I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 519 - Chapter 519 – Universe Heaven Level 8

Chapter 519 - Chapter 519 – Universe Heaven Level 8


“I’m too powerful,” Zhou Xuanji muttered to himself. He turned and walked to the top of a ruins nearby, and he sat down cross-legged.

After using World Suppressing, all of the factions together with One God Hall had been annihilated.

Everything fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji did not go and find Marquis, and he instead chose to break through.

When he had used World Suppressing, he had also activated World Internalization. He had absorbed boundless magic energy, and if he did not suppress it, his body would not be able to endure it.


The divine tribulation came just as before, and heaven and earth spirit qi leaked out of the ground, entering his body.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and stabbed it into the ground nearby in order to defend him.

Following this, the divine tribulation scattered, and he started to break through.

In less than half the time of an incense stick, he directly broke through to Universe Heaven Level 7.

Because the magic energy in his body was too berserk, his Heavenly Dao Immortal Constitution had almost exploded. The Divine Moon Energy had barely suppressed it, allowing him to stably break through.

After breaking through, his body started to go through transformations, and the uncomfortable feeling soon disappeared.

World Suppressing had killed too many creatures, and their combined magic energy was simply berserk.

Zhou Xuanji was given a big fright; it seemed that he had to be careful when using World Internalization in the future. If he overloaded himself to death, that would be bad.

Half a day later, he broke through to Universe Heaven Level 8, and the speed at which his cultivation increased began to slow down.

Two hours later, he completely absorbed all of the magic energy in his body.

“Universe Heaven Level 8; this is quite wonderful,” Zhou Xuanji muttered. He looked up and saw thunderclouds roiling, as if something was about to descend.


A pillar of light blasted apart the sea of clouds and shined on Zhou Xuanji’s body. It was Heavenly Law Fate!

In this battle, Zhou Xuanji had taken down the remaining Sanctums in one fell swoop, and a terrifying amount of Fate gathered on his body, causing the ground to shake like waves.

“Hurry and take out Demon God Tianwu; I will teach you a technique to refine Demon God Tianwu into your clone!” Dao Lord Xuantian’s voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. Following this, a wave of memories flowed into the depths of his mind.

The Ancient God Sword nearby violently trembled; it was evident that the souls were incredibly excited.

Very quickly, Zhou Xuanji learned the technique that Dao Lord Xuantian had passed to him.

It was called the Soul Division Technique!

It allowed one to put one’s own will into a clone’s body, and whatever he wanted the clone to do, the clone would do it.

Zhou Xuanji immediately took out Demon God Tianwu’s corpse.

The 3,000 meter tall corpse lap by the side, and he leapt onto Demon God Tianwu’s chest, and the Heavenly Law Fate also shined on Demon God Tianwu’s body.

Zhou Xuanji sat down cross-legged and cast the Soul Division Technique.

“Demon God Tianwu is not acknowledged by Heavenly Law. Back then, the Heavenly Saint killed him using the power of Heavenly Law, and his corpse still has a Heavenly Law Seal. Now, you can use the Heavenly Law Fate to erase this seal. From today onwards, Demon God Tianwu can be revived; his powerful vitality makes him undying and unkillable, but he has no soul, which benefits you,” Dao Lord Xuantian said excitedly, as if it was him who had obtained Demon God Tianwu.

The other souls also spoke, all of them quite excited.

“Legends say that the ten Demon Gods were the earliest demons and that they were undying and unkillable. Just how powerful are they?”

“Exactly, with this clone, at least within the Center God Province, no one will be able to harm him.”

“Not only that, Demon God Tianwu will gradually recover his strength. With enough time, he’ll return to his peak status sooner or later.”

“Just how powerful is Demon God Tianwu?”

“Below the Heavenly Saints, he was invincible.”


Zhou Xuanji listened to their discussions and felt quite excited.

Soon, he split off a trace of his soul and had it enter Demon God Tianwu’s body.

The process of splitting off his soul was very painful, and he felt as if his head was going to explode.

Demon God Tianwu was currently an ownerless body, and the Heavenly Law Seal within his body also dissipated, allowing Zhou Xuanji’s soul to easily take over it.

If it was anyone else, even if they wanted to take Demon God Tianwu’s body, it would not be possible; if their soul came close to the Heavenly Law Seal, it would receive a backlash.

Zhou Xuanji had obtained a large portion of the Abyss Pearl Mainland’s Fate, and he could not be compared to ordinary people. Adding on the Soul Division Technique, he faced no difficulty at all.

Sovereign Xuan asked out of curiosity, “Dao Lord Xuantian, this clone technique is not simple; where did you get it?”

Before, Dao Lord Xuantian had been quite curious towards him, but he had treated him indifferently.

Now, the tables had turned.

Dao Lord Xuantian did not reply, making him feel quite frustrated.

The other souls also asked in curiosity.

Dao Lord Xuantian replied, “From the Void that is even more vast than the Great Thousand World. Even though there are not many people there, there are many opportunities hidden there. I obtained it from a broken cave dwelling. This clone technique is top-notch; without the Soul Division Technique, no matter how much Heavenly Law Fate one has, one will not be able to get rid of the Heavenly Law Seal in Demon God Tianwu’s body.”

His tone was filled with pride.

You all didn’t pay attention to me before, but now?

After a while, that trace of Zhou Xuanji’s soul completely fused with Demon God Tianwu’s body.

In that moment, he felt some sort of connection between Demon God Tianwu and himself.

With a thought from him, Demon God Tianwu slowly stood up.

After being filled with Heavenly Law Fate, Demon God Tianwu’s skinny body became full.

A horn-like armor covered his body, and the aura of a Demon God spread out, causing the ground to slightly tremble.

Standing on his head, Zhou Xuanji felt quite shocked.

What immense power!

He could sense that there was a power even stronger than his within Demon God Tianwu’s body.

Pure power!

Without magic energy!

It was as if he could explode the entire Abyss Pearl Mainland with a single punch.

Zhou Xuanji grinned and put Demon God Tianwu away in the Tianxia Map.

This clone would be his trump card, and he could not take it out lightly.

He sat on the ground and stabilized his aura.

The time of one incense stick later, the pillar of Heavenly Law Fate dissipated. His cultivation did not break through, but his body and Emperor’s Might both had strengthened.

This feeling of quickly becoming stronger felt great!

At that moment, Feng Yuxiu and Marquis flew over from the horizon.

The two of them locked on to his aura, and they quickly landed before him.

Marquis said excitedly, “Stinking brat, you’re quite amazing; you actually won, using one sword strike at that too.”

He swore that he would never forget that sword strike for the rest of his life.

He had never seen someone so overpowered before; even Zhao Gouce could not compare to him.

Zhou Xuanji calmly smiled and said, “Victory is in our grasp, but we can’t slack off; let’s continue.”

Marquis nodded and the three of them headed out again.

Soon, news of the remaining seven Sanctums being destroyed by Zhou Xuanji spread.

This time, the Abyss Pearl Mainland felt utter despair.

Many creatures felt that their deaths were impending and started to go crazy, recklessly releasing their emotions.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland became hell on earth.

The ones who suffered the most were the ones who had just ascended. After ascending, they found out that the Abyss Pearl Mainland was going to be destroyed by Heavenly Law, making them feel great regret.

Zhou Xuanji and the others passed through the clouds as they traveled, and Feng Yuxiu could not help but ask out of curiosity, “What was with that sword strike from before?”