I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 511 - Chapter 511 The Help of the Divine Moon. I am the World.

Chapter 511 - Chapter 511 The Help of the Divine Moon. I am the World.


After the Nine Divine Moons infused into his body, Zhou Xuanji entered into an extremely mysterious state.

All along, he felt that the Nine Moon Execution Sword contained infinite power. No matter how much he activated it, he could not fully manifest the power of the legendary sword.

And just now, when he activated the energy of the Divine Moons with the Battle Path Flame Soul, a blockade was opened instantly. The energy of the Divine Moon rushed into his body unstoppably.

His consciousness fell into a swirl. When everything calmed down, he realized that he came into a vast starry sky.

Countless stars bright as the moon hung in the sky, unleashing a dim radiance.

The Divine Moon!

The Divine Moon was far brighter than the other stars.

They were all radiating a holy brilliance, adding on to the Divine Moons’ holiness and loftiness.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide. There were so many Divine Moons in the universe?

The Supreme Legendary Sword System only infused Nine Divine Moons and created the Nine Moon Execution Sword.

At this moment, he saw a beam of light coming toward him from the deeper region of the universe. The light destroyed numerous Divine Moons. The continuous explosion lit up the entire universe.

Zhou Xuanji woke up suddenly and realized that he was levitating high above the sky. He was glowing with a white radiance, and flames of green flames shimmered faintly amidst the white radiance. The Nine Moon Execution Sword in his hand seemed to grow longer.

Over a hundred Universe Heaven cultivators looked up at him with different expressions.

Some were anxious, some were furious, and others showed fear and jealousy.

Unprecedentedly powerful energy boiled in Zhou Xuanji’s body. He looked around him and found that all his legendary swords were floating around him, glowing with the same white radiance, just like the company of Divine Moons, standing tall and mighty under the sky.

In the royal capital, countless people were looking at him in disbelief.

Huang Yuxiu was shocked too. She mumbled to herself, “The Divine Moon in the sky, all spells shall be silent…”

Wang Cang, who had been itchy for Zhou Xuanji’s sword, could no longer hold himself back. He let out a loud cry and thrust his spear toward Zhou Xuanji.

In the blink of an eye, he came up to Zhou Xuanji, who was 10,000 meters away.

With the spear in his right hand, he threw a spiral thrust at Zhou Xuanji with his spear.


White light exploded and blocked his spearhead forcefully.

Wang Cang was shocked. But he was a Universe Heaven Level Twelve cultivator after all, so he was still pushing Zhou Xuanji by mere force toward the horizon.

Zhou Xuanji had a strange expression.

Being enveloped by the Divine Moon’s white light, he sensed that Wang Cang was not undefeatable. He sensed that Wang Cang was not that powerful after all.

He stopped suddenly, and Wang Cang could no longer push forward.

“Sword Spirit, is the Disaster Releasing legendary sword this powerful?”

Zhou Xuanji asked in his mind. At this moment, the Nine Moon Execution Sword was totally different from when he first used it.

Although he was excited, he had more doubts.

“The Abyss Pearl Mainland was formed by a Divine Moon. When the Sword Owner channeled the world’s power, the Abyss Pearl Mainland resonated with the Nine Moon Execution Sword. You have now become one with the Abyss Pearl Mainland. The power that you are using now is not from the sword.”

The Sword Spirit’s explanation stunned Zhou Xuanji.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland was formed by a Divine Moon?

Isn’t this too coincidental?

At this moment, Wang Cang began attacking fearsomely. His spear was like a dragon, and lightning struck Zhou Xuanji ceaselessly. But all these attacks were blocked by the Divine Moon’s white radiance and did not result in any damage.

Everyone in the royal capital opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

That’s a Divine Martial Marquis!

Especially those generals. They could see Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation stage.

A Universe Heaven Level Twelve cultivator could do nothing to a Universe Heaven Level Two cultivator?

Were they insane? Or was it the Heavenly Law that went insane?

Marquis was also stupefied. He could not comprehend the situation at all.

“How can it be!”

Wang Cang gnashed his teeth. Rage overtook him, and the murderous intent solidified in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji was still contemplating the Divine Moon. No matter how Wang Cang attacked him, he had no feelings.

Because of the Divine Moon, the Abyss Pearl Mainland was protecting him.

No matter how powerful a Universe Heaven Level Twelve cultivator was, the Abyss Pearl Mainland was more powerful.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland produced so many powerful cultivators. Its abundant fate was incomparable by Wang Cang.

Zhou Xuanji could still not understand. Even if it’s because of the Divine Moon, the Abyss Pearl Mainland was willing to help him instead of its own inhabitants?

It was like helping its brother to kill its own children?

At this moment, the nine souls had a commotion.

“The Divine Moon energy!”

“I see. The Abyss Pearl Mainland was abundant in spiritual Qi and fate because it used to be a Divine Moon.”

“The power of this world is helping this brat!”

“The Abyss Pearl Mainland was forced to become a piece of land. When it felt the power of the Divine Moon from this brat, it must be wanting to seek revenge with his help.”

Hearing their words, Zhou Xuanji came to a realization.

The Divine Moons resided in the deep regions of the universe, high and lofty.

And now it became the habitat of millions of million things, surely it was reluctant.

Without further thought, he turned to look at Wang Cang.

“Have you attacked enough?” he asked indifferently. It could be because of the world’s power that his mindset was transformed. Wang Cang was like a joker to him now.

Having heard him, Wang Cang’s face twisted, and he said with gritted teeth, “Who the hell are you. Why do you have a sword of the Divine Moon?”

A long time ago, the Divine Moon was seized and divided by the saints. He could not understand how Zhou Xuanji obtained this sword.

“Who am I?”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “I am the world!”

A Sword Soul materialized behind him. The sword flashed and blood splattered.

Wang Cang’s head flew away.


Hundreds of Universe Heaven cultivators’ jaws dropped.

Their eyes could not even catch up to Zhou Xuanji’s slash just now.

Massive magic energy entered Zhou Xuanji’s body. Zhou Xuanji hid the World Internalization within his Sword Soul, which absorbed most of Wang Cang’s magic energy with that slash.

But because of the unique state he was in, it was not significant to Zhou Xuanji.

Wang Cang steadied his head.

“You…” he looked at Zhou Xuanji with fear and cried out.

Zhou Xuanji was astonished. The head was cut off and he could still talk?

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Three Sword Souls shredded Wang Cang’s body.

And Wang Cang’s remnant souls fled quickly.

His soul fled so quickly that Zhou Xuanji could not even react in time.

But Zhou Xuanji did not mind.

“Marquis,” he said, “Come here quickly. Do you want to die alongside them?”

Having heard him, Marquis came back to himself and quickly flew toward Zhou Xuanji.

At this moment, ethereal swords glowing with white light appeared above the royal capital one after another.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!

A billion ethereal swords flew across the vast sky. The entire city loomed with the aura of death.

On the stone stairs of the royal palace, Fengxuan God Emperor watched the ethereal swords that veiled the sky. He was stupefied.

Seeing that Wang Cang could do nothing to Zhou Xuanji, he was already stunned.

“How could it be like this… Great Emperor Dao Court… You lied to This Emperor…”

Fengxuan God Emperor trembled as he mumbled to himself.

And he disappeared immediately.

“Fend off that divine ability!”

The old white-haired general cried out as loud as he could. He took the lead to channel his magic energy to prepare against the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and walked to Marquis. The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows that overshadowed the entire land rained down on the royal capital.

The world raged, and all lives were slaughtered!

It was like a massive and horrifying light beam that fell from the sky and engulfed the prosperous and buzzing royal capital.