I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 516 - Chapter 516 – Demon God Tianwu

Chapter 516 - Chapter 516 – Demon God Tianwu


“What is that thing? Just get to the point and stop beating around the bush!” Marquis could not help but say. Hearing Feng Yuxiu’s words, he felt incredibly worried.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and asked the souls if they could identify it.

“This is one of the Ancient Demon Gods, Demon God Tianwu. He had terrifying strength that could destroy the Great Thousand World. Long ago, he was killed by the Heavenly Saint, but because his corpse could not be dissipated, he was suppressed in a void. Afterwards, he was discovered by the Dark Moon Valley’s old ancestor. They were incredibly daring and actually brought Demon God Tianwu back to the Abyss Pearl Mainland,” Feng Yuxiu said as she sighed. She did not know just how powerful Demon God Tianwu had been, but his corpse definitely was not something that the Dark Moon Valley could control.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Demon God Tianwu and thought to himself.

Liu Wuji said in amazement, “Legends say that there were ten great Demon Gods, who were incredibly powerful and were of the same level as the Heavenly Saints.”

Dao Lord Xuantian, who rarely spoke, said, “To be able to obtain the Demon God’s corpse, this is a massive opportunity. It’s best to refine it into your clone; perhaps you can obtain the method to establish your Dao through strength.”

He sounded quite excited.

Zhou Xuanji was curious and asked, “What does it mean to establish your Dao through strength?”

He looked at the corpse, and he had never thought that it had such a grand background.

“Heavenly Saints are those who the Heavenly Law have acknowledged, and there are nine of them. However, using strength to establish your Dao will allow you to surpass Heavenly Saints and forcefully break through; even Heavenly Law will not be able to stop you from establishing your Dao. Once you succeed, none of the Heavenly Saints will be able to rival you,” Dao Lord Xuantian replied. Not only Zhou Xuanji, the other souls were quite shocked as well.

Sovereign Xuan asked in curiosity, “Just who were you, for you to understand so much?”

Emperor Zhao said excitedly, “Great, great, hurry up and take it, you stinking brat! After I revive, I’ll follow you!”

Emperor Canghai said out of amazement, “Before, I thought that I was the most powerful, but now I realize that all of you are stronger than me.”

The other souls also spoke.

Zhou Xuanji flew over to Demon God Tianwu’s corpse and put it in the Tianxia Map.

Feng Yuxiu glared with her beautiful eyes and said, “What are you taking it away for? Aren’t you afraid of receiving a backlash?”

Her teacher had told her that when seeing Demon God’s corpses, she had to stay far away, or else she would receive divine punishment.

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “If I take it away, won’t the Abyss Pearl Mainland be safe?”

After saying this, he turned and left.

After destroying the Dark Moon Valley, once he undid the Divine Moon Status, his cultivation would explode upwards, and he might break through again.

He had to become stronger before the strongest expert from the Abyss Pearl Mainland appeared.

Feng Yuxiu followed behind him.

Marquis felt quite confused; had that girl fallen for this boy?

Zhou Xuanji turned and slashed out with his sword, sending sword qi flying out.

Feng Yuxiu’s body blurred and easily dodged the attack.

Zhou Xuanji was quite surprised; this woman had some skill. So she had been pretending to be weak.

“I won’t help the Abyss Pearl Mainland to deal with you, but since you’re determined to continue to fight, I won’t say anything either. I only want you to bring me along with you—my death tribulation might have to do with you. I want to investigate it clearly, or else I won’t be able to feel at ease,” Feng Yuxiu said calmly.

She then glanced at Marquis and said, “I’ve lived for millions of years and have already cleaved away the seven emotions and six desires; I only seek the Great Dao and longevity. I will maintain my distance from you two, and if you want to know anything about the Abyss Pearl Mainland, you can ask me.”

Marquis gave a fake cough to hide his embarrassment.

Zhou Xuanji thought for a moment before agreeing.

After all, he wanted to know more about the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

The three of them then left, and news of the Dark Moon Valley being destroyed soon spread.

After the Three God Dynasties, a Sanctum had been destroyed too.

It felt like the Abyss Pearl Mainland was going to lose the war between two worlds, causing all creatures of this world to feel terror.

The remaining seven Sanctums started to communicate with each other, preparing to join together.

Based on everything that had happened so far, Zhou Xuanji would definitely continue to challenge Sanctums; they had to work together or they would fall without a doubt.

Zhou Xuanji landed on a grassy plain, and as soon as he removed his Divine Moon Status, he began to break through.

In less than half a day, he had forcefully broken through to Universe Heaven Level 6, and there was no divine tribulation stopping him.

Marquis remained wary of Feng Yuxiu; fortunately, this woman did not try anything.

‘What kind of energy technique does he use? From how amazing it is, his teacher must be extraordinary,’ Feng Yuxiu thought to herself with curiosity. At that moment, Zhou Xuanji got up and walked towards her.

He still held the Nine Moon Execution Sword in order to guard against any sudden attacks from Feng Yuxiu.

“Who is the strongest out of the Abyss Pearl Mainland’s native beings?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Now that he had reached Universe Heaven Level 6, after entering Divine Moon Status, he would be even stronger.

Feng Yuxiu replied, “Zhao Gouce is the strongest. His cultivation is at Universe Heaven Level 18, and he is the Child of Destiny of the Abyss Pearl Mainland. His talent is powerful, and even though he is not at the Abyss Pearl Mainland, he will most likely return soon to reinforce the Abyss Pearl Mainland.”

Zhao Gouce.

Zhou Xuanji remembered this name. He did not ask any more and continued onwards.

Universe Heaven Level 18.

This was the peak of the Universe Heaven realm; no wonder he could become the strongest in the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

So as to avoid anything unexpected, Zhou Xuanji had to become as strong as possible before Zhao Gouce returned.

After destroying the eight Sanctums, would he be able to break through to Universe Heaven Level 10?

Above the sea of clouds, there was a mountain peak.

Xuan Daoya and Malicious Buddha stood side by side, and in front of them was a young man in violet robes sitting cross-legged and cultivating. He had a handsome appearance and gave off a dignified aura. His clothes were quite luxurious, making him seem like a son of nobility.

“Zhou Xuanji, right? My cultivation is at Universe Heaven Level 6; after he comes back, I will be able to easily defeat him,” the young man in violet said without even opening his eyes.

Malicious Buddha nodded and said, “Zhou Xuanji only broke through to Universe Heaven Level One three years ago, but he has the ability to fight with those of higher cultivation. Even though your cultivation is far superior to his, you should still be careful.”

The young man in violet opened his eyes, looking at Malicious Buddha with a burning gaze as he said, “You mean that my talent is inferior to his? If I wanted to become a Great Emperor, I also would have been a First Class Great Emperor. It’s just that I seek a greater path!”

Xuan Daoya laughed, and Malicious Buddha also shook his head and laughed.

They appreciated this man’s pride and did not discourage him.

“No matter what, Zhou Xuanji has been chosen by the Heavenly Saint and has many powerful experts by his side. It’s best if you can find an opportunity to fight him one on one. His talent is extraordinary, so if you challenge him based on talent, he will most likely agree,” Xuan Daoya said as he outlined a plan.

The young man in violet got up and coldly harrumphed as he said, “My target is not Zhou Xuanji; there’s no need to use plots like that. Rather than him, I want to defeat Zhao Gouce. It’s a pity that Zhao Gouce is too powerful and I need to spend a long time chasing after him, so I don’t want to spend too much time on Zhou Xuanji. You can arrange everything; I will only be responsible for killing him.”

Hearing this, Malicious Buddha slightly raised his eyebrows as he said, “Zhao Gouce is an existence with Universe Heaven Level 18 cultivation. Even if I face him, I would have to be careful. Don’t be too overconfident; it’ll lead to your ruin, understand?”

The young man in violet did not respond, but his eyes were very resolute.