I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 505 - Chapter 505 – Divine Moon Energy

Chapter 505 - Chapter 505 – Divine Moon Energy


Holding the Nine Moon Execution Sword, Zhou Xuanji’s aura rose, and the more he fought, the stronger he became.

With the help of World Internalization, his cultivation started to increase.

After he absorbed his enemies’ magic energy, it would turn into Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, making his condition better and better.

A Disaster Releasing sword was truly domineering!

Even a Universe Heaven expert could not withstand it!

Dragon King Jiuyu, who had Universe Heaven Level Nine cultivation, could not sit by and watch. He quickly rushed at Zhou Xuanji, preparing to kill him.

Because of this, Marquis was left free, and he could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

He looked at the Nine Moon Execution Sword in Zhou Xuanji’s hand in fear.

What sword was this?

Why had he never seen it before?

Just how many swords did this boy have?

Facing Dragon King Jiuyu, Zhou Xuanji showed no fear at all.

He wildly laughed as he said, “The Earth Dragon Clan is not much!”

He then unleashed a Sword Soul, which attached to his right arm and the Nine Moon Execution Sword, and he ferociously slashed out.

This slash used up all of his Heavenly Law Immortal Energy instantly.

The sword qi rushed out extremely quickly.

Dragon King Jiuyu surrounded himself with flames and did not dodge. He turned into a massive azure dragon, around which burned intense blue flames, and he slammed into the Sword Soul.


Zhou Xuanji immediately received a large amount of magic energy, which he converted into Heavenly Law Immortal Energy, causing his condition to return to its peak, if not higher.

Two of Dragon King Jiuyu’s horns had been broken by the sword qi, and a long gash appeared on his head, from which blood poured out like fountain water.

Zhou Xuanji unleashed another Sword Soul, and berserk sword qi once again landed on Dragon King Jiuyu’s body, causing him to howl.

Dragon King Jiuyu was completely dumbfounded; only after facing the Nine Moon Execution Sword did he feel how powerful it really was.

This was especially so with World Internalization and the Sword Soul supporting it.

“His sword qi can absorb my magic energy!” Dragon King Jiuyu’s heart thumped, unable to understand.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly comprehended something.

The Nine Moon Execution Sword’s power was not just this much.

He sensed nine massive divine moons’ energy.

Zhou Xuanji gave a low roar, and the Nine Moon Execution Sword gave off brilliant light. Nine massive divine moons flew out from within the powerful light, surrounding him.

The underground region was filled with the nine divine moons’ powerful light, making it so that the other creatures could barely open their eyes.

“This is… divine moons! How is this possible?” Dragon King Jiuyu’s eyes widened as he cried out in shock, as if he had seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

Zhou Xuanji once again swung out.

The nine divine moons rushed out and slammed into Dragon King Jiuyu’s massive body as if they had teleported. The light from the nine moons then connected together, suppressing him.

“Roar!!” Dragon King Jiuyu gave a long, apined roar, and his body was gradually ripped apart by the nine divine moons’ light. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into just dragon bones, looking incredibly wretched.

An ocean of magic energy flooded into Zhou Xuanji’s body.


So refreshing!

If he went on like this, he would be able to break through before too long.

He suddenly felt that Gu Tianxia was really a peerless genius.

The World Buddha Art was simply incredible!

With just this energy technique alone, no one in the Northern Wilderness could compare to him!

Soon, Dragon King Jiuyu had been completely killed by the divine moons. He, who had Universe Heaven Level Nine cultivation, could only escape with a remnant trace of his soul, which quickly dove into the ground.

Zhou Xuanji rushed upwards and shouted, “Come with me!”

Great Emperor Wuwang and Marquis, who were still stuck in their shock, hurriedly followed after him.

The three of them flew out of the ravine and flew high into the sky.

Zhou Xuanji furiously slashed downwards, and countless traces of sword qi rushed down.

This killed all of the Earth Dragons that were about to rush out.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The sword qi blasted the ground, causing the wasteland in the surrounding 100 kilometers to sink down.

During this battle, the Earth Dragon Clan had fallen.

Even though there had been some survivors, Dragon King Jiuyu only escaped with a trace of his remnant soul. If he wanted to return to his peak, it would take tens of thousands of years.

The sword qi from Zhou Xuanji’s last attack did not hit too many dragons. Most of the immortal energy in his body had been used up, and his body became quite weak.

“Hurry up and support me to leave; are we just going to wait here to die?” Zhou Xuanji looked at Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang as he asked grumpily.

Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang looked at each other and laughed, and they supported Zhou Xuanji as they left.

They moved incredibly quickly in order to avoid other experts coming to help.

However, an extremely powerful aura rushed at them from behind. The three of them turned and saw a white-haired man dressed in golden armor. His gaze was filled with killing intent, and there was a wheel of golden light on his back, which seemed to contain countless spears.

“Where do you think you’re running to?” he said in a cold voice as he drew closer and closer to Zhou Xuanji and the others.

His aura was even stronger than Dragon King Jiuyu.

Marquis shouted, “You guys leave first; I’ll stop him!”

After saying this, Marquis turned and rushed at the newcomer.

Great Emperor Wuwang once again increased his speed.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Should I use the Wonder Blood Spirit Qi to fight with him?”

Great Emperor Wuwang shook his head and said, “He has a World Limitless Jade. If we stay and fight, we will only attract more enemies.”

He was not surprised about Marquis’ choice.

Just then, Zhou Xuanji’s performance had caused them to come to a mutual understanding, which was to put their hope on Zhou Xuanji.

This boy only had Universe Heaven Level One cultivation, and yet he could kill an existence with Universe Heaven Level Eight cultivation. From this, it could be seen that this boy’s potential was greater than theirs.

Great Emperor Wuwang decided that if they faced such a situation in the future, he would do his best to protect Zhou Xuanji.

The two of them quickly disappeared over the horizon.

Three days later, they came to an underground cave to rest.

They first nursed their qi blood and did not say anything to each other.

Only after a long time did Zhou Xuanji open his eyes and say, “Now that we’ve been split up from Marquis, should we search for him or continue with our plan?”

Great Emperor Wuwang opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed as he said, “We should continue. It’s better if we split up; that way, the Abyss Pearl Mainland’s attention will be split up as well.”

He trusted that Marquis would not die.

If that fellow died so easily, he would have died long ago.

Zhou Xuanji nodded before closing his eyes, continuing to replenish his Heavenly Law Immortal Energy.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang once again appeared.

News about what had happened to the Earth Dragon Clan had already spread through the Abyss Pearl Mainland, causing everyone to feel quite terrified.

The Great Sky Sect and Earth Dragon Clan were all first-rate factions, and yet they had been destroyed by three otherworld Children of Destiny in half a year.

Just how strong were those Children of Destiny?

Soon, the entire Abyss Pearl Mainland was discussing Zhou Xuanji and the others.

Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang came to the north of the Abyss Pearl Mainland.

They had to increase the area that they operated in, making it difficult for the Abyss Pearl Mainland to determine where they would attack next.

Their next target was the Frost Demon Sect.

The Frost Demon Sect’s strength was roughly similar to the Earth Dragon Clan. Using the Nine Moon Execution Sword, they would be able to destroy it, but they had to be quick.

Three days after they left, a man walked to the cave that they had been staying in.

He wore white clothes and was quite handsome and elegant. There was a faint moustache above his lips, and his hair was swept backwards. He had a strong jawline and had striking eyebrows and eyes.

His left hand was behind his back as he pinched the fingers on his right hand together and divined. He muttered, “They escaped again, only by a bit this time. Next time, I’ll be able to catch up to them.”