I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 508 - Chapter 508 Gu Tianxia Appeared.

Chapter 508 - Chapter 508 Gu Tianxia Appeared.


“General, please think carefully. He’s already in our hands anyway.”

A silver-armored man walked out and said with cupped fists. He was really worried that the black-robed man would act recklessly.

The black-robed man was the Fengxuan God Dynasty’s First Class Divine Martial Marquis, Wang Cang. He was ranked 48th in the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking.

At Universe Heaven Level 12, he was extremely powerful.

Wang Hou encountered him and was defeated straightaway.

The two Wangs met, but Hou was defeated by Cang.

Wang Cang snorted coldly, “Dilly dally. Let’s kill him immediately. The Children of Destiny from the Center God Province are so weak and cannot be compared to ours.”

The silver-armored man nodded in concede and dared not to retort. But he agreed with Wang Cang in his heart anyway.

Somewhere else in the royal capital.

Huang Yuxiu was playing a stringed instrument. Other than her, there were many powerful cultivators hidden inside the royal capital in ambush for the other two foreign invaders’ arrival.

She frowned slightly and said to herself, “Why do I feel so uneasy.”

She felt that something was wrong with the Fengxuan God Dynasty.

In the war between the two worlds, the opponent must have sent the top cultivators as their children of destiny. These cultivators may not be on good terms with one another to begin with. Moreover, with all the complicated situations of the war between the two worlds, it was too ambitious to lure the other two with the captured one.

The Fengxuan God Dynasty should not have missed this.

If so, why were they still doing it?

She began to hesitate whether to leave this place.

“Forget it. Wait a while longer.”

She sighed softly. What her Revered Teacher told her about her death tribulation stirred her heart endlessly.

Without resolving this tribulation, she could not focus on cultivating.

Her Revered Teacher had never been wrong about the things he divined.

Inside the Black Prison Lamp.

Zhou Xuanji absorbed the Black Prison Flame and even learned to control it.

According to Xuan Zun, once an ordinary Universe Heaven cultivator touched this flame, he would be turned into ashes. If not for the fact that he had absorbed the lamp’s flame before, he would most likely be incinerated by the Black Prison Flame.

Zhou Xuanji let out a deep breath and asked, “If this continues, how much longer must I wait to escape this place?”

He did not have much time because he was in a war after all.

“Why don’t you beg Yi Qiutian?”

Xuan Zun asked. His words made Zhou Xuanji’s lips twitch.

At their cultivation stage, could Yi Qiutian really let him off just because he begged for it?

“You want to go out yet?”

Yi Qiutian’s calm voice resounded.

Zhou Xuanji replied with squinted eyes, “Of course. You imprisoned me, but you did not kill me. What do you want? Speak openly and save our time and energy.”

Yi Qiutian was silent.

Zhou Xuanji waited patiently.

Half an hour later.

Yi Qiutian finally said, “I believe in your talent. One day, you will become like me. I ask you, do you want to become a Saint, or do you want to serve under the Heavenly Saint forever?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. What was this supposed to mean?

Driving an edge between him and the Heavenly Saint?

“To become a Saint, of course,” he replied.

Cultivation was to fight against Heaven and continue to breakthrough one’s limits.

“That’s impossible. There are only nine Heavenly Saints under the Heavenly Law. All positions have been filled unless one of them falls and makes space,” Yi Qiutian snorted coldly. His tone was filled with reluctance.

Zhou Xuanji immediately understood what he meant.

This guy wanted to loop him into working against the Heavenly Saint together.

“If you let me out and help me win the war between the two worlds, we shall seek to become Heavenly Saints together,” Zhou Xuanji said. Other than Sage Daojing, there were eight more Heavenly Saints. It was not a difficult decision.

“I can only let you out. If I help you openly, wouldn’t I provoke the Heavenly Saint here and be killed?” Yi Qiutian replied. Just when he finished speaking, Zhou Xuanji felt a powerful force moving him out.

The next second, Zhou Xuanji appeared above the clouds and stood beside Yi Qiutian.

Yi Qiutian glanced at him and said, “From here on, you can only rely on yourself. But you must not go to the Fengxuan God Dynasty to save your companions. There are over a hundred Universe Heaven cultivators in ambush. You will surely die if you go.”

Save my companion?

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Who was captured?

Yi Qiutian got up slowly and walked toward the sky without replying.

Zhou Xuanji swooped down and planned to gather intel.

The Center God Province.


Someone fell from the sky and crashed into the grassy plain. The shockwave crumbled the ground within a radius of a few hundred miles and swept up a dust storm.

Another person was levitating high in the sky.

It was Gu Tianxia.

He was revived and had blood-shot eyes. He was no longer as peaceful as when he was in the Tianxia Map. Now, he was wearing a tight black armor laid with spikes. On his back was a fiery red robe.

He laughed arrogantly,

“Child of destiny from another world? That’s all you can do?”

Gu Tianxia smiled mockingly. His laughter reverberated across the sky endlessly.

The dust storm died down.

In the debris, a man dressed in black laid among the rocks. His body was covered in blood, and his handsome face was covered in dust. The black clothing he wore was torn, and he looked rather miserable.

The man tried to stand up but realized in horror that his magic energy had been drained dry.

“What evil ability are you using?” he asked with gritted teeth.

A burning rage flared in his heart. He was someone with a great reputation in the Abyss Pearl Mainland, and now he was suppressed by someone unknown.

How could he not feel angry?

He had already done his research on the top cultivators in the Center God Province but had heard nothing about Gu Tianxia.

“This is called World Buddha Art. My creation.”

Gu Tianxia laughed loftily. The feeling of being reborn was beautiful.

What made his mood even better was to bully a foreign child of destiny as his first enemy after his revival.

The man in black got up with much difficulty. He pressed his hand against the chest as he thought about ways to escape.

Outside of the Center God Province.

In the dark woods.

Xuan Daoya met the Malicious Buddha.

“Gu Tianxia revived. You are in big trouble now,” the Malicious Buddha said with ridicule. Gu Tianxia was a famous genius that shook the world back then. He was even more talented than Mo Jiuqing.

Xuan Daoya snorted coldly, “He’s not qualified to kill me.”

Countless people wanted to kill him, but who succeeded?

Eventually, they were killed by his schemes.

“The Heavenly Saint made such a good move. Reviving Gu Tianxia to fight against the Abyss Pearl Mainland. It was brilliant. Gu Tianxia was someone extremely powerful and was more than enough to deal with the child of destiny from the Abyss Pearl Mainland.”

The Malicious Buddha sighed in amazement. He was also curious about how the Heavenly Saint revived Gu Tianxia.

Could the Heavenly Saint really recreate those whose souls had been scattered?

“Forget about this. We must gather the Divine Swords now. And about Demonic Emperor, was he bedeviled in his cultivation? He’s been in seclusion for so long!”

Xuan Daoya said impatiently. Ever since Zhou Xuanji ascended, his agenda was obstructed in every way, so much so that he could hardly maintain his usual calmness.

The Malicious Buddha replied, “How would I know what the Demonic Emperor is thinking about. We are not that close. We are only as close as I’m with you.”

Xuan Daoya frowned, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

At this moment, a flight of steps could be heard from the darkness.

The two turned and saw Divine Lord Ji coming with Su Han. Seeing Divine Lord Ji, both Xuan Daoya and the Malicious Buddha’s expressions changed.