I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 520 - Chapter 520 – Mysterious Void

Chapter 520 - Chapter 520 – Mysterious Void


“It’s a sword technique I created myself called World Suppressing: suppressing the world with one sword. Isn’t it mighty?” Zhou Xuanji said as he harrumphed. Only he knew the sword techniques from the Supreme Legendary Sword System, so him claiming that it was something he had created was not inexcusable.

Hearing this, Feng Yuxiu repeated the name, “World Suppressing… World… Suppressing…”

That sword strike from before indeed had the oppressiveness of suppressing the world!

After that one sword strike had landed, everything in the heavens and earth had been reduced to nothing, and even Li Yishen had been instantly killed despite how powerful he was, unable to resist at all.

She sighed and said, “You already have the strength to fight with Zhao Gouce.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at her and said, “Only to fight with him? Not beat him with 100% certainty?”

Feng Yuxiu was just about to reply when she stopped herself. She remembered how powerful this boy’s potential was; if he had a hidden trump card, she would lose even more face.

As such, she fell silent.

Seeing that she did not answer, Zhou Xuanji felt quite dull and did not pay any more attention to her.

After the three God Dynasties and eight Sanctums were destroyed, Zhou Xuanji the others began to travel about with no destination.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland was completely panicked, and the famous experts all hid themselves; it was impossible for them to be at their bases, waiting for Zhou Xuanji to find them.

If he could defeat Zhao Gouce, the war between the two worlds would most likely conclude.

Zhao Gouce was first on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking, and his strength already surpassed the Abyss Pearl Mainland, but he had not left. The Abyss Pearl Mainland was something he could not let go, so he would occasionally come back.

According to Feng Yuxiu, with Zhao Gouce’s personality, upon seeing the state of the Abyss Pearl Mainland, he would come and seek out Zhou Xuanji.

“What’s the relationship between you and Zhao Gouce, for you to have such an understanding of him?” Zhou Xuanji asked teasingly, “Don’t tell me he’s your lover? Would you go crazy and try to kill me if I kill him?”

Feng Yuxiu’s gaze became icy as she said, “There’s a big gap in seniority between us. I live only to pursue the Great Dao and will not be entrapped by feelings; I hope that you will show some respect.”

Marquis could not help but laugh, causing Feng Yuxiu to glare at him.

The relations between the three of them became much more relaxed.

Feng Yuxiu would tell them much about the Great Thousand World and Void so that they would be better prepared when they left the Center God Province.

They knew of nine Great Thousand Worlds, and legends said that before, there were even more Great Thousand Worlds. However, in order to better manage them, the Heavenly Saints destroyed those Great Thousand Worlds.

“In the future, it’s best if you don’t casually enter the Void,” Feng Yuxiu said with deep intent, “Legends say that long ago, a Heavenly Saint disappeared in the depths of the Void and a new Heavenly Saint took his place. Less than half of the experts who go to the Void come back alive.”

It was that terrifying?

Zhou Xuanji and Marquis looked at each other.

They had thought that the Heavenly Saints were omnipotent, and they had never thought that there would be a place that could threaten them.

“It’s said that the war between two worlds is to prevent the Great Thousand Worlds from expanding out and entering the Void. That’s why the Heavenly Saints join together to do this,” Feng Yuxiu continued, causing Zhou Xuanji to raise his eyebrows.

Didn’t this woman know there were gods above?

Wasn’t she afraid of the Heavenly Saints knowing?

Feng Yuxiu could tell what he was thinking and said, “The Zhenggan Great Thousand’s Heavenly Saint is my teacher.”

Zhou Xuanji and Marquis’ expressions became strange.

This woman had such an impressive background?

No wonder she spoke so daringly.

Zhou Xuanji felt weak at heart; if he attacked Feng Yuxiu, would the Heavenly Saint take revenge on him?

When he watched the Investiture of the Gods, the Heavenly Saints would punish anyone who dared to attack their disciples.

After Feng Yuxiu revealed her background, Zhou Xuanji and Marquis no longer dared to treat her rudely.

Feng Yuxiu did not act high and mighty either, and she would truthfully respond to whatever they asked her.

Within the boundless starry sky, Sage Daojing and another elder were playing chess. They were floating in the air, and the chessboard in front of them was quite strange; it looked like a taichi diagram, and there were many complex patterns within it. Each of them had 50 pieces; one side was white and one side was black.

The elder playing chess with Sage Daojing was Feng Yuxiu’s teacher. He had a muscular body and wore red robes, and his hair was tied by a gold string.

“Hongshi, looks like you’re going to lose this game of chess,” Sage Daojing said as he smiled. As he spoke, a few of his opponent’s pieces fell.

Old Ancestor Hongshi harrumphed and said, “So what if I lose? You’ve lost to me so many times before, so what if I let you win one round?”

His tone then changed as he asked, “This boy is not simple; how did you nurture him?”

Below the Heavenly Saints, everything was in their sight.

“It’s quite strange, I can’t even see through this boy,” Sage Daojing said as he shook his head and laughed. He then paused before saying, “He may have obtained some fortuitous opportunity from the Void.”

Hearing this, Old Ancestor Hongshi became even more interested and said, “If you give him to me, you can choose anyone from my side.”

Sage Daojing asked teasingly, “Would you be willing, even if I picked Mengyan?”



“Have we ever lied to each other before?”

“Forget it, I’m not trading.”


Old Ancestor Hongshi was angered by Sage Daojing, and he swung his hand at Sage Daojing. However, Sage Daojing leaned back and dodged.

The two of them were like old children and were filled with amusement.

Under the blue sky, the mountain range rose and fell.

Gu Tianxia sat on a stone chair on one of the mountains. The stone chair was covered with thick beast skin, and he supported his chin with his right hand as he rested.

The mountains were filled with demons’ figures, and there was a bare tree at the bottom of the mountain, on which two people were bound.

Both of them were dirty and their hair was in a mess. They looked incredibly wretched, and they furiously looked at Gu Tianxia side by side.

They were the Children of Destiny from the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

When they had just descended to the Center God Province, they had been full of mettle. However, they had met Gu Tianxia, and all of their magic energy had been sucked away, resulting in them becoming powerless.

“Despicable, if this goes on, we’re going to become the sinners of the Abyss Pearl Mainland!” one of them, a tall man, gnashed his teeth as he said. If this kind of humiliation spread back to the Abyss Pearl Mainland, how could they have to face to continue living?

The person beside him sighed and said, “What can we do? We’re already prisoners. Even though we’re in a wretched state, the Center God Province’s people won’t be able to make big waves in the Abyss Pearl Mainland either; there’s a great disparity in strength between our two worlds. It’s said that the highest cultivation of the three sent over there is only Universe Heaven Level 5. Even if their talent is extraordinary, there’s still Zhao Gouce.”

Hearing the other person mention Zhao Gouce, the tall man’s eyes lit up and his weariness disappeared.

As long as the Center God Province’s three geniuses died, they would be able to go back!

However, they did not know that the Abyss Pearl Mainland was about to perish.

Over at the Abyss Pearl Mainland, Zhou Xuanji and the others landed on a grassy plain. They did not head onwards, and they instead waited for Zhao Gouce to descend.

“Where did Great Emperor Wuwang that fellow go? Don’t tell me he’s dead?” Marquis said as he sat down. He and Great Emperor Wuwang were like old enemies, and he had never thought that that fellow would die so quickly.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply, and he instead comprehended his Way of the Sword.

Using the Divine Moon Status to fight had caused him to comprehend a lot of things.

The Divine Moon Energy was incredibly domineering.

Now, when he used World Suppressing and Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, he felt unstoppable, which was an amazing sensation.

Feng Yuxiu stood not too far away, looking at the sky, somewhat in a daze. No one knew what she was thinking.