I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 515 - Chapter 515 The Most Powerful On The Abyss Pearl Mainland

Chapter 515 - Chapter 515 The Most Powerful On The Abyss Pearl Mainland


“I already have a Revered Teacher, and he’s not weak either. If I take you as my master, I think I will be in big trouble,” Zhou Xuanji said as he looked at Golden Saint God seriously.

“As long as it’s not the Heavenly Saint,” the Golden Saint God replied, “there is no trouble.”

Yi Qiutian shook his head with a smile but did not say anything.

That the expression in his eyes was odd, as though he was expecting something.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Do you know the Northern Nether Sword Devil, Xu Qing, and Grandmaster Aoshi?”

The Golden Saint God replied, “Xu Qing was not bad previously, but now he’s ruined. Grandmaster Aoshi is much inferior.”

His face looked condescending.

So Zhou Xuanji’s Revered Teacher was such a weakling.

Zhou Xuanji continued to say, “They are my senior apprentice-brothers. Above them, there are over ten senior apprentice brothers. Can you defeat every one of them along with my Revered Teacher?”

Having heard this, the Golden Saint God and Yi Qiutian were stunned.

Xu Qing and Grandmaster Aoshi were apprentice brothers?

And there were over ten senior apprentice brothers above them?

How had they never heard about this before?

Zhou Xuanji did not look like he was lying.

If such a person existed, then it was not impossible to nurture a genius like Zhou Xuanji.

“No matter who he is, as long as he did not become a saint, I have no fear,” the Golden Saint God said as he waved his hand.

His eyes turned sharp and interrogated, “Are you willing or not?”

“And if I’m not willing?” Zhou Xuanji asked with squinted eyes.


He immediately entered into the Divine Moon state, and the Nine Moon Execution Sword appeared in his hand.

His aura was boosted to the extreme.

The Golden Saint God and Yi Qiutian stared at him fixedly.

“Such imposing energy of the Divine Moon. No wonder you have been so famous recently.”

Yi Qiutian smiled. Looking down, he seemed to be thinking of something.

The Golden Saint God said in disdain, “Not bad. You obtained the energy of the Abyss Pearl Mainland. But do you really think this is enough?”

“The Great Thousand World is so vast that the Abyss Pearl Mainland is merely a corner of it. And I have the power that exceeds the Great Thousand World. How can you compare with me?”

Such arrogance!

Zhou Xuanji looked at him coldly and was prepared to fight.

At this moment, Yi Qiutian pulled at the Golden Saint God and said, “They are still in the war between the two worlds. He’s a chess piece, and if you take him, you will offend the Heavenly Saint. Find him when the war is over.”

His words made the Golden Saint God’s eyes sparkle. The golden ape began hesitating.

Zhou Xuanji and Yi Qiutian had a promise beforehand. The two acted like there wasn’t anything between them and did not even communicate with each other through their eyes.

“Brat, don’t die. Come and be my disciple!”

The Golden Saint God snorted coldly. He was apparently displeased.

He wanted to take Zhou Xuanji away right now.

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “Aren’t I powerful enough to be unrivaled in the Abyss Pearl Mainland?”

The Golden Saint God stared at him and said, “You think you are very powerful? There’s a little one in the Abyss Pearl Mainland more powerful than you. If he comes out from his isolated cultivation, you better avoid him.”

After that, the Golden Saint God and Yi Qiutian left.

The two disappeared on the spot, leaving not even a sliver of an aura behind.

“Should we stop for some time?” Wang Hou asked.

Zhou Xuanji was too fearsome. If the Golden Saint God spoke the truth, it would be big trouble if the one more powerful than Zhou Xuanji was asked to deal with them.

Zhou Xuanji uttered, “We should continue.”

The more he fought, the more powerful he got. Waiting was disadvantageous to him.

Wang Hou was not stubborn. He was here for a free ride anyway.

The two continued towards the Sanctums.

There were eight Sanctums in the Abyss Pearl Mainland. Each of them was in a different direction and had countless disciples.

They flew toward the west.

The Sanctum guarded the west of the mainland was Dark Moon Valley. It had existed for over a million years. Its surroundings had always been in the dark, without any light throughout the years.

Three days later.

Zhou Xuanji charged into Dark Moon Valley in his Divine Moon state.

He was like the sun in the darkness, shining with extreme brilliance.

Countless cultivators surrounded him from all directions. They were not panicked and formed formations.

Billowing thunderclouds lined up.

A stone stele that was 10,000 meters tall descended. Ten big and eccentric words were carved on it, words that Zhou Xuanji could not understand.

‘Seems like they are prepared.’

Zhou Xuanji thought before he activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow immediately.

His foundational cultivation had grown tremendously. This time, he could summon 20 billion ethereal swords. The swords levitated under the cloud sea, and all the cultivators panicked at the sight of it.

20 billion ethereal swords flying in the sky, each beaming with its own radiance. Who could still hold his composure at the sight of this?

Even if they were prepared, they could not withhold the fear welling up in their heart.

“Zhou Xuanji, don’t you dare!”

An old voice came. It belonged to a gray-robed old man, who appeared suddenly on the gigantic stone stele. He slapped onto the stele with his palm, and countless flame sparks spread all across the stele starting from his hand.

The cultivators stood in their formation and started attacking Zhou Xuanji.

Countless beams of light were aimed at Zhou Xuanji, intending to destroy him.

Zhou Xuanji controlled his ethereal swords with his mind, and all of them fell with unstoppable force.


The entire ground was engulfed by a powerful light. The Dark Moon Valley’s disciples fought back in their formation. However, they realized that their formation could not hold the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow back.

The formation crumbled immediately, and they were turned into ash.

The grey-robed old man on the stone stele was shocked. He dodged instinctively but was still killed by countless ethereal swords.

They knew Zhou Xuanji was very powerful, but they did not know that Zhou Xuanji was growing more powerful.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

The brilliant light illuminated the world, and no one could open their eyes to see. Sounds of explosions could be heard endlessly, and it was enough to imagine how miserable this war was.

A long while later.

The ground turned into a wilderness as the powerful radiance subsided.

Dark Moon Valley was no longer. All its disciples disappeared.

Only the stone stele stood there alone.

Surging magic energy returned to Zhou Xuanji’s body. He did not take notice of it but continued to look at the gigantic stele.

“What is that?””

He was curious. With precaution, he slashed the stele with his Sword Soul.


The massive stone stele shook violently before it began cracking.

The cracks expanded all across the stele, and countless stone fragments rolled down.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. After the stele crumbled, a dried corpse was revealed.

That corpse was 3,000 meters tall. He was hairless, and his flesh was dried up with red color. His hands crossed and rested on his chest, and he was looking up with an open mouth with empty eye sockets.

His ears were as long as the bat’s, and four fleshy wings grew on his back.

Zhou Xuanji was even more curious. Why was a corpse hidden inside Dark Moon Valley’s stone stele?

Why did Dark Moon Valley bring out the stele?

For defense?

To use this dry corpse to fight back?

He took out the Wind God Sword and tossed it at the corpse. The sword pierced the corpse’s throat but did not arouse it.

“Don’t touch it again. Or else, the Abyss Pearl Mainland will be in danger, and you will die too!”

A female voice came. It was Feng Yuxiu, who stood a few hundred meters away.

In the white radiance, Zhou Xunaji frowned and asked, “How come it’s you again?”

This woman was following him?

Feng Yuxiu looked bitter and said, “I’m not here to save the Abyss Pearl Mainland. I followed you because this is related to my death tribulation. I did not expect the Dark Moon Valley to be so vicious to take him out to fight you.”