I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 507 - Chapter 507 – Black Prison Flame

Chapter 507 - Chapter 507 – Black Prison Flame


“General, the war between two worlds has begun; what are you still waiting for?” Yi Qiutian smiled as he asked. He spoke very softly, but his words could be clearly heard by the golden monkey.

The golden monkey at the center of the waterfall slowly opened his eyes. His blood-red eyes looked down at Yi Qiutian and said, “Yi Qiutian, why do you care about me so much? Even if you’re plotting against me, you shouldn’t be so diligent.”

Yi Qiutian shook his head and laughed as he said, “I just want to share with you an opportunity, that’s all.”

Hearing this, the golden monkey slowly stood up. He was naked from the waist up, and his muscles were as firm as divine rocks and could shake one’s sight.

He stepped out from the waterfall.

“Yi Qiutian, what do you want to do?” the golden monkey asked. He rolled his neck, and all of the water on him directly evaporated, turning into streams of hot air that circled his body.

He quickly descended and came before Yi Qiutian.

He was 15 meters tall, and compared to Yi Qiutian, he was like a mountain.

“The war between two worlds is our opportunity,” Yi Qiutian said with a slight smile before describing his plan.

At the same time within the Black Prison Lamp, Zhou Xuanji was absorbing the flames around him, cultivating Battle Path Flame Soul.

There was a figure made of intense flames behind him, looking like a fire god dressed in armor. It was just a silhouette, and its features were not clear.

The Ancient God Sword floated beside him, and Sovereign Xuan said in approval, “Your talent is truly remarkable; you’ve learned it in such a short amount of time. Incredible.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the situation was so desperate, he would not pass his divine ability to someone else.

Fortunately, Zhou Xuanji had not let him down.

‘But of course!’ Zhou Xuanji thought to himself, feeling pleased.

As he used the Battle Path Flame Soul to absorb the intense flames, he found that his cultivation was increasing.

This meant that he could rely on the flames in the Black Prison Lamp to greatly increase his cultivation.

It was just like how Sun Wukong had come out of the Eight Trigrams Furnace with his Fiery Eyes and greatly enhanced cultivation, allowing him to almost fight his way into the Lingxiao Palace.

As the surging flames entered his body, the Battle Path Flame Soul behind him became even more corporeal.

After a while, a figure appeared before him; it was Yi Qiutian.

Yi Qiutian frowned as he said, “Battle Path Flame Soul. What is your relationship with Sovereign Xuan?”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and calmly replied, “Teacher and friend.”

Yi Qiutian’s frown became even deeper.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him, and he once again closed his eyes as he continued to cultivate.

Since Sovereign Xuan had said that Yi Qiutian would not kill him, he could daringly continue to cultivate. It was pointless to resist anyways.

Yi Qiutian’s gaze was complicated as he said, “Then you can remain in here to cultivate. If you can force your way out yourself, I will let you live and will not act against you in the future.”

After saying this, Yi Qiutian disappeared from where he was.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and felt quite curious; why had Yi Qiutian captured him?

With Yi Qiutian’s strength, he most likely would not care about the life or death of a world.

He had asked Sovereign Xuan, but Sovereign Xuan had been quite equivocal, saying there is no knowing what is in a man’s heart; how could he know?

However, given how unsurprised Sovereign Xuan seemed, Zhou Xuanji trusted that he knew the answer.

Zhou Xuanji did not think too much about it and continued to cultivate.

One month later, he had completely learned Battle Path Flame Soul. The Flame Soul was incredibly domineering and floated behind him. It could cover his body, causing his battle power to increase.

The effects were like a mysterious technique that could temporarily increase cultivation.

Not only this, the Battle Path Flame Soul could independently fight as well.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation reached an extreme point, and he could break through at any moment.

When he had fought with the Earth Dragon Clan, he had absorbed massive amounts of cultivation, which reduced much of the pains of cultivating.

However, if he wanted to break through, it would still take quite some time.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

Zhou Xuanji suppressed his desire to break through; he wanted his Battle Path Flame Soul to become even more corporeal.

On this day, he could not hold back any longer and prepared to break through.


A berserk amount of immortal energy exploded out, causing the sea of flame to roil.

Within the Black Prison Lamp, he did not even need to face a divine tribulation.

Outside, above Yi Qiutian was the starry sky and below him was a sea of clouds.

He suddenly opened his eyes and a trace of shock flashed within them as he muttered, “Very good, Sage Daojing! Out of the Nine Sages, your foresight was indeed the sharpest.”

He gave a strange laugh, and he took out the Black Prison Lamp with his right hand as he began to pinch his fingers and divine with his left.

Traces of green flames flowed out of his palm and entered the Black Prison Lamp.

In a distant Great Thousand World, within Still Thought Temple, Sage Daojing slowly opened his eyes, and his white eyebrows slightly furrowed.

He could see Yi Qiutian in his eyes.

“As expected, this fellow is quite troublesome. It’s a pity that it is too late for you; you can only become a stepping stone for Zhou Xuanji.” Sage Daojing smiled and laughed, feeling quite pleased.

Following this, he closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the Heavenly Law.

Zhou Xuanji used three days to break through to Universe Heaven Level Two. The Heavenly Law Immortal Energy in his body skyrocketed, and at the same time, there was a domineering and intense flame passing within his body, like Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, and it was under his control.

After breaking through, Zhou Xuanji felt that his body and soul had gone through transformations.

Each level of Universe Heaven was a completely new transformation.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and looked around.

Above him, green flames had formed a sea of clouds, continuously roiling. It looked like the savage face of a demon, which was viciously looking at him.

Zhou Xuanji gave a slight smile as he stood up and so did the Battle Path Flame Soul around him. It opened its mouth and devoured the green flames.

After the green flames entered the Battle Path Flame Soul, green flames also appeared around Zhou Xuanji’s body, burning intensely.

“Black Prison Green Flames; this is the Black Prison Lamp’s source flames. Yi Qiutian is helping you,” Sovereign Xuan said in amazement. The stronger Zhou Xuanji was, the safer he would be.

As for Yi Qiutian’s goal, he knew what it was and did not disturb him.

From how he saw it, Zhou Xuanji would be like Yi Qiutian one day and also challenge that realm.

Within the Fengxuan God Dynasty’s Royal City.

On a massive martial stadium, Marquis was bound to a searing hot iron pillar with chains all around his body. There were many sharp hooks on the chains, tearing at his flesh.

Marquis’ clothes were tattered and his hair was in a mess. His face was covered with blood, but his eyes were still bright and resolute.

He looked towards the horizon, as if he was waiting.

There were countless people around the martial stadium, and there were people spectating from buildings in the distance too.

“He’s an Otherworld Child of Destiny?”

“For him to look so calm despite suffering such torture, he’s quite amazing.”

“Amazing my ass. He’s our enemy!”

“Looks like his companions will not come and save him.”

“How would they save him? If they dared to come, they would definitely die without a doubt. If I were them, I would not come either. After all, they’re carrying countless lives on their backs.”

The cultivators and commoners discussed among themselves. Some admired Marquis, some mocked him, and some cursed at him.

There was a small mountain behind the martial stadium. At the peak of the mountain was a pavilion, and a man dressed in a black robe with tiger patterns on it stood next to the pavilion, a row of soldiers behind him.

He coldly harrumphed, “They’re still not coming? Might as well just kill him!”

They had captured Marquis for one month and had sent out the news for 20 days, but the two other people still had not appeared, grinding his patience.