I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 506 - Chapter 506 – Yi Qiutian

Chapter 506 - Chapter 506 – Yi Qiutian


The Frost Demon Sect was one of the overlords of the Abyss Pearl Mainland’s demonic path.

It had dozens of Universe Heaven experts and hundreds of Heavenly Law True Gods; it was incredibly powerful.

At its peak, it had dominated the demonic path.

The Frost Demon Sect was on a tall mountain, and the icy wind was bone-chilling. Countless cultivators were split among the various outposts on the mountain, while there were also disciples standing guard on the plains below.

Now that the war between two worlds had begun and the Great Sky Sect and Earth Dragon Clan had been annihilated, even though they were quite far away, they still felt unsettled.

Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang walked on the plains, looking at the Frost Demon Sect; they could sense a somber and desolate aura.

“Looks like the Frost Demon Sect is very smart; we can’t directly start fighting,” Great Emperor Wuwang said as he lightly laughed, and he stopped walking.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Do we give up?”

He could also sense the danger.

This battle was most likely going to be even more difficult than the previous two.

Great Emperor Wuwang thought for a moment before nodding and saying, “Let’s retreat and put our focus on those items created by the heavens and earth.”

Stealing Fate could be achieved not just by killing enemies.

They could also plunder the treasures that contained Heaven and Earth Fate—this included the Great Thousand World’s 18 Saint Swords.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, and the two of them turned and left.

As such, the Frost Demon Sect was able to avoid calamity.

The two of them left quite quickly, but one hour later, they suddenly stopped.

A person had appeared in front of them, and that person casually walked towards them.

This person was the white-clothed man who had been searching for them and found the cave earlier.

“Where do you think the two of you are going?” the white-clothed man asked as he slightly smiled. Despite being 1,000 meters away, his gaze collided with Zhou Xuanji’s and Great Emperor Wuwang’s, and he did not seem afraid that his two prey would escape.

Now that he had caught up to them, they had no hope of escaping.

Great Emperor Wuwang narrowed his eyes and said, “Sir is truly powerful; after chasing after us for such a long time, you ended up catching up to us.”

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless, but inwardly he felt quite surprised.

This fellow had been chasing after them this whole time?

Why hadn’t Great Emperor Wuwang mentioned this earlier?

Could it be that he had expected Zhou Xuanji to have sensed him as well?

A common acknowledgement between experts?

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself as his gaze locked onto the white-clothed man’s body.

“Remember my name, Yi Qiutian,” the white-clothed man said as he gave a slight smile. As he spoke, he raised his right hand, and a black oil lamp appeared in his hand. The flame flickered in the wind, but it refused to be extinguished.

Yi Qiutian?

Great Emperor Wuwang’s expression slightly fell and he sent a telepathic message to Zhou Xuanji, saying, “Quickly leave; I’ll stop him! This person is someone who the Sage especially named to avoid at all costs.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; this name was not on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking, but Sage Daojing had warned Great Emperor Wuwang about him.

What did this mean?

Could he be an existence on the level of the old beggar and old immortal?

“Neither of you will be able to escape,” Yi Qiutian said as he gave a slight smile, and he came before the two of them in a single step.

Zhou Xuanji instinctively took out the Nine Moon Execution Sword, preparing to fight.

Yi Qiutian suddenly waved his hand, and the black lamp gave off a brilliant fiery light. Zhou Xuanji felt a heavy impact on his soul, and he felt quite dizzy. In the next second, he was absorbed into the black lamp.

Great Emperor Wuwang turned into a wave of demonic qi, but he was still absorbed by the black lamp.

All of a sudden, a black light shot out from the demonic qi, disappearing over the horizon.

Yi Qiutian slightly raised his eyebrows and muttered, “That demon is not simple; could that be his signature divine ability?”

He shook his head, turned, and left.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji recovered consciousness. He opened his eyes and looked about, and he found that he had been surrounded by intense flames. It was as if he was in a sea of flames that extended as far as the eye could see.

Looking up in the air, he could see countless sparks in the sky.

“Is this the world in the lamp?” Zhou Xuanji tightly frowned and took out the Ancient God Sword as he communicated with the nine souls.

This scene made him feel like he was a certain monkey king in the Eight Trigrams Furnace.

“Where is this?”

“Boy, I told you not to show off, but you didn’t listen.”

“Eh? Is this the Black Prison Lamp?”

“Be careful, the flames around you are not simple.”

“Are we going to be finished here?”

The souls all spoke, and Sovereign Xuan recognized the background of this lamp.

The Black Prison Lamp was one of the Zhenggan Great Thousand’s Heavenly Law Magic Treasures, and it contained innate divine fire that could burn almost all things in the world.

“What is the Zhenggan Great Thousand?” Zhou Xuanji asked Sovereign Xuan. He felt quite curious; why did Sovereign Xuan know about Yi Qiutian?

Sovereign Xuan replied, “The Zhenggan Great Thousand is the Zhenggan Great Thousand World. There are many Great Thousand Worlds, and the Great Thousand World that the Center God Province is a part of is only one corner. When you surpass the Universe Heaven realm, you can freely pass through the various Great Thousand Worlds.”

Did that mean Yi Qiutian had surpassed the Universe Heaven realm?

Zhou Xuanji asked, “How can I escape from here?”

Sovereign Xuan sighed as he said, “You can’t, unless your cultivation exceeds his.”

The other souls all panicked.

Emperor Zhao said, “Surely not? I haven’t even revived and this boy is going to die?”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji wanted to hit him.

“Why did the Heavenly Saint send you here? It’s not fair!” Demon Lord Ruyuan cursed. Zhou Xuanji had only just reached the Universe Heaven realm, and yet he had been sent on such a dangerous mission.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite annoyed; could he really not escape?

“Don’t panic,” Sovereign Xuan suddenly said.

Emperor Canghai said, “Brother, are you trying to scare us to death? If you have a way to escape, hurry up and tell us!”

Sovereign Xuan sighed and said, “He is my blood brother.”


All of the souls became silent, and Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened.

The hell?

Blood brother?

A blood brother from a different Great Thousand World?

Zhou Xuanji hurriedly asked, “Is your relationship good? Don’t tell me you were like those brothers who became enemies!”

Sovereign Xuan laughed hearing this.

Brothers who became enemies?

“The two of us were invincible existences in our own Great Thousand Worlds; why would we become enemies?” Sovereign Xuan said proudly.

His tone changed as he said, “Don’t leave for now; just cultivate in the Black Prison Lamp. If he wanted to kill you, you would have already died—this is a test. With his abilities and personality, I’m sure that he does not care about the war between two worlds at all; he most likely has a different aim.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. A test?

Just as he was about to continue asking, a wave of memories flooded into his mind.

He sat down cross-legged and began to closely go through these memories.

It was a type of divine ability called the Battle Path Flame Soul!

It could help with fighting and cultivating, and it could allow one to absorb any type of flame under Heavenly Law.

After Zhou Xuanji comprehended the cultivation method, he slowly opened his eyes.

He asked, “Did you create this divine ability?”

It was very powerful!

In fact, it was not much inferior to the World Buddha Art.

“That’s right. After you learn it, Yi Qiutian will understand that you are my legatee and will not purposefully make things difficult for you. Also, don’t tell him that I have already fallen,” Sovereign Xuan replied. He sounded quite proud in the first half but somewhat awkward in the second.

He felt quite sullen about his death and did not have the face to tell people he was familiar with about it.

Zhou Xuanji laughed and began to cultivate Battle Path Flame Soul.

Outside, Yi Qiutian came before a massive waterfall. This waterfall was 3,000 meters tall and hundreds of meters wide, and he rushed down with immense force. Below it was a lake that seemed as big as an ocean and was covered by fog.

Following his gaze, there was a golden monkey sitting at the center of the waterfall, enduring the impact of the water.