I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 514 - Chapter 514 Golden Saint God

Chapter 514 - Chapter 514 Golden Saint God


The 9th Rank on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking, the greatly reputed Xi Yangang died.

Marquis was no longer surprised but laughed, “If this continues, the war will end soon.”

What he worried about the most was Zhou Xuanji’s condition.

If this brat’s Divine Moon status ended abruptly, what awaited them would be a nightmare.

“I’m not sure. But so far, we did not sense any fate coming to us,” Zhou Xuanji said as he shook his head. He had already killed so many enemies. Other than growing his cultivation rapidly, where was the fate?

If after three God Empires were destroyed and there was still no fate, then he had to suspect the rules of the war.

Marquis nodded with a solemn look.

Before this, he still thought that he killed too few enemies, which was why he felt no fate. But now, it seemed like something was wrong.

He felt something was off. How could killing the enemy plunder their fate?

The two continued to rush toward Tianhe God Empire.

News of Xi Yangang’s fall spread quickly.

During the great war, many cultivators were either looking from afar or were fleeing. They all heard Xi Yangang’s domineering voice. After the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow ended, his voice was no longer to be heard. The answer was obvious enough.

This time, the Abyss Pearl Mainland was in total panic.

Xi Yangang was ranked 9th on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking, a Universe Heaven Level Fifteen cultivator. He had lived more than a million years, and he had died in an instant. It was likely that the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking’s top rank could not defeat Zhou Xuanji as well.

Once the war ended in their defeat, every living thing on the Abyss Pearl Mainland would die.

No one could escape.

They could only pray that the three Children of Destiny were winning.

Compared to the Abyss Pearl Mainland, the Center God Province was much more like a wilderness. It should not be very difficult for their Children of Destiny.

A month later.

The Tianhe God Empire was destroyed. Tianhe God Emperor gathered over 200 Universe Heaven cultivators but they were all killed by Zhou Xuanji.

In a burst, Zhou Xuanji slashed across millions of miles across the land. There were countless casualties.

The Three God Empires were destroyed.

The fate that Zhou Xuanji was waiting for had finally come.

At this moment, he was bathing in the Heavenly Law’s Fate and enjoying it.

Together with the magic energy he absorbed, his cultivation grew rapidly.

Marquis stood some distance away and observed him in admiration.

Such an abundant Heavenly Law’s Fate. If it was given to him, he could break through as well.

But it was a pity that he had not had the chance to show his own power yet.

Zhou Xuanji was just too powerful.

Of course, even if he had the chance, he could do nothing.


Zhou Xuanji broke through to Universe Heaven Level Five, and his cultivation was still growing.

The abundant fate empowered his Emperor’s Might, which was not bad as well.

After coming to the Abyss Pearl Mainland for merely three years, he grew from Universe Heaven Level One to Level Five. It was unbelievable.

It could only be said that the World Buddha Art was just too awesome.

Gu Tianxia, who created this energy technique, must be extremely powerful.

He believed that Gu Tianxia must be able to use the World Buddha Art better than him. The World Buddha Art had more than three levels after all.

This time, his breakthrough took five days.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation stopped at Universe Heaven Level Five. He did not manage to break through to the level six.

The magic energy required to break through each level grew exponentially.

Under the Divine Moon status, he had not much feeling for his cultivation.

After he leaves the Abyss Pearl Mainland, it would be extremely difficult for him to enter the Divine Moon status again. After all, the Centre God Province was not formed by a Divine Moon.

After the breakthrough, they continued their journey.

The next targets of Zhou Xuanji were the Sanctums in the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

Marquis had already turned into a follower. He was happy to just follow and do nothing.

Along the way, he began telling Zhou Xuanji about Sage Daojing’s background.

The nine Heavenly Saints had existed since the first appearance of the Heavenly Law. Sage Daojing was not a living being in the Center God Province, but he preached all across the Great Thousand World. After that, he created Still Thought Temple and allowed other living beings to come for insight. However, although it was easy to come, it was harder to leave. How long one must stay depended on one’s cultivation.

Some were made to stay a million years.

Although Marquis respected Sage Daojing, he did not take him as his real Revered Teacher.

“What is Sage Daojing’s ranking among the nine Heavenly Saints?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity.

Ever since he knew that there was a limit to the Heavenly Saints’ number, he became very curious about them.

One day, they would become his enemy.

Zhou Xuanji had the heart to become the most powerful being since he was young. How could he serve under the Heavenly Saint forever?

Marquis rolled his eyes and said, “How would I know. The Heavenly Saint has never fought personally. He always picked chess pieces and nurtured them to fight for benefits. ”

If they were to fight each other personally, the entire Great Thousand World might be destroyed.

Marquis reminded him intensely, “Don’t ever fight with a Heavenly Saint, including Sage Daojing. Don’t be fooled by their gentleness.”

When the Heavenly Saint entered a mortal realm, they looked similar to an ordinary person and were easily approachable.

But that was merely their facade.

They had already forsaken their emotions and desires and hardly had any ripples in their state of mind.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. It seemed like Marquis had suffered the consequences before.


Someone with golden radiance fell from the sky and landed on the peak in front of them. The impact cracked the mountain walls, and the trees were swayed by the violent wind.

Zhou Xuanji and Marquis stopped and looked over.

In the billowing dust clouds, a golden ape stood pridefully. A surging aura pushed away the dust surrounding him.

“You must be Zhou Xuanji,” he looked down at Zhou Xuanji and said.

“How about becoming my disciple? ”

Zhou Xuanji and Marquis were stunned.

They were still thinking that the ape was an enemy, not expecting that he was here to take disciples.

“If he becomes your disciple, are you going to ask him to give up on the Center God Province?” Marquis asked vigilantly. It was a reminder for Zhou Xuanji as well.

The golden ape laughed in disdain, “If you become my disciple, I can help you destroy all living things on the Abyss Pearl Mainland. With one smash, I can sink the Abyss Pearl Mainland. ”

These words shocked Zhou Xuanji and Marquis.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland was not a mortal realm. To sink the entire land with one strike was something even the Universe Heaven cultivators could hardly do.

“Your cultivation surpasses Universe Heaven?” Zhou Xuanji asked with squinted eyes.

He could not see through the ape at all and was rather curious.

What does this guy want?

“Universe Heaven Level Eighteen. You think that above that is the Heavenly Saint? You underestimate the power of the Heavenly Saints. I can tell you, other than the Heavenly Saints, I fear nothing. I’m more than qualified to be your teacher,” the golden ape said proudly. Just when he finished speaking, someone appeared beside him.

It was Yi Qiutian.

He stared at the golden ape and smiled, “General, is this really good? He is Sage Daojing’s man.”

The gold ape smiled and replied, “Sage Daojing is not here.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him. He could not hold it but ask, “Aren’t you going to introduce yourself first? This is not how you get someone to be your disciple. ”

The ape suddenly reminded him of the old beggar.

The old beggar wanted to take him as his disciple without even revealing his name.

“I’m Golden Saint God, the ancestor of the Golden Saint Ape Race.”

The gold ape smiled in reply. He sized Zhou Xuanji up and was greatly pleased with him.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Marquis and asked the question with his eyes.

Marquis shook his head. He was merely 100,000 years old and was still considered young for the Great Thousand World. There were too many things he still did not know yet.