I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 51

Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Chapter 51 – Eleven Years Old, Formless Sword

Half a month later, the group bid farewell to the villagers of Green River Village and left.

Initially, Zhou Xuanji wanted to wait for another month for Little Jiang Xue, but she had already lost hope and did not want to delay him.

The group walked in the wilderness and headed toward the Great Zhou Empire.

Zhou Xuanji did not want to bring Ah Big and Small Er along, but after he thought about it carefully, he still brought them along.

The two dragon eagles were considered rare beasts that could easily attract covetous eyes of other cultivators. So, it was too dangerous to leave them in Gulan Forest.

Northern Valiant Sword suggested buying a beast management bag, which was the size of a mustard seed. He could hide the dragon eagles inside the bag with spirit stones and food alongside them to keep them alive.

But the beast management bag was highly costly and could not be bought in ordinary kingdoms. They were under the control of big clans and the government.

Zhou Xuanji was extremely wealthy, so it was a piece of cake to buy one from the Empire.

On the mountainous terrain, the group crossed mountains and rivers.

Zhou Xuanji patted Ah Big as he walked and sighed, “You were so small when we first met, look how big you are now. See how well I fed you.”

Little Jiang Xue pursed her lips and retorted, “Aren’t I the one who has been feeding them?”

Zhou Xuanji shot her a glare. Was this girl entering the rebellious puberty stage?

Why must she always sabotage his pride?

Both the Sword King and Huang Lianxin could not contain their laughter.

“I’ve heard that if a dragon eagle lives to a thousand years, it could become a lord in the demon tribe. I’m not sure if it’s true,” Huang Lianxin said with a smile.

“Rubbish. I’ve lived for a thousand years, but I have yet to see a mighty dragon eagle. That is just a rumor!”

The small black snake said powerlessly as it was dragged along by the Three-Eyed Rodent.

Because it was dragged along, its skin was torn and ripped, its body was full of wounds.

But what was worth mentioning was that, although it underwent such torture, its body was recovering, like it was going through body tempering.

Zhou Xuanji said in response, “I will surely nurture them to become demon lords!”

The dragon eagles heard him and instantly gave off a long joyful cry. They circled around him and as their wings spread, they generated a strong gust that almost blew the Three-Eyed Rodent and the small black snake away.

Now that they were as tall as a three-story building, they were considered giant beasts.

“You want me to die?”

The snake cried furiously, although he sounded humorous to the rest.

Somehow, the Hegemon-Scaled Black Dragon became their source of joy.

But it was odd that its body size remained as it was, as though it was never going to grow.

Each time they mentioned this, the small snake felt like he was being stabbed in his heart, and cried loudly, “That’s the talent of my race, how can you understand?”

But whenever the snake showed such arrogance, it received a kick from Zhou Xuanji.

The group did not travel hastily but toured around during the day and trained at night.

If they encountered demons, Zhou Xuanji would guide Little Jiang Xue to fight them to gain experience.

Huang Lianxin did so too, while Northern Valiant Sword was deeply mesmerized with the Ranged Sword Propelling.

He trained the sword technique even when he was walking.

They crossed over mountains and hills, over rivers and plains.

They walked past forests in which autumn leaves danced. They climbed over mountains that were covered in ice and snow.

Two months passed quickly.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached ten years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner obtained [Silver] Formless Sword, Golden Chainmail, Black Sea Pill!”

Zhou Xuanji heard the Sword Spirit’s voice while he was on the road.

He was already eleven years old.

Somehow, he felt a little sad that time indeed urged people to age.

After that, he pleasantly examined the Formless Sword’s information.

Sword Name: Formless Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: A formless sword. Only the sword owner can see it. It is weightless but extremely powerful.

A formless sword?

He immediately took out the formless sword. It was long and narrow, just like the Windcutter Sword, but lighter, as though he was holding air.

He immediately executed a set of White Crane Sword Technique to familiarize himself with his new sword.

Little Jiang Xue, Northern Valiant Sword, and Huang Lianxin were all in shock when they saw him doing that.

“What are you doing?”

In their eyes, Zhou Xuanji’s right hand was in the posture of holding a sword, but there was nothing in his hand, which was very odd.


A gush of cold gale blew, and Northern Valiant Sword’s pupils contracted suddenly. The two ladies’ level of cultivation was still low, so they could not see clearly, but it was clear in his eyes.

Sword Qi!

He could generate sword Qi even without a sword?

He had heard of a technique that used fingers as a sword, but Zhou Xuanji was not doing that.

Could it be a new sword technique?

He immediately recalled three months ago, the scene where Zhou Xuanji practiced the Ten Sword Mode.

The master must have had a sudden insight and become passionate about it.

After finishing a set of White Crane Sword Technique, Zhou Xuanji felt rather pleasant.

Although the Formless Sword was weightless, it made the sword more powerful and swift, killing its targets without them seeing it.

After that, he stored the sword and continued ahead while he took out the Golden Chainmail.

The Golden Chainmail was a gold-colored inner armor. It was exquisite and light.

“This armor is high in defensive power. It could absorb the damage sustained from Enlightening Stage cultivators.”

The Sword Spirit introduced timely, and Zhou Xuanji nodded.

He immediately walked to Little Jiang Xue and said, “This armor is for you, your birthday present.”

Little Jiang Xue did not know the exact date of her birthday, so he decided to make it the same day as his birthday.

On the same day each year, Little Jiang Xue would prepare for him a sumptuous meal and a set of clothing that she already knitted for him.

“This looks like an excellent armor. You should wear it. ” She shook her head and said.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and replied, “This armor can defend against the attacks from Enlightening Stage cultivators. No one in the Enlightening Stage can hurt me.”

He was not arrogant. After he broke through to the Enlightening Stage, and with so many legendary swords and sword techniques, he would be ashamed of himself if he was not unrivaled among cultivators of the same cultivation stage.

He forcefully gave it to Little Jiang Xue before he continued walking forward. Now, he focused on the Black Sea Pill.

“The Black Sea Pill is a kind of spiritual Qi supplement. Consumption of it is helpful for one’s physique and cultivation. It can help the Sword Owner attain Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation’s Jade Skin Golden Bones and Sword Qi Soar straightaway.”

Zhou Xuanji was delighted after he heard the Sword Spirit’s introduction.

With each breakthrough in the Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation, his physical strength would increase tremendously.

Although he had the strength of about sixty thousand pounds, since he used a sword most of the time, his great strength was not revealed.

On the other side, Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin looked at each other, and both saw from each others’ eyes how shocked they were.

An inner armor that can guard against attacks from an Enlightening Stage cultivator?

**How many treasures did their master have?

They were immediately envious and became secretly expectant. They would have to do more errands for their master so that they could receive more rewards.


At this moment, a loud bray of a fearsome horse was heard from the east side.

The group turned around and saw a handsome man in black armor riding toward them atop a red horse. It was tall and fearsome. Under its hooves were flames, and on its head was a horn. It was extremely fast, covering twenty to thirty yards with each gallop, and a thousand yards in just three breaths.

Northern Valiant Sword’s face turned and immediately blocked in front. “Stop!” he shouted.

The handsome man continued on and only stopped his horse when he was only about ten yards away from Zhou Xuanji and the others.

“I am the Great Zhou Empire’s knight general Meng Tianlang. I am interested in the two dragon eagles. Ask me anything in exchange for them.”

The handsome man said as he waved his hand. He was arrogantly imposing, and his tone made it impermissible to reject him.

Zhou Xuanji’s face turned slightly. Meng Tianlang?

The man that Xiao Jinghong was promised to battle at the border?

The youngest knight general of the Great Zhou Empire!

This was great trouble. Zhou Xuanji stared him down.

But it was not fit for such a powerful person like him to ride here, no wonder he had his eyes on my dragon eagles.