I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 521 - Chapter 521 – Sword Emperor Vs Strongest In The Abyss Pearl Mainland

Chapter 521 - Chapter 521 – Sword Emperor Vs Strongest In The Abyss Pearl Mainland


Because Feng Yuxiu was by the side, Zhou Xuanji could not take out Demon God Tianwu to examine him. He did not cultivate either because there was a massive amount of immortal energy stored in the Tianxia Map. After all, he had absorbed the magic energy of billions of creatures from the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

Marquis went into a state of comprehension. Over the past few years, he had experienced much, and he wanted to settle down and comprehend them properly.

Time passed day by day.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland became more and more chaotic. The three God Dynasties and eight Sanctums were gone, and all remaining creatures did as their hearts pleased. In the face of despair, they did whatever they wanted, living recklessly.

Great Emperor Wuwang did not appear; perhaps he really had died.

If he was still alive, after hearing about what had happened, he would quickly come and find Zhou Xuanji and Marquis.

Of course, there was another possibility, which was that he had found a great opportunity.

Three months quickly passed.

Zhou Xuanji could not bear to sit here any longer. Rather than just sitting here, he might as well search for treasures in the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

He told Marquis his thoughts, and Marquis immediately agreed. They asked Feng Yuxiu to lead the way.

For the sake of her death tribulation, Feng Yuxiu was willing to guide them.

For some reason, with Zhou Xuanji by her side, she felt at peace. This feeling was quite strange, making her become even more curious about Zhou Xuanji.

“Does the Abyss Pearl Mainland have any powerful treasures? Especially those that can increase one’s cultivation,” Zhou Xuanji asked. It was not for himself that he was asking.

He hoped to find some spirit plants that he could take back and plant in order to help the Divine Cliff and Emperor Sword Court grow.

Feng Yuxiu thought and said, “I’ll take you to the south side. There’s a snowy region there, and the treasures there can live for a long time, as it is quite a deserted place.”

Marquis asked out of curiosity, “How many mainlands like the Abyss Pearl Mainland are there in the Zhenggan Great Thousand?”

When they had first descended, they had seen many mainlands that looked like islands. They were about the same size, and there were not any that were significantly bigger.

“At least a few hundred; I’m not sure about the precise number. I began training under my teacher from a young age and never traveled through the Zhenggan Great Thousand,” Feng Yuxiu replied. Zhou Xuanji and Marquis looked at each other, and both could see the amazement in each other’s eyes.

The disciple of a Heavenly Saint was indeed remarkable.

The three of them began flying towards the south.

Outside the Zhenggan Great Thousand, a figure quickly sped through the universe, even faster than a meteorite.

There was a faint white light around his body, and his facial features were cold and handsome. His silver hair continuously danced, and he wore a blue and white robe, while there was a folding fan that gave off a golden light on his back.

He was Zhao Gouce.

Recently, he had felt quite unsettled and was unable to focus on cultivating; he had to go back to the Abyss Pearl Mainland to have a look.

His eyes were calm as he looked ahead of him, his gaze not shifting at all.


A golden light shot over from ahead, causing him to tilt his head to the side and easily avoid it.

In front of him appeared an incredibly big figure.

This person’s body gave off a golden light, and he was 30,000 meters tall. He had 12 wings on his back, and he had an extremely powerful aura.

Zhao Gouce stopped and asked in a low voice, “Who are you, sir, and why are you obstructing me?”

The golden figure replied, “Zhao Gouce, I advise you not to go back. The Abyss Pearl Mainland has been chosen to participate in the war between two worlds and is in grave danger. It is on the verge of perishing; if you go back no, it will be useless, and you will be put in danger as well.”

War between two worlds!

Zhao Gouce’s expression changed and he said in a low voice, “Are you provoking me?”

He did not even know this person, and he was most likely not telling him these things out of goodwill.

“Hahaha, Zhao Gouce, you’re greatly valued by Old Ancestor Hongshi. If you die at the hands of the Center God Province’s Sword Emperor, won’t you be losing face for Old Ancestor Hongshi?”

The golden figure loudly laughed, and just as he spoke, Zhao Gouce pierced through him and quickly flew towards the Zhenggan Great Thousand.

Zhao Gouce quickly disappeared into the depths of the universe.

The golden figure slowly turned and said in a low voice, “Zhao Gouce, even if you can kill that Sword Emperor, you will not be able to live for long.

“This is your fate.”

In a snowy land, Zhou Xuanji wandered forwards, holding the Nine Moon Execution Sword in his hand as he picked up white flowers that resembled snow lotuses. He pulled them up from the root and placed them in the Supreme Storage.

Marquis and Feng Yuxiu stood on a hill, looking at the sky.

Looking out from here, they could see the starry sky. Countless stars were above the thin layer of clouds, painting a beautiful scene.

“He’s coming, I can already sense his aura,” Feng Yuxiu muttered as she suddenly frowned.

Marquis asked, “How powerful is his aura?”

The key battle was approaching.

If Zhou Xuanji could kill Zhao Gouce, the war between two worlds would come to a close.

Feng Yuxiu replied, “He’s very powerful; he has already surpassed Universe Heaven and is only a single step from the next level.”

Hearing this, Marquis tightly frowned.

Now that things had come to this, he could only choose to believe in Zhou Xuanji.

He turned and saw that Zhou Xuanji was still focused on collecting treasures, as if he did not know that Zhao Gouce was coming.

Without realizing it, at some point, he had stopped being able to see through Zhou Xuanji.

This feeling felt like he was looking up at a senior.

An hour later.

“Creatures of the Abyss Pearl Mainland, do not panic. I, Zhao Gouce, will personally kill the Center God Province’s Zhou Xuanji. Please wait in peace and do not make any trouble!” Zhao Gouce’s voice sounded out, his tone cold, filled with a soul-freezing killing intent.

He was currently standing above a ruined city.

He floated in the air, and looking down, there were only ruins filled with broken stones. It was difficult to imagine that this was once a city.

Looking out, the nearby mountains and forests were completely barren.

He gripped his fists tightly as he gnashed his teeth and said, “Zhou Xuanji, I’m going to tear you to pieces!”

After saying this, he turned into a rainbow light and rushed towards the south.

Zhou Xuanji, who was collecting flowers, suddenly stopped.

His swords appeared around him, and his black clothes lightly fluttered. The Solar Soul Source Crown gave off cold light, and his gaze became sharp.

The Cultivation-Absorbing Demon Sealer appeared in his left hand. This Disaster Releasing sword was completely blood-red, and the hilt looked like an evil demon’s face, incredibly savage and terrifying.


His body gave off blinding white light, and his aura skyrocketed as the snowy land beneath him shattered.

Marquis was given a fright and anxiously asked, “Is he coming?”

Feng Yuxiu lightly nodded before flying up and distancing herself from Zhou Xuanji.

Marquis hurriedly followed behind her. This was a battle between titans, and he did not dare to participate so that he would not be mistakenly injured.

Soon, he could feel an incredibly terrifying killing intent come from over the horizon, and he turned and looked.


Zhao Gouce passed through him and Feng Yuxiu, charging towards Zhou Xuanji with extreme speed.

Marquis’ eyes widened and his hair stood on end.

In that moment, he had felt the aura of death.

Zhao Gouce took out the golden folding fan from behind him and slashed towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji raised one sword to block.


The ground beneath him was blown to smithereens, forming a terrifying abyss.

Zhao Gouce’s expression was icy cold, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

He could see Zhou Xuanji’s gaze through the white light.

It was just as icy cold!

It was the first time the two of them had met. Neither of them said anything and directly began to fight.