I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 509 - Chapter 509 Prepared for Battle.

Chapter 509 - Chapter 509 Prepared for Battle.


“Yo, Divine Lord Ji. Didn’t expect you to come to us personally. Such a rare sight.”

The Malicious Buddha said with a cold smile. His tone was filled with murderous intent.

He had some conflicts with Divine Lord Ji before. Seeing Divine Lord Ji again, he was considered very calm and composed if he didn’t attack immediately.

Divine Lord Ji glanced at the Malicious Buddha and then looked at Xuan Daoya. “I need the whereabouts of the Heavenly Swords,” he said.

“If you can find one for me, I will owe you a relational debt.”

He was not seeking the Divine Swords for himself but Su Han.

Su Han was the reincarnation of Ji Xian. Inspired by Zhou Xuanji, he vowed to specialize in the Sword’s Way for his whole life.

Xuan Daoya took a look at Su Han and said intently, “You two are fated. This brat was found by you in both lives.”

Divine Lord Ji’s eyes were calm.

“I’m asking you, can you or not?” he asked.

After some thought, Xuan Daoya nodded.

Since he had no use for the Divine Swords, why not use it to loop Divine Lord Ji in.

Xuan Daoya flipped his right hand, and a long purple jade appeared.

“This jade contains a map which records the location of a Divine Sword,” Xuan Daoya threw the jade into Divine Lord Ji’s hands and said with a smile. He was not afraid that Divine Lord Ji would regret it at all.

“Anything you need help with, find me. I believe you know where I will be,” Divine Lord Ji said with a nod.

After that, he left with Su Han.

The Malicious Buddha only spoke after they departed, “You worked with so many factions. Be careful to not draw trouble to yourself.”

If the Great Emperor Dao Court were to know, they would never let you go.

Xuan Daoya shrugged his shoulder and said, “It doesn’t matter. I shall take the risk, or else I will always be a chess piece only.”

The Malicious Buddha shook his head with a smile and did not retort.

“Let’s go. We need to nurture a genius that can suppress Zhou Xuanji before he comes back.”

Xuan Daoya sighed. Zhou Xuanji was definitely the worst move they’ve made.

The Malicious Buddha nodded. The two turned and walked in another direction.

In the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

Zhou Xuanji was cultivating in a forest and continued to store up celestial power.

He already knew that the hostage in the Fengxuan God Dynasty was Wang Hou.

He decided to attempt a rescue.

Before that, he must store up abundant celestial power in the Tianxia Map so that he could recover quickly during his battle.

Wang Hou helped him a lot, and if he was dead, it would be even more difficult for Great Emperor Wuwang and him to win this battle.

The Abyss Pearl Mainland was so much more powerful than the Center God Province. The three Children of Destiny must be wreaking havoc in the Center God Province far ahead of them.

Each time he thought about this, he felt very anxious.

He opened his eyes, leaped up, and flew toward the Fengxuan God Dynasty.

It only required half a day for him to reach the Fengxuan God Dynasty. With his speed, half a day could cover a huge distance.

In the royal capital of the Fengxuan God Dynasty.

Wang Hou was still enduring a great torment. He had already given up hope.

Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang would not come and save him for the Center God Province’s sake.

Even if they came, they would die too. Too many powerful cultivators were ambushing them in this prosperous city.

There were multitudes of cultivators surrounding the martial stadium, looking at him. Most of them traveled a long distance to see this foreigner as if they were looking at a monkey.

No matter how peaceful Wang Hou’s mind was, he could not help but be angry.

He did not understand what the Fengxuan God Dynasty was waiting for.

If he were them, how could they not know that Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang would not come?

So, he thought that the Fengxuan God Dynasty was humiliating him.


A handsome man jumped into the martial stadium with gracefulness and elegance. He was also holding a folded fan.

Walking up to Wang Hou, the man said in amazement, “How will your Heavenly Saint think if he sees this?”

Wang Hou showed no reaction. While he was held hostage, many high officials and aristocrats came to ridicule him.

He was already used to it.

Since he could not fight back, there was no need to waste his words.


The handsome man spat on Wang Hou suddenly before leaving with a burst of loud laughter.

Wang Hou could not wipe off the saliva on his face. His eyes looked cold, just like a lion trapped in the cage. His rage was hidden beneath his calmness.

In a penthouse.

Wang Cang, who was cultivating, said, “Go and ask the Emperor how much longer must we wait.”

He was the empire’s First Class Divine Martial Marquis. How could he spend so much time guarding a lowly prisoner?

“Yes, sir!”

The assistant general cupped his fists and flew toward the royal palace.

Wang Cang had high status in the Fengxuan God Dynasty. He could be considered second only to the Emperor.

He was also the most powerful cultivator in the empire.

At Level 12 of Universe Heaven, there was no one more powerful than him.

So, he even dared to question the Emperor.

Half an hour later.

The assistant general returned and replied, “General, the Emperor said to wait a while longer. Please be patient.”

Having heard that, Wang Cang frowned. He was displeased.

At this moment, another person jumped onto the martial stadium

Wang Cang showed no concern. He thought it was someone who wanted to ridicule Wang Hou again.

However, Wang Hou’s eyes were wide open.

It was Zhou Xuanji.

The Center God Province had no difference in appearance from the Abyss Pearl Mainland. Wang Hou was captured in the previous battle while Zhou Xuanji entered the city just like anyone else. Who would have thought that he was from another world?

Zhou Xuanji said with a smile, “You look really miserable.”

This sounded extremely like those who came to ridicule him previously

Those observing around the stadium did not suspect that this person was Wang Hou’s partner.

Wang Hou sighed with a complex expression in his eyes, “Are you stupid?”

Zhou Xuanji said, “Yes, I am. But I have never done something that I’m not confident in doing.”

Numerous legendary swords appeared above his head suddenly and cut off the metal chains around Wang Hou.


All the cultivators surrounding the martial stadium were stunned and backed off.

Numerous silhouettes that emanated powerful aura smashed into the martial stadium and surrounded Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Nine Moon Execution Sword, Wind God Sword, Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword, and the Seven Emotions Evil Sword. These swords levitated by his side, while hundreds of other legendary swords shot out in all directions simultaneously.

Wang Cang stood by the penthouse window and looked down at Zhou Xuanji with a smile. “I didn’t expect there to be someone so dumb in the Center God Province. Even he is qualified as a Child of Destiny?”

His eyes were locked onto the Nine Moon Execution Sword.

Such a handsome sword!

An ultimate treasure!

He became greedy and had decided to take the sword for himself.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Wang Hou and asked, “Do you still have the Wonder Blood Spirit Pill?”

Wang Hou smiled in reply, “Of course. I could not escape previously, so I kept it. I didn’t expect it to come into use.”

He swung his right hand, and a spatial tear appeared beside him. From within it, he took out the Wonder Blood Spirit Pill and quickly gulped it down.

The powerful cultivators around him did not stop him but looked at him with ridicule.

Zhou Xuanji looked around and saw 27 people. From their auras, they were all more powerful than Wang Hou when he was at his pinnacle.

Which meant that these cultivators were all above Universe Heaven Level 5.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath. His skin turned golden, and his body was surrounded by the heavenly thunder. His aura grew tremendously as the purple Taichi diagram with nine swords appeared on his forehead.

The energy of the nine divine moons gushed into his body. Nine full moons rose behind his body and shined brilliantly.

At this moment, he was a war god, indeed!