I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 510 - Chapter 510 Why Disaster Releasing

Chapter 510 - Chapter 510 Why Disaster Releasing


Seeing that Zhou Xuanji’s emanated such a powerful aura, the cultivators were shocked.

“This kid already has such a powerful aura at Universe Heaven Level 2. He’s really something.”

“It should be from his sword. That is the ultimate treasure!”

“We must be careful. There’s still the third Child of Destiny from their world.”

“Best that they appear together today and we kill them all!”

“Hahaha, he’s a genius indeed. But it is a pity that he is going to die in our hands.”

Zhou Xuanji showed no expression at their words.

Wang Hou recovered from his injuries also, and his aura burst out as well.

The two did not start fighting.

But both turned to look at Wang Cang, who was in the penthouse.

Wang Cang stepped onto the wooden barricade by the window and looked down at them with a condescending smile. “Where is your other companion?” he asked.

“Ask him to come out as well. I will give you a quick death.”

Such arrogance!

His cultivation at Universe Heaven Level 12 allowed him to disregard Zhou Xuanji and his companions.

“It’s useless to talk so much. Let’s fight!” Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly.


He leaped up, and the impact from his legs crumbled the entire martial stadium. The ground surface cracked, and countless buildings collapsed.

Facing such an imposing Zhou Xuanji, Wang Cang smiled with disdain.

He roared toward Zhou Xuanji mightily.


The gods and ghosts wailed, and the mountains and rivers shook. A horrifying roar resounded across the heavens and the earth.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned by the roar, but fortunately, he recovered quickly.

With the Nine Moon Execution Sword in his hand, he slashed toward his opponent!

A long spear appeared in Wang Cang’s hands. The broad spearhead looked like it was interwoven by two sabers.

He swooped down with the spear.

Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi came up to his face and sent him flying out. The penthouse behind him was turned into ashes immediately.

Zhou Xuanji turned around with hacks and slashes. The violent sword Qi shot towards other Universe Heaven cultivators.

These powerful cultivators were all generals in the Fengxuan God Dynasty. They backed off to different locations and cast their divine abilities, erecting light screens to block the sword Qi.

At the same time, the royal city turned chaotic.

Cultivators were fleeing in all directions along with the commoners. They were all trying to get away from the battleground.

Huang Yuxiu stood on the roof of her house and looked afar with a slight frown.

“Someone came for the rescue for real,” she said to herself in astonishment. And the rescuer was merely a Universe Heaven Level Two.

The Center God Province’s image in her heart became even more tarnished.

It seemed that her death tribulation would not be from the Center God Province.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

The generals from the Fengxuan God Dynasty were forced back. They opened their eyes and looked at Zhou Xuanji in disbelief.

Why was this brat’s magic energy so powerful?

His sword Qi was getting more and more powerful!

Even if he was boosted by that sword, he should not be able to spend his magic energy like that!

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He still could not break these generals’ defense abilities with such powerful attacks. Things seemed to turn sour.

He immediately activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and merged himself into it. The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was 90,000 meters tall. It stood mightily in the royal capital with thousands of arms behind, holding a sword each. These swords were all in the shape of the Nine Moon Execution Sword, and the nine Divine Moons were hanging behind his head.



Countless people’s jaws in the royal capital dropped in awe.

What was that thing?


Zhou Xuanji integrated with the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha as he activated the World Internalization. After that, he began hacking and slashing wildly.

Wang Hou leaped up to his shoulder and was exhilarated.

This brat became more powerful!

He was curious in his heart. How did Zhou Xuanji break through to Universe Heaven Level Two.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha bought with growing might and broke through the generals’ defensive abilities forcefully.

All the legendary swords circulated the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha head with high speed like a helmet with silver radiance.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha wreaked havoc in the boundless royal capital. Dust veiled over the sky, and the streets cracked open.

Wang Cang levitated high in the air and did not attack. He was observing Zhou Xuanji silently.

More specifically, he was observing the Nine Moon Execution Sword.

“Right. That’s the Divine Moon. Could that be the doing of the Heavenly Saint? Forging the Divine Moon into the supreme treasure.”

Wang Cang mumbled to himself. His eyes were beaming with excitement.

His heart was set on obtaining that sword.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was like a divine mountain at the world’s beginning. Everything in the royal capital seemed so small.

More powerful cultivators joined the fight, but Zhou Xuanji showed no care. He activated World Internalization secretly while he appeared to have lost his mind, hacking and depleting his celestial power mindlessly.

To prevent him from leveling the royal capital, most generals chose to fight him upfront. Their magic energy ended up being absorbed by him.

Although they were shocked, they could no longer care so much.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji’s enemies grew to 100 Universe Heaven cultivators. His aura was suppressed.

Wang Hou stood on the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s shoulder and cast his divine abilities occasionally but ineffectively.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha began rotating its thousand swords suddenly. A violent gale blew and swept the clouds into a whirlpool.

But it was useless.

One muscular general grew to a height of 90,000 meters and clashed with the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, sending the buddha flying off straight away.

The other powerful cultivators followed up the attack with all sorts of divine abilities. Spells rained down heavily onto the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and shattered it. Even the World Reincarnation could not hold it, and Zhou Xuanji fell to the ground.

Ding! Ding! Ding…

All the legendary swords landed beside him. He got up immediately and wiped off the blood on his lips.

His right hand was trembling as he held onto the Nine Moon Execution Sword. Looking up, he was surrounded by 100 Universe Heaven cultivators. Each of them was like a god, looking down at him.

Wang Hou landed somewhere near and was injured as well.


He covered his shoulder and said with gritted teeth, “Is that all you can do?”

He was extremely angry. If he knew this was to happen, Zhou Xuanji should not have come to rescue him.

If both of them died here, then the Center God Province would be destroyed.

“It’s not over yet!” Zhou Xuanji said coldly.


A green flame enveloped his body. The Nine Divine Moons shined brilliantly as the energy from the Disaster Releasing legendary sword flowed into his body at an alarming rate.

Battle Path Flame Soul!

Disaster Releasing legendary sword!

With the booster of these two powers, his celestial power grew tremendously. Even the Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution could hardly bear it.

“Not enough!”

Zhou Xuanji activated the World Overlord and straightaway drew power from the Abyss Pearl Mainland.


An old and white-haired general roared furiously and slashed at Zhou Xuanji with his saber. The slash seemed to cut the world asunder.

A stream of black saber Qi that was thousands of meters long appeared and descended upon Zhou Xuanji.


The ruins beneath Zhou Xuanji’s feet crumbled again, and he disappeared.

Wang Cang shook his head and mocked, “What a barbaric province. Barging in upfront with so little power. Not so powerful after all.”

Just when he finished speaking, the black saber shattered into countless black sparkles.

The ground shook violently. Nine full moons rose with a powerful radiance.

The nine moons formed a circle with Zhou Xuanji at the center.

His body was golden in color and was wrapped with both the green flame and the heavenly lightning!

His aura reached an extreme point, the space surrounding him rippling.

“What does it mean by Disaster Releasing? It’s to overcome all sufferings!”

Zhou Xuanji cried out expressionlessly. The Nine Divine Moons suddenly integrated with his Heavenly Law Immortal Constitution