I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 504 - Chapter 504 – Nine Moon Execution Sword

Chapter 504 - Chapter 504 – Nine Moon Execution Sword


“Since it’s like this, why are you so worried, to the point that you called me here?” The woman in blue continued to frown, still feeling quite confused.

She felt that her teacher had a lot on his mind.

The red-robed elder looked back at her and said, “Yuxiu, I divined your death tribulation. In less than 100 years, you will definitely die without a doubt.”

Yuxiu was the woman’s name. Her surname was Feng, Feng Yuxiu.

She was ranked third on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking.

“Death tribulation?” Feng Yuxiu’s expression slightly changed and said, “Who in the entire Abyss Pearl Mainland could kill me?”

It was not that she was arrogant, but even against the first on the Abyss Pearl Hero Ranking, she could put up a good fight.

“Heaven’s secrets are not to be revealed. Go back and remember that you can achieve anything with your own effort. I hope you can free yourself from this death tribulation,” the red-robed elder said as he waved his hand, making Feng Yuxiu feel even more confused.

Her teacher was the Heavenly Saint, and yet there were things that he could not reveal?

She did not dare to continue to disturb him, and she felt quite confused as she left.


Explosions continuously sounded out in the dark, underground region, and various lights flashed.

Zhou Xuanji gripped the Wind God Sword and the Seven Emotions Evil Sword, and he stepped on the Wolf Ancestor Soul Sword, with hundreds of swords spinning around him. He gritted his teeth as he looked ahead.

300 meters away, there was a person with a dragon head and human body dressed in golden robes. There were intense flames burning around him, which blocked the swords.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji disdainfully and said, “Universe Heaven Level One? The Center God Province is truly weak, to the point that it would send a weakling like you to make up numbers!”

His cultivation was at Universe Heaven Level Five. His aura was quite powerful, and his magic energy was boundless.

Zhou Xuanji could only barely put up a fight with him.

Hearing these words, Zhou Xuanji’s gaze became icy cold.

He did not say anything and directly unleashed the three Ancient Gazing swords’ power. In that instant, his aura skyrocketed.

The berserk power challenged the limits of his body, causing his features to become somewhat twisted.

The man in golden robes stared for a moment before attacking. He slammed out with a palm, and countless fire dragons rushed out from the surrounding rocks and ground, biting at Zhou Xuanji.

Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep helped Zhou Xuanji defend against all of the attacks around him.

He suddenly condensed nine Sword Souls, and he unleashed Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, quickly reaching the man in golden robes.

His two swords slashed out, and he sent the man in golden robes flying, but he did not bleed.

This fellow’s body was ridiculously tough, and even Ancient Gazing swords could not slash it apart.

Zhou Xuanji chased after him, and his nine Sword Souls continuously attacked.

At the same time, Marquis and Great Emperor Wuwang were fighting their own battles.

Marquis was against Dragon King Jiuyu. He was 30 meters tall and his muscles bulged under his divine armor. He was incredibly domineering, and his eyes gave off intense blue flames; he was actually on equal footing with Dragon King Jiuyu.

It had to be known that Dragon King Jiuyu had Universe Heaven Leve Nine cultivation.

There was a difference of four levels between them, and for Marquis to be able to put up a fight, it was simply incomprehensible.

“Boy, what is your name?” Dragon King Jiuyu roared. He felt quite shocked; no wonder the Center God Province dared to send these three people here. Even though their cultivations were quite low, their talents were ridiculously powerful.

Putting aside Zhou Xuanji, Great Emperor Wuwang was able to tie down seven Universe Heaven cultivators by himself.

Just the three of them were able to send the Earth Dragon Clan into an uproar.

“Marquis! Marquis, the natural monarch!” Marquis loudly laughed. His two fists were like wind, and his legs were wrapped with lightning. Each punch and each kick had the force of a divine ability.

He inwardly felt a bit worried.

If they continued on like this, more and more experts might arrive.

It was not just him; Zhou Xuanji and Great Emperor Wuwang were also worried.

Zhou Xuanji took out 30 swords and unleashed the Hades God-slaying Formation.

“Boy, you think your swords can make up the difference in cultivation?” the man in golden robes said as he wildly laughed, his tone filled with condescension.

At that moment, many Earth Dragon Clan experts came to help and surrounded Zhou Xuanji.

The Hades God-slaying Formation was quickly set up, and a three-headed ghost tiger furiously roared and leapt out. It was 300 meters long and was incredibly domineering.


A green dragon opened its mouth and spat out intense flames, incinerating the three-headed ghost tiger.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite awkward.

The man in golden robes and the other Earth Dragon Clan experts loudly laughed.

“Are you trying to make me laugh to death?”

“Hahaha, what did I just see?”

“Boy, your summoning skills need work!”

“He’s just a child; let’s eat him.”

“I want to eat the legs!”

Zhou Xuanji was furious; they dared to mock him?

He spread out his hands, and following this, a sword giving off golden light appeared in his right hand.

This sword was completely gold, and the blade was half a meter wide. It was incredibly sharp and beautiful, and in front of the hilt was a golden crescent moon. On the crescent moon were nine orbs of light, which gave off a burning hot aura.

Disaster Releasing sword!

Nine Moon Execution Sword!

Holding this sword, Zhou Xuanji did not say anything as he madly swung the sword aheads.

“Screw you, you worms!” he furiously roared as he unleashed the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword. Sword qi exploded out like a torrential rain, rampaging in all directions. All mountains that were hit by the sword qi directly turned to dust.

The Earth Dragon Clan experts pitifully howl. They quickly dodged, as they were unable to block the sword qi at all.

Just like before, the man in golden robes used his body to defend.

He was shocked to find that the surface of his body was being ripped open by the sword qi, and blood flowed out from the wounds. Soon, he became completely bloodied.

‘How is this possible… what sword is that?’ He thought in terror as he prepared to evade.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly used the Nine Moon Execution Sword’s Disaster Releasing Energy!


Berserk sword qi directly grinded the man in golden robes into broken flesh, and even his soul was ripped apart.

An instant kill!

Without being able to resist at all!

Zhou Xuanji was incredibly delighted and surprised, and he began to wildly laugh.

He gripped the Nine Moon Execution Sword and began to rush about underground, continuously swinging the sword with his right hand. The Heavenly Law Immortal Energy in his body not only did not decrease but instead became stronger!

He fused World Internalization into the Nine Moon Execution Sword, causing it so that when his sword qi killed enemies, it would absorb his enemies’ magic energy.



Countless cries sounded out; Zhou Xuanji was like a peerless sword god as he held the sword flashing with golden light in his hand, completely fearless.

“Hurry and run!”

“Ahhh! What sort is that?!”

“So terrifying…”

“My body…”


All kinds of howls reverberated underground. Zhou Xuanji soon came near to where Great Emperor Wuwang was. Seeing how berserk he was, Great Emperor Wuwang hurriedly got out of the way.

The Earth Dragon Clan experts could not evade; they had to protect their clansmen, so they all rushed at Zhou Xuanji.

Soon, they died within the sword qi, leaving behind no corpse or bones.

“What is that sword… why is it so powerful…” Great Emperor Wuwang frowned as he stared at Zhou Xuanji.

The Nine Moon Execution Sword’s destructive power made even him feel fear.

What was key was that Zhou Xuanji’s immortal energy was simply boundless.

Despite fighting so wildly, his condition was becoming better and better.

This was incomprehensible!

Zhou Xuanji avoided Great Emperor Wuwang on purpose, and he rushed towards where Marquis was.

Universe Heaven experts charged over, but before they could get within 30 meters of him, they were ripped apart by the sword qi.

It was not a battle.

It was a slaughter.