I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 513 - Chapter 513 Invincible

Chapter 513 - Chapter 513 Invincible


Facing Zhou Xuanji’s forcefulness, Huang Yuxiu was both shocked and angry.

She was not reckless but left quickly

Zhou Xuanji did not take it to heart and continued ahead with Marquis.

Lukang God Empire shall fall by his hand!

No one could stop him!

“Tsk tsk. You really don’t know how to cherish a treasure. You were so fierce against such a beauty,” Marquis ridiculed. His eyes were filled with admiration as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

This guy lost himself neither to power nor women.

He used to admire a junior, but he indulged himself with lovey-dovey relationships and went to waste.

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “I already have a wife. No one can stop me from protecting her.”

The two moved ahead quickly.

Lukang God Empire was already chaotic. Zhou Xuanji’s Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow caused so much havoc that almost all of the Lukang God Empire’s regions could hear it.

“The foreign demon is here!”

“Really, no one can stop him?”

“Oh no… Oh no…”

“Let’s flee!”

“Flee? Flee to where? Our fate is connected to the Abyss Pearl Mainland. Even if we escape to the Abyss Pearl Mainland, if the battle is lost, we will have to die too.”

The entire city fell into chaos.

Of course, there were still countless courageous warriors who flooded toward Zhou Xuanji despite knowing that they could not hurt Zhou Xuanji. They were like moths flying into a flame.

Zhou Xuanji maintained his Divine Moon state. White brilliance beamed brightly and made him look like a god. No one could see his expression.

The Sword Souls at his back attacked consecutively, destroying waves of enemies.

Zhou Xuanji did his best, and that was the greatest mercy he could show to his enemies.

He did not make these warriors die a painful death.

The war between the two worlds was neither just nor evil.

But after killing so many people, his heart was changing.

How was it like to see the world from the Heavenly Law’s perspective?

Were so many lives just like the weeds in the backyard. When the weeds multiplied, did some have to be removed?

Along the way.

He finally saw the royal capital of the Lukang God Empire. Countless people running out from each gate. Even many cultivators were circling in the air, ensuring that the commoners could escape.

The cultivators were filled with despair when they saw Zhou Xuanji and Marquis’s arrival.

“Reveal your name so that This Emperor knows in whose hand I die.”

A voice came. It was filled with anger and murderous intent. Next, Lukang God Emperor flew out of the city.

He was wearing a white dragon robe and an emperor’s crown. His face looked solemn as he held onto a longsword in his hand. Apparently, he was prepared to die in battle with Zhou Xuanji.

“Zhou Xuanji!” Zhou Xuanji replied softly. Just when he finished speaking, he activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.

Billions of ethereal swords swept across the vast sky. The swords pointed to the ground and filled everyone with despair as the people looked up.

Most were paralyzed to the ground and gave up running.

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow had covered a vast area beyond what they could escape from.

Lukang God Emperor sighed. He looked like he aged ten years.


The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow descended with heavenly might, crashing into the earth.

The royal capital turned to ash. The ground was torn like a piece of paper. Lukang God Emperor was engulfed by the bright radiance and died an utter death.

He died alongside his empire.

Zhou Xuanji protected Marquis with his own body before they both were enveloped by the powerful radiance.

Under such mighty power, nothing could stand against it.

Lukang God Empire was utterly destroyed.

Even those regions that were not destroyed, they would fall eventually.

Zhou Xuanji sat on a peak and was conditioning the violent celestial energy inside his body.

Marquis stood nearby and sighed in compliment continuously.

“This guy grows more powerful as he fights.”

“If I knew this, I would have learned the World Buddha Art. Damn, my Revered Teacher lied to me. He told me this was an evil energy technique and that I would be doomed eternally if I learned it.”

There were so many things he wanted to say, but he could only sigh.

If this continued, Zhou Xuanji would catch up to him in cultivation.

The celestial energy in Zhou Xuanji’s body grew rapidly. And soon, the heavenly tribulation would come.

And then the tribulation dissipated.

And Zhou Xuanji broke through to Universe Heaven Level Four.

Marquis looked at him in silence. His face was filled with bitterness.

After the breakthrough, Zhou Xuanji got up and said, “Let’s go. We shall go against Tianhe God Empire next.”

Once the three empires were destroyed, the Abyss Pearl Mainland would have lost a lot of its fate.

The three empires ruled over the land and countless lives, after all.

The two rushed toward the Tianhe God Empire.

Along the way, they asked about Great Emperor Wuwang’s location.

This guy had been missing for a few years. Could he be dead?

However, with Great Emperor Wuwang’s schemes and shrewdness, it was difficult for him to die.

This day.

They were stopped by someone.

“Zhou Xuanji, although I don’t understand how you can be so powerful, don’t blame me for killing you today!”

This person was wearing purple-gold armor that made him look domineering. With an exaggerating-looking pike in his hand, he stared at Zhou Xuanji with cold and stern eyes.

“Oh?” Zhou Xuanji asked in his Divine Moon state, “Tell us your name.”

This person had a very powerful aura, even more powerful than Wang Cang. He must not be someone ordinary.

“Xi Yangang.”

The armored man said, which shocked Marquis.

Xi Yangang, 9th on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking. He had a cultivation of Universe Heaven Level Fifteen.

Such a cultivator was invincible in the Center God Province.

Zhou Xuanji stepped out without fear.

So what if he’s Universe Heaven Level Fifteen?

At this moment, he had in possession the Abyss Pearl Mainland and the Divine Moon energy. As long as he’s not fighting the Heavenly Saint, no one could defeat him.

Xi Yangang raised his pike, and the heavenly might surged.

Thundercloud gathered, and countless lightning bolts struck onto his pike. The lightning flashed brightly.

He transformed into an almighty war god with extreme domineering.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. Ten billion ethereal swords appeared behind him, and all of them were aimed at Xi Yangang. They veiled over half the sky and shined brightly. Everything behind them lost its color in contrast.

Seeing this scene, Xi Yangang was greatly shocked.

Although he had heard that Zhou Xuanji had such a divine ability before, it was still terrifying for him to witness it personally.

“A mere Universe Heaven Level Four can have such a mighty power. Even if it’s the Divine Moon, it should not be this powerful!”

Xi Yangang was covered in beads of cold sweat and began hesitating in his heart.

He suddenly felt that he did not have hope in winning.

But it was a pity that Zhou Xuanji did not give him much time to hesitate.


The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow’s billion ethereal swords shot out. They were so massive in their impetus that it felt like the entire Abyss Pearl Mainland was going to be sunk by them.

Xi Yangang quickly swung his pike to deflect the coming attacks, but he was engulfed by the bright light before he could even blink.

Marquis, who was hiding behind Zhou Xuanji, took a peek. He could not help but swallow his saliva.

Too powerful!

It seemed that no cultivator could stand before Zhou Xuanji.

Their victory was more or less secured!

Soon, Xi Yangang’s aura disappeared. Before dying, this guy did not even have the time to say anything.

A long while later.

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow dissipated and the ground shook. A long valley was formed that was even wider than the rivers. It was connected all the way to the horizon.

As for Xi Yangang, not even a hair was left of him.