredibly quickly!

Zhao Gouce felt immense danger, and instinctively dodged.

However, the Nine Moon Execution Sword became even faster!

A powerful light appeared!

World Suppressing!


The Nine Moon Execution Sword slammed into Zhao Gouce and brought him downwards, crashing into the ruined ground.

The land violently trembled and all of the snow had long since melted, causing an ocean-like body of water to heave.

Zhou Xuanji instantly felt a massive wave of magic energy flow into his body.

His mental state instantly recovered, and he raised his right hand and the Nine Moon Execution Sword flew back into his hand.

He grinned and muttered, “Zhao Gouce, I hope you are able to have another life because in this battle, I win!” Zhou Xuanji canceled the Divine Moon Status and began to break through.

The Divine Moon Energy from the Nine Moon Execution Sword began to help him suppress the raging magic energy within his body.


Thunderclouds gathered and Heavenly Law Fate descended, dispelling the turbidity in the heavens and earth as it fell on Zhou Xuanji’s body.

He really won…” Feng Yuxiu’s eyes widened, unable to understand.

But why was the Abyss Pearl Mainland disregarding everything to help Zhou Xuanji?

Why could Zhou Xuanji endure this power, which surpassed the Universe Heaven realm?

Marquis was incredibly excited and loudly laughed as he shouted, “He won! He won!”

After Zhou Xuanji finished absorbing the Heavenly Law Fate, the war between two worlds would conclude.

The Center God Province had been saved!

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji’s aura began to madly rise.

Soon, he broke through to Universe Heaven Level 9, and it still continued!

“Very good! Let’s keep going like this!” Zhou Xuanji said excitedly. When he returned to the Center God Province, he would return in great power and glory.

Even without the powerful Divine Moon Status, he would be unrivaled!

If he met Malicious Buddha again, he would make that fellow taste despair!