I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 518 - Chapter 518 – Suppressing The World With One Sword

Chapter 518 - Chapter 518 – Suppressing The World With One Sword


“Is that true?” Marquis asked nervously. Before Zhao Gouce had descended, Li Yishen was going to go on a rampage?

Feng Yuxiu replied, “That’s the case from his aura at least.”

She looked at Zhou Xuanji, wanting to know how this boy was feeling.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and asked, “How much stronger is he than me?”

The Ten Thousand Divine Will Formation looked quite good.

He wanted to find an opportunity to obtain it.

“Even though it is not an overwhelming difference, at this level, this kind of difference can affect victory or loss. Moreover, Li Yishen has lived longer than you and has more battle experience and divine abilities,” Feng Yuxiu said seriously. She did not harbor any bias; that was truly what she believed.

Hearing this, Marquis tightly frowned.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “You think that was my peak before?”

After saying this, he shot forwards.

The Nine Moon Execution Sword appeared in his hand, and he directly entered the Divine Moon Status. His body shined with white light.

He looked like a meteor streaking towards One God Hall.

At that moment, near the tall peak that One God Hall was on, all creatures were preparing to fight.

All creatures within the surrounding 10,000 kilometers were sitting cross-legged on the ground. Their essence qi turned into white smoke and rose up into the sky, gathering on a single person’s body.

That person was Li Yishen.

Li Yishen hovered in the air, enjoying the essence qi of countless creatures, and his aura continuously rose.

He looked at his hands, and a look of intoxication appeared on his face.

“This powerful.. even if I faced Zhao Gouce, surely I would be able to win…”

Li Yishen muttered to himself, battle intent appearing in his eyes.

The Ten Thousand Divine Will Formation still continued, and he was becoming even stronger.

He could already sense Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

It was very powerful, but it could not compare to his current state.


Zhou Xuanji flew over from the horizon with a mighty aura, and seeing him, countless creatures trembled.

They looked up at Zhou Xuanji, who was surrounded by white light. They could not see Zhou Xuanji’s appearance, but in this kind of situation, they felt even more respect towards Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji stopped 1,000 meters away from Li Yishen.

Li Yishen stared at Zhou Xuanji and said, “So you’re Zhou Xuanji? I never thought that you would be able to perfectly bear the power of the divine moons; you indeed deserve the title of Sword Emperor.”

He did not feel much hatred towards Zhou Xuanji.

After all, in a war between two worlds, both sides did not have any choice.

Zhou Xuanji grinned and said, “How about you give this formation to me? I promise that I’ll let One God Hall’s disciples die painlessly.”

Hearing this, Li Yishen’s eyes narrowed.

He coldly laughed as he said, “You’re quite good at telling jokes.”

Following this, he prepared to fight.

Zhou Xuanji condensed the Battle Path Flame Soul. Within the white light, there were traces of green flames surrounding him, causing his aura to explode upwards.

Li Yishen’s expression slightly changed; he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to become even more powerful.

He shouted with a loud voice, “All creatures of the Abyss Pearl Mainland! Today is a battle that concerns the lives of everyone in the world. Today, if we win, the entire world will win. If we lose, the entire world will lose!”

His voice sounded throughout the heavens and earth, incredibly passionate and sonorous.

Even Zhou Xuanji felt somewhat moved by him, and this was even more so for the beings below.

‘This fellow is quite good at stirring people up,’ Zhou Xuanji thought to himself, but he did not mind too much.

“Kill!!” the countless beings shouted simultaneously with all their might. Their gazes were red as they looked at Zhou Xuanji, wanting to rip him to shreds.

In the distance, Marquis felt incredibly anxious as he watched.

He looked at Feng Yuxiu and asked, “What are his chances of victory?”

Feng Yuxiu slightly frowned and said, “Even though he’s used a divine ability to increase his cultivation, he still does not have a great chance of victory. Specifically…”

As she spoke, Zhou Xuanji suddenly moved.

He held the Nine Moon Execution Sword as he jumped up, breaking through the clouds and disappearing.

Li Yishen looked up, and he could sense Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

He took out a whip with five blades and prepared to fight.


A massive explosion sounded out, causing all creatures on the ground and on the mountain to feel unsettled.

Li Yishen slightly frowned; he did not dodge because he could not dodge.

If he dodged, all creatures below would be doomed.

He gathered his magic energy and sent the whip flying out.

This attack brought with it immense radiance, seeming as if it was going to whip the sky apart.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji charged downwards, breaking through the clouds. He gripped the sword with his right hand, the tip of the sword pointing downwards. The air around him exploded, shaking space itself.

He looked like a ray of divine light descending from the sky!

World Suppressing!

This was the divine ability that Zhou Xuanji had obtained when breaking through to the Universe Heaven realm; he had not used it this entire time.

He gathered all of the Divine Moon Energy in the Nine Moon Execution Sword, and his aura rose to a new peak.

Zhou Xuanji was incredibly fast and had unstoppable momentum!

He directly broke through the force from the five-blade whip and rushed at Li Yishen.

Li Yishen’s eyes widened, and he instinctively waved his palm.

Boundless magic energy formed an enormous palm that was the size of a mountain, slamming towards Zhou Xuanji.


The enormous palm was shattered as the white light around Zhou Xuanji’s body became even brighter. His sword landed on Li Yishen, forcing him downwards towards the ground.

All creatures maintaining the Ten Thousand Divine Will Formation were completely dumbfounded. Before they could react, Zhou Xuanji had suppressed Li Yishen to the ground.

Following this was a world-shaking explosion!

White sword qi swept out in all directions, and the ground roiled. Countless beings were turned to ash, and many mountains were shattered. The scene was incredibly grand.

Marquis’ mouth hung open, unable to believe his eyes.

Feng Yuxiu was also stunned. Looking out, the entire land had been destroyed by Zhou Xuanji’s sword qi.

Using one sword to suppress the world, exterminating all life!

Feng Yuxiu raised her right hand and used magic energy to create a barrier of light, protecting Marquis.

The sword qi passed by their bodies, and they instantly could not see anything; sword qi completely filled the area around them.

Feng Yuxiu’s expression slightly changed, and she lightly gritted her teeth. A look of shock appeared on her face as she muttered, “Just what divine ability is this… how can it be so powerful…”

Marquis nearly wet himself in fear, and his body trembled as he said, “Didn’t you say he didn’t have a great chance at victory?”

Feng Yuxiu’s expression was complicated as she said gloomily, “Li Yishen is dead.”

She had miscalculated.

Zhou Xuanji was too powerful.

If it was her, facing that strike, she would have died without a doubt.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were so far away, she definitely would not have been able to defend against this sword qi, which rivaled heavenly might.

Marquis was delighted upon hearing that Li Yishen had fallen. Seeing the might of this sword strike, it was likely that all creatures nearby would die.

This meant that they were just a single step away from winning the war between two worlds.

In the next second, his expression became quite shocked, because he saw Feng Yuxiu’s barrier of magic energy being eroded.

“This is bad, he’s too strong! I can’t hold on for much longer!” Feng Yuxiu said as she gritted her teeth, her eyes filled with fear.

Marquis nearly cursed out in anger. Weren’t you all high and mighty earlier, saying that Zhou Xuanji was not strong enough? Now you’re too weak?

Feng Yuxiu raised her left hand, and a jade pendant that looked like a lion’s face appeared.

In the next second, she and Marquis disappeared.

After a while, the sword qi dissipated. The heavens and earth were turbid, and boundless dirt and dust billowed in the air, making it look like the creation of the world.

A ray of white light could be faintly seen; it was Zhou Xuanji.

He slowly got up, holding the Nine Moon Execution Sword. He looked around him, and all that greeted him was barrenness; there was not even a trace of life left.